Saturday, January 29, 2022

Sharpton and Haley Hug and Agree to Meet/Discuss Issues (WATCH)

nikki haley & al sharpton
Gov. Haley & Rev. Al Sharpton hug it out

*Today, Rev. Al Sharpton, President and founder of National Action Network (NAN), participated in the funeral services of Ethel Lance and Sharonda Singleton, two of the nine victims of the tragic South Carolina shooting last week. Rev. Sharpton also spoke to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and both agreed to meet to discuss a range of issues in the future. Rev. Sharpton released the following statement:

“Today, I had a chance to celebrate the lives of Ethel Lance and Sharonda Singleton and praise the way their families have handled such a tragic situation with dignity and grace. I also had an opportunity to speak with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and we both agreed to meet in the future to discuss a range of issues, including healthcare, criminal justice reform and voting rights. It’s time for us all to come together and have a serious conversation about racism and inequality which remain central challenges facing our great country.”



  1. Same ole dance. They fk over Us?, & instead of galvanizing/leading Us “forward”, AS/our so called “leaders” “meet & “hug” Our enemies, & collect a check for….holding/KEEPing Us….”back”. That’s why We haven’t moooooved SINCE….”the movement”!! Hashtag….”sell outs/gatekeepers”. WTF is there to “talk about” when you KNOW you’re dealing with a…RACIST AND a…LIAR. I’ll tell yuh “what”….how much am I getting paaaaaid to keep these negros quiiiiiiiiet”, “THAT’s” what! SMGDH! So in short, this “hug” is a “thank you” for “him”, & not….Us. (just like that GD “check”!) And another thang….what Sth Kacky Lacky ain’t got a damn “Lowes, Home Depot”?? If she meant what she said?, then WTf not simply go “to” one of those stores, buy a pair of “bolt cutters” aaaaaaaand?…..CUT THAT FKN LOCK & TAKE THAT DAMN FLAG DOWN??!!! See?…..SIMple shyt. Simple AND direct shyt, that Sharpton will never fkn say, fathom or…demand. Just like never leading an “economic boycott” against ALL these racist institutions, until we get the long overdue justice AND reparations We have been denied. But “NEH”, Sharpton says….let’s just “hug it out”? DaFK??!! “Keeping it real” AS?, yeah reeeeeal FK UP! Yeah….ALL you “leaders” can “hug” deez……!!!!! TJBT!


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