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Obama Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ During Eulogy of Rev. Clementa Pinckney (Watch)

President Barack Obama eulogizes Rev. Clementa Pinckney in South Carolina
President Barack Obama eulogizes Rev. Clementa Pinckney in South Carolina

*President Barack Obama was moved to sing while eulogizing the Rev. Clementa Pinckney on Friday, suddenly breaking out in the hymn “Amazing Grace.”

Rev. Pinckney, the South Carolina state senator and pastor of Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, was among nine people gunned down during the church’s Bible study session last week.

“Grace” was the central theme of the president’s message, but he also touched on racism, gun violence and the importance of removing the Confederate flag from South Carolina’s stategrounds.

He called it – not an act of political correctness but “a modest but meaningful balm for so many unhealed wounds.”

“It would not be an insult to the valor of Confederate soldiers,” he said. “It would simply be an acknowledgment that the cause for which they fought the cause of slavery, was wrong.”

“By taking down that flag,” he said, “we express God’s grace.”

obama pinckney eulogy (2)

The president also used the speech to call attention to bias in the criminal justice system, better training of police and a greater awareness of hiring discrimination. “Guard against the subtle impulse to call Johnny back for a job interview, but not Jamal,” the president said, to rousing applause.

Obama called attention to “the unique mayhem that gun violence inflicts upon this nation,” and said the country needs action on gun control, not just talk.

Then, out of the blue, he began singing the chorus of “Amazing Grace,” sending the clergy seated behind him and the thousands in attendance at College of Charleston’s arena to their feet to sing along.

Watch below:

Rev. Clementa Pinckney
Rev. Clementa Pinckney

Pinckney, 41, was a father of two and was at one time the youngest member of the South Carolina House.

In the eulogy, Obama called him “a man of God who lived by faith. A man who believed in things not seen. A man who believed there were better days ahead, off in the distance. A man of service who persevered.”



  1. May God Bless the victims.. their family members…. and O~ All u O haters that said he aint black enough.. what else do u NEED!!! Amazing !!!!!

  2. My prayers are with the family as well. But c lets be real anybody can sing amazing grace. That don’t make him black he is a half breed. Mix if you prefer. People are saying if he had two black parent then he would be truly black. That’s it point blank.me I just don’t care for him I don’t like fake phony people. I don’t think he have help our people at all the poor is getting poorer the rich is getting richer off the backs of the poor and it’s sad. The Obama Care sucks and I can go on but I want.

  3. @maroB- President Obama has 290 accomplishments under his belt. Was there something u wanted him to do for u specifically? It’s ALWAYS been the poor is poor and the rich is rich. He didn’t do that! That has always been! I remember my mom saying that when I was 6 years old. If a Republican gets in, I want to hear what u sing then.

    • Honey1 thats good you no all his accomplishments wonderful, but I don’t care if he had 300 , I care about my people that are being kill in the streets, homeless , hungry, they can’t afford to pay their bills to just live what are he doing for those people. Nothing he have a roof over his head a nice one at that. But he can’t seem to get no laws pass to help them. They can pass a law for gay marriage tho , what about the guns thats killing our youth , talk is very cheap. He say a lot and I see nothing that he is doing. I talk to lots of people who don’t have insurance now they job have drop them . they can’t afford it. And y’all licking on his boots, that’s crazy

  4. With all the past Presidents, were people homeless, hungry, & couldn’t pay bills? There are programs to house people (section 8, & nice shelters). I work for an agency that deals w/ housing for low income people. There are food banks for people that are hungry. There are places that feed people full course meals..everyday. Social services (where our tax money goes) that provide food stamps. They pay ur utilities in emergency situations. They give checks to parents w/ children. U have a right not to like President Obama, but the reaons u’ve listed are issues thats always been. U, like the rest of the people are blaming
    him because it rains & thunders.

    • You can turn what ever I say around to make it fit the way you want ,I don’t care , I just want to know what he has done for our people ,you tell me ,whats better sense he been in office you tell me that. Because I am really trying to understand why did my people vote for him , and not because he just black, I would like to think they thought it was going to be a change and not just because of his color.

