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NeNe Leakes’ Son Arrested At Ga. McDonald’s in Forgery Case

Bryson Bryant, NeNe Leakes’ son, was arrested June 16, 2015 for providing a fake name to cops after his friend was arrested for making fraudulent payroll checks at a Douglas GA McDonalds
Bryson Bryant, NeNe Leakes’ son, was arrested June 16, 2015 for providing a fake name to cops after his friend was arrested for making fraudulent payroll checks at a Douglas GA McDonalds

*NeNe Leakes’ son Bryson Bryant was arrested at a McDonalds in Douglas, Georgia for charges related to the forgery of Taco Bell checks.

Per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

On Tuesday, June 16, investigators made two arrests involving fraudulent payroll checked passed throughout the state, with more than $35,000 tracked. The Douglas Police Department saw an individual at a local McDonald’s with a laptop and printer making fraudulent Taco Bell payroll checks. That man, Inginac Walter Theodore of Athens was arrested on five felony counts for printing fraudulent checks.

The police said Bryant was in the vehicle and lied about who he was. Bryant’s ID was found with Theodore.

Bryant was arrested and released on bond. Theodore remains at the Coffee County jail, [Coffee County investigator] Robert Sprinkle said.

In the police report obtained by Radar Online, Sgt. Joseph Stewart said that when they entered the restaurant, they found the group of young men with incriminating items. “I almost immediately heard someone say ‘Oh, sh*t!’ I looked over to a small table situated on the southwest corner of the dining room and saw a black male trying to shove what I recognized as a computer printer into a pink bag… I noticed a small stack of paper on the table where he had been sitting and several I.D.’s.”

This is not the first time that NeNe’s son has run afoul of the law. His arrests since 2010 have been for crimes ranging from drug possession, to DUI, to shoplifting two Mach 3 razors from Wal-Mart.

Bryant, 25, of Duluth, is married, has children, and works at the burger chain Five Guys, according to the police report.

bryson and nene
Bryson Bryant and NeNe Leakes on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”

Bryant appeared in a few episodes of his mother’s Bravo series “Real Housewives of Atlanta” during the early seasons. His troubles would occasionally be referenced, but he has not appeared or been mentioned on the show as of late.

The series is currently in pre-production for Season 8.



    • He’s not in that much trouble, for his only crime was providing a false name to the police. How much time can he get for that? Still, his ghetto ex-stripper wanna be boujie Mom’s always talking smack, and always got something negative to say about everybody else, but she can’t even control her own knuckle head son! Besides, Mom made millions right? Why is her son working at a burger joint? Take some of that money you earned, and the contacts you should of made since season 1 of RHOA and show your son how to network and help him with a career! Its pointless to make lots of money but you can’t better your own family. If my son was constantly getting into trouble with the law, I would be too ashamed to be on tv pretending I’m all that. But hey, you can take Nene out of the ghetto, but…

  1. I know Nene is pissed, I have seen her reprimand her son on her sow several times. She is a good mother who wants her son to do right but after so long, you have to do that tough love on them and they have to learn by their mistakes.

    • And when he ends up in prison or dead, Nene will get the Mother of the Year award since she’s such a good mother. Isn’t she married to some old geezer? Seems like the son needed him to put a foot up his a$$, regardless if he is, or isn’t the baby’s daddy!

  2. Nene could have been a good mother when her son was younger, but he’s 25 now and married with children. He chose his own directions as a man. His actions aren’t necessarily a reflection of her parenting. I hope he wises up for his family.

  3. This young man is an IDIOT!!!
    He was provided for… food, clothing, shelter…
    He was a KNOW-IT-ALL… like his mother!
    He chose to do NOTHING by the looks of it. Different than his mother!
    Really sad waste of opportunity!

  4. You can’t blame a mother for what her adult child does. If you don’t believe it, keep living. Also, people who are wealthy, well-to-do, barely making, and broke, with good attitudes, and stank attitudes alike, have children who have, had, or do get in trouble.

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