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Dashcam Video Shows Dylann Roof’s Arrest (Watch)

dylann roof dashcam arrest

*Two dash camera videos capture the moment when police pull over Dylann Roof the morning after he allegedly opened fire in a Charleston church, killing nine people.

In the footage, two officers are seen approaching Roof’s car, one with his weapon drawn, after they stop him in Shelby, North Carolina on June 18. The other is seen putting his gun back in his holster as he approaches the driver’s side window.

Once out of the car, Roof is frisked by the police officer, then is put in handcuffs while facing his vehicle.

An officer then walks the 21-year-old over to one of the at least three police vehicles on the scene.

One of the dash cam recordings shows police officers high-fiving each other after Roof is in the police vehicle.

Watch below:

ABC US News | World News

The arrest took place about 240 miles north of Emanuel AME Church, where the shooting took place around 9 p.m. the night before.

These are the first official recordings to be released of Roof’s arrest. He has since been charged with nine counts of murder and one weapons related charge and is being held in a Charleston jail. He has not yet had to enter a plea.



  1. It’s amazing how calm the arrest of an individual accused of mass murder and considered to be armed and dangerous can go. No snatching him out of the vehicle (in fact, most of the officers in the video had already holstered their weapons before Roof had even exited the car), no pushing, no shoving, no blows, no wrestling him to the ground, no knees to the back, neck or head. Just a simple arrest due to the suspect’s compliance. To me this begs the question: if a black man had just shot up a white church, and was stopped in the same manner while being considered armed and dangerous, would his compliance be equally assumed and accepted? Would the officers have approached him with holstered weapons as well? Why, exactly, were these cops so calm, and the presumption of their own safety so assured in this situation?

    Look at it again… 4 cops approach the car eventually in the frame of the video. Officer #1 (in order of proximity to the car) holsters his weapon even before reaching the driver’s side of the vehicle. Officer #3 then walks into the frame holstering his weapon. Seconds later, officer #2 holsters his gun and then a 4th officer enters the frame with his gun already holstered. All of this BEFORE the suspect has exited his vehicle and been properly checked for weapons and secured. Even if officers out of the video frame still have guns drawn, how do they protect these officers closest to the car if the suspect decides against arrest and opens fire, especially if the officers are (presumably) in the line of fire?

    Maybe I’m just reading too much into this, but that was surreal…


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