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‘The Indictment’ Tops List: Best New Crime Drama Series Online

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TV/Web Series “The Indictment” Love, loyalty and street smarts every Tuesday 9PM EST

*Niccol Productions  is excited to announce the new web series,”The Indictment”, which premiered on May 26, 2015 on
and has since received a consistent 13,000 views monthly.

Season One will consist of 12 episodes airing every this Summer.

Crime and recidivism in the U.S.A. has become a hot topic, and the new crime drama “The Indictment” is not afraid to expose the truth behind the crimes.

Shot in a raw, realistic fashion, The Indictment focuses on police brutality and alleged false imprisonment in the heart of NYC. The show also aims to show the despair left in its wake.

The series suggests that crime levels are continuing to rise at alarming rates partially due to the unnecessary acts of violence by the police. The series also emphasizes the misplaced glamorization that comes along with portrayals of the inner city subculture, poverty and overall street life.

In the series opener, Andre/ Mack Dre (played by Focus), is a former Nassau County drug dealer on Federal probation. He has been set up, arrested and indicted.

Niccol, Andre’s fiancé (DJ XXXotic Mami), hits the streets with a vengeance to free her man and prove his innocence. Niccol fights relentlessly to get what is needed to help her man. Niccol’s brother Nay joins the fight and helps her to understand who’s who in NYC, and how to navigate the dangerous neighborhood. Along the way, she runs into many close calls that her team (Biz, Brownie and Pablo) makes sure she makes it through.

Watch the official trailer:

Niccol Productions produced the series in an attempt to document the ups and downs that are a product of “street” lifestyle, and discuss the alleged police corruption behind many groundless arrests. As accused individuals sit helplessly inside of notorious prison institutions such as Riker’s Island, MDC, MCC and the Vernon C. Bain Center, the responsibility of support to their loved ones falls on the family…especially the women.

Niccol, the savvy young lady and star of The Indictment, understands this all too well as she is thrust into the position of breadwinner after the imprisonment of her fiancé. She is in the driver’s seat of his destiny, and exhausts all possible resources to gain his freedom from prison.

Wrongfully accused and detained, Andre has placed faith in the game that he has taught her and knows she has street smarts. He believes that when all the chips are down, Niccol will find a way to free him from jail and prove his innocence, problem is her troubled past makes it hard for the prosecution to believe her words so actions must be shown.

The Indictment is a series filled with drama, action, twists & turns, and mind-blowing cliffhangers. The series gives audiences a vivid look at street violence, blackmail, corruption, murder, and the life-changing consequences of breaking the law. Watch it now and every Tuesdays 9pm EST





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