Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sean Hannity: Ban Rap Music Along with Confederate Flag (Listen)

Sean Hannity appears on FOX News Channel's "Hannity" at FOX Studios on May 11, 2015 in New York City
Sean Hannity appears on FOX News Channel’s “Hannity” at FOX Studios on May 11, 2015 in New York City

*Fox News host Sean Hannity has suggested that rap music and the Confederate flag are equally offensive, and if the flag is being banned, hip hop should go right along with it.

“A lot of the music by those artists is chock full of the n-word and the b-word and the h-word, and racist, misogynist, sexist anti-woman slurs none of those retail executes would be caught dead using,” he said Wednesday on his radio show.

Forcing in a mention of President Obama, Hannity continued, “If it’s OK for Obama’s teenage daughters and people to go into these stores and buy music chock-full of the n-word, the b-word, well maybe we should consider banning that too. We’re in the process of banning everything. Just a thought.”

Listen below:



  1. I’m tired of exposing our children to the N, B, H words like it’s okay…what type of message are we teaching future generations?

  2. There is not a correlation between the two
    Mostt.peoplthier music not visit a store. He never misses an opportunity to demean the president’s family would the racist, bigot prefer we listen to Ted nugget or kid rock two racist perormers.

  3. Hannity just dug deep to find that one. It’s like he’s saying “If white people have to give something up that Black people find offensive, then Black people need to give something up too.” That’s an ignorant and childish attitude to have. He’s an idiot.

  4. Hes an azz.. he should worry about whites and their racist shtzz.. and let blacks handle blacks.. Rap has nothing to do with it.. U can choose not to purchase or listen to a song.. the white racist confederate flag is hanging from a damn state bldg.. Apples and oranges!

  5. I agree with him the confederate flag is part of southern pride. There are a lot of people who view the confederate flag as part of southern tradition not racism. He just the confederate flag in the wrong way. I don’t see the problem it. We have created bigger issue out of what happened then what needs to be. Its just like banning rap music because someone has problem with it. You cant destroy a flag its a flag its no sole purpose but to be hung.

    • I’m sorry, but I must counter you for a second to say it’s not “just a flag” and “it’s sole purpose is not just to be hung.” Any flag is symbol, a representation of a shared ideology, belief or some kinda of pride. The Confederate flag embodies and support separation, white supremacy and racism. Again, it’s “not just a flag.” It’s a blemished reminder of what was and still is in some spots in this country today. It’s dangerous to be so dismissive about things like this. It’s an ugly, powerful image that speaks volumes. It’s gotta go!

    • As for Sean Hannity, I can’t begin to speak to anything he says because he’s son anti-African American in everything he does. This shouldn’t shock anyone he’s speaking this mess.


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