      • I agree. This has been a complete waste of 8 years. He can’t get guns off the street but manages to help pass that homo law. I regret voting for him

  5. So…after all the data, evidence, negative actions/obstruction from the “”wrong” ass “Right”wing”, it’s still “Obie’s fault??!! DaFK???Yo..It’s just fkn FAScinating how the Obama haters THiNK of themselves as intelligent, but are some of THE most IGnorant to the procedures & laws of the country. Exibit A…..the “POTUS” DOESN’T PASS BILLS, HE “WRITES” THEM!! And as much as he “does” care for his and ALL ppl?, it’s the “McConnel Kkan” (Repub ReTARDS!) that won’t allow the bills that he HAS written, TO help his/ALL ppl to BE passed! Like….what fkn planet have you been ‘on, what fkn “movie” have YOU been watchin??!! What/WHO ELSE do you criticize so harshly, WITHOUT “knowing the facts/WTF you’re talkin bout”???!!! See…you know you DON’T know, haven’t eeeeeeven bothered to “find out”!!, & yet you STILL flap yo STUpid gums. SMDH! Yo….again America is NOT a dictatorship, ahiiiiiiiight??!! There are two OTHER bodies (Judicial/Legislator) that wouuuuuuuld facilitate the policies you say you want to see made, if “THEY” GAF about this country &/or the ppl IN it!!! BUT???…”they” don’t. And whyyyyyy??, b/c that “Bladk” man kicked dey ass…TWICE!! Hashtag?…”STUpid, immature, baby tantrum BS”! And even b4 his “1st” term began!!, they made a pack to not do a fkn thang to help “this” POTUS, eeeeeven if it meant fkn over everyone IN these so called “United” States!!! (Pause) And the hater’s POV is always so warped & void of the facts, b/c of instead of being driven “BY” factual data/reality?, they’d rather be lead by hate, insecurity & ignorance, consistently “omit” the facts, & NEVer hold the true guilty ppl responsible for EVERYthing their complaints list, ….accountable. And “that’s” b/c?, either they’re an idiot or a racist. (Prolly?, “BOFE”!) Wink! !Now…I realize that’s sort of “redundant”?, but the only way the dumb learn, is BY….”repetitive” suggestion. “BOOM”! And ask yourself….with the 50 or more votes those racist bigots have made “against” the ACA/Obamacare, an idea, policy, agenda to help “ALL” ppl, WTF makes you think Obie couuuuuuld suggest/do ‘ONE” damn thang “specifically for HIS ppl”, withOUT it being attacked & obstructed by that very “committee against American advancement” under “THIS” POTUS”??!! I mean….these mofos won’t even allow him to help “WHITE” ppl!!!! So again!!!….”WTF “YOU” been??!! WTF channel “YOU” watchin (other than “FOXNEWS” of course./side eye stare!) Yo “Money”…..”get yo damn facts straight, b4 you enter the debate”. “BOOM”! Otherwise …yo stupid “broke ass” will simply NOT grow, NOT understand, & NOT be qualified to have an opinion ‘on the subject. Now….”marinate ‘on dat dare”. (Said like T-Pain!) TJBT/Chuuuuuuch/GTFOHWYBS!

  6. And btw…that eulogy speech!!!??? SMH! It was powerfull, provocative, emotional, intelligent, respectful & so adequately reflective of the man he honored …Rev. Clemente Pinckney. And the sensitive way he included ALL of the current day issues, problems, “mountains we STILL need to get over”!!, without it turning into an INsensitive political statement??!! Bravo!!!, simply bravo Mr. President!! Hey once again I state….”this man, “THIS” POTUS??, has set the bar so fkn hiiiiiiiiiiiigh!!!????, NO one will follow him without Us all NOT……”going through withdrawals”. To not only list all his accomplishments, but be cognoscente of …”the social AND political enviorment, in which he diiiiiiiiiiiid all he did???!!! SSMDH! Like for real?, that’s damn near some Superman shyt! (I’m not ‘on his sack?, I’m just stating the facts!) And just imaaaaaaaagine the “so much more” he COULD’ve accomplished, had he NOT had the UNintelligent, biased, racist, bigoted bunch of sore loser insecure sissies to work with…. “across the partisan aisle” AND in his “own” party. SMGDH! But hey….thaaaaaat’s America! Black man comes in, cleans UP the White man’s mess, makes shyt shiiiiiiiiine again “domestically”, improves our image & standing abroad!!, & STILL can’t get the “good credit he deserves” in his own country OR any….”bank”! Simply stated…after all he’s done for this country?, .they’d STILL rather resign!!!!, than….”write a recommendation”! “BOOM”! Again….”STUpid, insecure, immature, baby tantrum BS”! TITMFB!

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