Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Confederate Flag Burning Ceremony to be Held in LA Tuesday Morning

confederate flag
*Los Angeles civil rights activist Najee Ali executive director of Project Islamic Hope and a coalition of African American activists will hold a confederate flag burning ceremony and rally in support of the call by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley that the Confederate flag be removed from the grounds of the State Capitol.

Stated Ali:

“Our coalition of activists not only support the call by Governor Haley we’re taking it a step further by burning the Confederate flag in memory of all our slain ancestors who have been murdered by those who have fought under this flag and by those who continue to be inspired to kill African Americans. This flag represents the worst in America. It’s a symbol of racial hated and racial terrorism. The only flag Americans should be united and supporting is the American flag, so we consider ourselves patriots for burning a confederate flag which symbol has been responsible for so much death and suffering by African Americans in our country”

Date :Tuesday June 23rd

Time: 11:00am

Location: Crenshaw and King Blvd (Wal Mart side )
Los Angeles Ca.90016

Sponsored by: Project Islamic Hope and several African American activists



  1. Not only is this flag a “Nazi thang”?, but it’s also a direct & complete CONTRADICTION of everything these so called patriots/politicians claaaaaaim to be soooooo proud of… “Our country”. 1st….IT’s A TREASONIST flag!!!! The flag stood for those who WANTED TO SEPARATE FROM THE UNION!!! So HTF could ANY state, ANY where!!, still be flying the muthafka?? Hashtag…lyin ass hillbilly hypocrites! Now the answer to my last question?, is no.2….That flag ALSO represented those who WANTED SLAVERY!!!!, & “that’s” what matters most to these racist muthafkas….”preserving “THAT” heritage”!!!!, & that’s why & how that or any OTHER state, city, town or “BUMPER STICKER”!!, is still allowed to bare it. No.3?…want another contradiction? (Heeah it go!) where else but the good ole United “Snakes” of America, will you find the flag of the entity that “LOST”!!!!!, still raised & flying over the land that…”won”??!!! NO fkn where, that’s wherrrrrre! But again!!, the “racist ideology” still remains?, & therefore so must the flag that repreSENTS it!! I swear, if we surmised a list of the “Hypocrisy of Our Democracy” & all the other errors & contradictions this country CONTINUES TO PRACTICE as if the shyt IS.. “right/correct”??!! We ‘d be to Us what We “ARE” to those abroad….”The Dumb, The Evil, The Greedy The Stubborn, The Shameless, & therefore The…”STUpid”! Hashtag..”Johnny Depp”! I mean…the YOUNGest country, but also one of the most…”antiquated”??!! The RICHest country, but still has all these homeless people, unemployed people, & millionaire politicians & “CEOs” (making 3-500x’s more than their average employee!!) sending Our jobs overseas i.e… “DESIGNING”!!! all this shyt!!!??? Now HTF can ANYone adaquately explain or justify this shyt!!?? Wow…fkn WOW!!! But maaaaaybe if We diiiiiiiid see ourselves through the eyes of those others?, we’d finally see the reality, of WTF is really….here….. A bunch of evil greedy lyin manipulaters who are the ANTITHESIS!!!, of the finger pointing policies they perscribe, to every other nation. And…the Neanderthal regressers who though they KNOW what the mistakes of this country’s last are?, WILLFULLY forge to repeat them. Hashtag…”stuck ‘on stupid/immature tantrum suicide”. TJBTITMFB!


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