Friday, January 28, 2022

Diddy’s Son Mocked by Coach Over Dad’s Fame, Courtside Seats: Report

Sal Alosi, Justin Combs and Sean "Diddy" Combs
Sal Alosi, Justin Combs and Sean “Diddy” Combs

*The UCLA football coach who had the incident with Diddy this week reportedly mocked the mogul’s son, Justin Combs, about his famous father – once using a picture of the two sitting courtside at an NBA game to make the point that he’s a spoiled rich kid, reports TMZ.

Sources say in February, Coach Sal Alosi held a training session with several of the players, but Justin missed it because he was at the 2015 NBA All-Star game. According to sources, Alosi put a photo of Justin at the game on the gym monitors. He was pictured seated next to his father and actor Ben Stiller. Alosi reportedly told the team: “While you guys are training, this guy is sitting courtside with his dad.”

Justin Combs, Sean "DIddy" Combs and Ben Stiller
Justin Combs, Sean “DIddy” Combs and Ben Stiller

The pic remained up for 24 hours, according to TMZ:

Sources close to Diddy tell the website that Alosi ran a campaign of psychological warfare against Combs for the past three years, telling the teen things like, “You’re only here because of your dad,” and, “You never belonged here,” and, “You should just go work for your dad.”



  1. It’s not like this guy is lying. Justin is a spoiled rich kid. While his teammates were training, he was at some NBA game. To me, Justin took away a scholarship from a really needy kid whose parents aren’t rich and famous. I’m not saying he shouldn’t play sports but don’t go to UCLA on a scholarship u don’t need. This is how entitled children act.

    • Interesting how going to the NBA Finals is a rich kid spoiled. Let’s take a poll of basketball fans. If a Dad and son had tickets to the NBA Finals would they miss practice? Or is the problem Justin is courtside?

    • Like….the facts/reality don’t mean SHYT to you jellyass hate’en dumbasses, huh? And so….”he EARNS the scholarship” & what…he AIN’T suppose to take/uuuuuuuse it??? You dumb only come WITH…the dumb shyt! And…the reason he DID use it?, is so jelly UNDER achievin assholes “wouldn’t/COULDN’T claim he didn’t have the grades/ “didn’t belong at that school! But STILL….here yall come with the DUMB shyt! Yo…after these last 8yrs, w/”this” POTUS, & all the achievements of ALL the other AA’s in this country?, I think right about now “Rip”?, you should do like Sam said &…..”WTFU”! The game d’on changed & you d’on….LOST it! Justin didn’t take SHYT from someone else, ahiiiiiiight?! Youuuuuu just maaaaaaad the truth/score doesn’t favor YO fkn team. “BOOM”!

  2. If Justin got permission to attend the ball game, then the coach was out of line, and should be disciplined.

    Diddy didn’t beg UCLA for a football scholarship. They gave it to him. If they had ulterior motives, then that’s their fault, not Diddy or Justin’s.

    I find it hard to believe that anyone would hate on this kid. He’s a model student and never gets into trouble. It’s not his fault that his father is rich and famous.

  3. I find it strange and racists as hell, that it is OK for other people of color to be rich! But it becomes a damn sin, when a Black man, has money! News flash. Justin is not rich! His father is. Justin, should not be singled out, just because his parents are well off. The coach and everybody else who has a problem with Mr. Sean Coombs, wealth, need to go straight to Hell. Shame on you hating on anyone just because they are well off. Be glad, not Mad! Maybe this is why, most haters black or white,or indifferent, cannot be blessed, you’re too busy worrying about the “Jones”. Be happy for the young man and his dad. Geez Louise, until we come together as a people, the law will always treat us Separate. Learn to Love and Appreciate! Be Blessed

  4. All adds up to that old saying – There’s nothing that makes a white man with a nickle, madder, than to see a black man with a dime!!


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