Saturday, September 25, 2021

Steve Harvey’s Ex-wife Dragged Into His $20 Million Legal Battle

Steve Harvey with wife Marjorie Bridges.
Steve Harvey with current wife Marjorie Bridges.

*A videographer named Joseph Cooper filed a federal lawsuit against Steve Harvey last year, accusing him of attempting to block the sale of raw stand-up videos of the comedian from early in his career. Now Cooper is dragging Harvey’s ex-wife into the $20 million dollar lawsuit.

In court docs obtained by, Cooper explained that back in 1993, he entered into a deal with Harvey to be his exclusive videographer for his comedy club shows. He said he shot over 120 hours of original footage and the deal was that he would then edit the footage and sell videos of the performances. He claims Harvey asked him to delay selling the tapes because he thought it would interfere with his career at the time, which Cooper agreed to because he thought the footage would become more valuable once Harvey hit the big time.

Cooper said the footage shows Harvey doing material that is much different from his current image, and Steve feared it could have a negative impact on his career. Fast forward to 1998, Harvey agreed to pay Cooper $5 million to not sell the videos but Cooper claims he never received payment.

Then in 2013, Cooper says he worked out a deal with a distributor where he would make 75% royalties on the sale of a tape entitled, “Steve Harvey Live, Raw & Uncensored.” but Harvey’s legal team contacted the company and said Cooper did not have the rights to sell the footage and the deal fell through.

Steve and Mary
Steve and Mary

Cooper filed suit against Harvey demanding $20 million dollars in damages due to him blocking the sale and lying about him not having the rights to sell the video.

Harvey has fired back at the lawsuit, demanding it be thrown out because Cooper failed to produce a contract signed by Steve giving away all rights to the footage. Harvey said he wouldn’t enter into such a deal where he would gain nothing from it.

On June 18th, docs were filed in the case explaining who each party intends to depose, with Cooper intending to grill Harvey’s lawyers and other representatives he had at the time of the videos being shot. He also plans to question Mary Harvey – Steve’s now infamous ex-wife – about her knowledge of the situation.

Unfortunately, Steve and Mary have a long history of public sparring following their 2005 divorce. She posted videos online accusing him of cheating and leaving her homeless with their child. Steve took her back to court accusing her of violating the gag order in their divorce, which lead to Mary being locked up over the videos. Recently, she accused Steve of child abuse and was arrested for leaking portions of the investigation into her allegation to the media. Steve was cleared of all charges following the investigation.

Ny MaGee
Ny MaGee is a screenwriter and freelance reporter from Chicago -- currently living in Los Angeles and covering A-list entertainment for various outlets, including She has worked for: Miramax, MTV & VH1, The Jim Henson Company, Hallmark Channel, Paramount Pictures, and for iconic indie film producer Roger Corman.



  1. If that man has no signed contract he’s up the creek. He will also have to pay Harvey’s atty’s fees. As for Mary, this is what happens when a woman marries a man and has no career of her own and lives thru her husband. Mary’s made a career off of revenge on Steve. I’m not saying Steve is without scorn for his past actions with her but how long will she carry around that poison?

    • Well said.There is not a single thing coming from Mary Harvey that can be deemed credible.She is full of hate and has always been.Look at how happy Steve Harvey looks with his current wife and compare it to his pictures and appearances with Mary in the past.Even the smiles look forced.If she doesn’t seek help she will end up in a psychiatric lock up.

  2. The heading may be a bit misleading.
    I’m thinking that Mary would be a willing participant in this case, seeing that this is an opportunity to screw Steve.

    But what could be so “raw” about these videos that Steve is still fighting to block them after twenty years?

    • The raw, filthy language language, racial and sex talk that was characteristic of his comedy would be a hindrance and liability for Steve who is trying to expand his empire by projecting himself as a devoted father and family man to his nearest crossover TV and media audience. Bill Cosby built his fortune empire ($400 million +) the same way but never cursed or used filthy language to his family-type comedy audience. Steve’s past comedy routines (Kings of Comedy and others) and his statement where he says that he will “never stop cussing,” will probably define his legacy and fortune potential.

  3. Steve has to trust God that what he did and who he was is no longer him anymore. Anyone who would hold his past against him is someone who needs to be in his past and not in his now. He seems very happy now and the devil is mad but I believe Steve will prevail though he might have to pay this person a little “shut yo mouth” money and keep it moving.

  4. I know Mary and Steve and I was there when Mary picked him up and dusted him off, she worked to help Steve with his career. Steve was philandering then with women that look exactly like his current wife, green eyes and all. Look at Steve praising Mary for helping him when he received several award like the NAACP etc it’s all on tape. Steve asked Mary to stop working because he needed her to be available for him. Mary deserved better and Steve knows it. He should divey up with Mary if he wants her help.

  5. This is some weak shyt. Every comedian evolves & eventually changes their act! And…back in the day, SH was NOwhere neeeeear as funny as he became, b/c the type of comedy that “waaaaas” the shyt back then?, he was NOT the commander OR steward of! And so…..footage of him trying to “do dat”?, ain’t really a reflexion of ANYthang but what ALL comics do…..”work dey shyt out in the clubs”! And this is a lil weasel bytch ain’t heh??!! To wait all this time, til SH IS a changed man, successful n shyt, “now” he comes pullin this “shyt from the past, outta his ass”. Hashtag….”bytchass” Maaaayn you better go head wit dem old ass…”home movies”. Chuuuuuuuch!

  6. Steve Harvey has people fooled so until they will make a dumb statement, using dumb communication about the truth, and call the truth a lie. Steve Harvey is a charlatan, ambidextrous and an American enemy. This is not comedy. ASK STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. He should have had a contract. Otherwise, it’s just his word against Steve’s. I’ve seen some Steve’s earlier work. If I were him, I wouldn’t want it seen either.


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