Friday, May 27, 2022

Janet Jackson Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before


*This fan-made Janet Jackson photo popped up on the Internet — and nearly broke it.

The pic was purported to be a promo shot for her upcoming tour – but Janet’s camp emphatically denies any connection between the two.

Earlier this week, she released a single from her upcoming “Unbreakable” album – titled “No Sleeep.” Listen below:



  1. Does not even look like Janet! Come on now!!! Understand that she is an entertainer, however some thake it too far, and especially at her age. Tone it down some Janet! You will always be accepted just being you

  2. Got to prove her worth before turning 50 by going naked. If she can still sing she doesn’t need to do this. You can read it all in this picture. It looks photo shopped!!!!

  3. That is not Janet. There is no facts about the nature of the concert yet. Hope she will sing all her classics from Control and Rhythm Nation in full, not a medley please. Also, no lip sync please. We paid a lot of money to go see your concert.

  4. That picture is either fan made or something that was cut on the floor during the Discipline era. Notice the whip in her hands. Hopefully Janet will steer clear of this type of image during this era.

  5. I completely love how she does it every time, fairplay to you miss Janet x
    much love xx always 😉

  6. This is not a real photo. You need to do your research before you publish things because people will believe anything they see just like many people commenting on here. You are tarnishing her brand.

  7. Which one of you silly queens –I mean princesses — thought this was good artwork? You need corrective lenses!

  8. This is not a promo picture. This is fan made. Delete this, and, as others said, learn to do your research before publishing such a ridiculous article.

  9. If you saw the video of Janet walking through the airport w/husband a week ago….then that’s how Janet looks like now. The photo above is all art work!

  10. My old roommate from Marseille has been a very private close friend and makeup artist outside of her french actress background and if rumors were paid 10,000 for the false rumors and slander of any including my own personal slander in media globally we would all see the economy grow as everyone has so much to say about others, who have private lives. Janet Jackson is very spiritual into West African to other spiritual pathways of which have no relevance connected to photoshopped photos or anything that is not real, so do not worry about tabloids or online photos or anything that is in media hype….just chill. Realize that vegan or raw foods and juicing daily and learning dance is a great pathway for YOUTH but please do not feed into the hype, as life is about musicians and freedom of artistry and wellness….honor her family name. She is a special artist and I honor her name and would love to work for her anytime of this tour. I am the same age woman and an artist has a right to be an ARTIST without reference to age. I a well worked around many of her peers who were West African Dance/Drummakers and know her spirit is beautiful…..graceful and please give GRACE where it is deserved…namaste…. Yogic Empowered Solutions™

  11. She is the best female recording artist of my generation! Any reinvention she desires is welcome to me 🙂 throb… Ms.Janet!!!

  12. i reinvent my look all the time (by coloring my hair,losing or gaining weight ,etc) and i dont have money. So whether it’s her or not. Who are you to judge,

  13. LOL! WTF happened to her face? Whoever did this photoshopped the hell out of it. Looks like Evelyn Lozada. When I want to see anything real about Janet I go to her website or her Twitter page. So far the only posters I’ve seen have been of her with the blond hair.

  14. Clearly fake. This is beyond ridiculous, we’ve been seeing her all week and this isn’t even close to what she looks like. Bad photoshop.

  15. It’s so funny Cher is almost 80 and looks a mess without clothes and no one says anything you people are so amazing. Janet looks beautiful and hee body is awesome. But then you talked about Michael Jackson and applauded Bruce Jenner. Only in america

  16. U Motherfuckers needa shut the fuck up!Janet is a Goddess over Beyonce an a Damn Queen! Not to mention a Legendary woman as well over 98% of all these idiots today who think they can dance an who thinks they know about pop! So what if thats Janet in the pic? ? She’s goin on 50 so what? she can look how the hell she pleases at her age! If u bitches don’t know Janet then shut up. Janet likes lookin hot, sexy as hell an classy even half naked sometimes. An she can be a real naughty freak! U haters an fussy assholes below needa get steppin cause guess what aint Janet give a shit about u haters. An shes back to slay bitches “BYE FELICIA”✌

    • Hey mayn… cain’t tell “crabs” a damn thang but…..”the wrong time to show up”! That way?, they ain’t there to…..”pull yo ass down”! “BOOM”!

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