Friday, July 1, 2022

Fantasia Reunites With Husband, Faces Tax Lien

Fantasia Barrino
Fantasia Barrino

*Two months after Fantasia announced her split from husband, Kendall Taylor, she has debunked rumors of a divorce by revealing on Instagram that the two have reunited.

Fanny posted a new photo collage of her rockin’ a huge diamond ring and posing with Taylor along with the caption, “My Best Friend.”

My Best Friend❤

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As for her fans, many are feeling some sort of way about the couple’s on-again-off-again relationship, some fans went so far as to criticize the singer for posting about her personal life on social media. Fanny responded to the criticism with this photo of her laughing and happy to be with her man. 

In related news, Uncle Sam is coming after the American Idol alumni for refusing to pay nearly $100K in taxes and now they have slapped her with a federal tax lien.

According to court documents obtained by TheJasmineBrand.comFantasia reportedly owes $92,837 in unpaid taxes, so the IRS filed a lien against her in California on May 1.

The government is giving her a chance to make good on her back taxes. However, the IRS will seize her assets if she can’t cover her entire tab. It’s unclear how long she has until the feds come knocking.

Unfortunately, the tax trouble is the latest in a string of financial problems for Fantasia, who also fought to save her North Carolina home before she lost it for defaulting on a loan, only to lose it to the bank in 2012.

Ny MaGee
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  1. She said she’s going to keep those who aren’t for her out of her marriage. Well, she should stop posting things about her marriage. People are so funny; they want u out of their business but they put it all on social media. It’s good they’re back together, but she really shouldn’t post another thing about them!

  2. It’s as if their lives aren’t real until its confirmed on social media. For most of these people, they become more well known for their personal lives than their body of work.

  3. She post whatever she wants she’s a grown woman the reason music industry wants her fade away is because she don’t let the music industry run her life like they do others celebrity the reason she not going no where is because God is on her side and longest she have God no man can’t destroy her

  4. Fantasia is the best music industry going she could sing anything from blues, gospel, jazz,R&B , Italian, etc she got it going but the music industry just trying to bring her down but they can’t mess with a child of God

  5. My mistake she is doing her thing and she is up there whatever God got in store no man can’t destroy it

  6. Fantasia and her husband never separate that’s the media twisted it up why not talk about Jennifer Hudson she is not married and been engaged with this man for 8 years now what’s wrong with that picture you all not going to talk about her because the music industry dictate to her

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