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Jada Pinkett Smith Talks ‘Magic Mike’, Family and Empowering Women


*Jada Pinkett Smith is flawless and serving the sultry on the June/July 2015 cover of Haute Living magazine, in which she dishes on her propensity to take on strong female characters and why it’s hard for her to play vulnerable roles.

“People tell me that I always play strong women,” she said. “In all honesty that is probably where I am restricted in my creative pursuits. I have no idea how not to be strong, and I don’t know if I have the desire to. I tend to gravitate towards strength energy lines.”

In “Magic Mike XXL,” Jada plays Rome, a sexually charged strip club owner and emcee, a role originally written for a man.

“What I tried to do with Rome is communicate strength differently—from a place that is a lot more feminine—a bit more soft and open,” she said.

She reveals that she had some apprehension taking on the role of the brothel madame, who revels and promotes sexually charged male stripping.

“But after getting on Skype with Channing and director Greg Jacobs, I knew their intentions were pure,” she concedes. “One of the biggest selling points for accepting this role was Channing saying—and I’m not quoting—that there is a way to make the adult entertainment industry responsible. First of all, Channing has a huge influence in this industry—the idea that he has the guts to tackle this subject was a real selling point for me,” she notes.

Pinkett Smith also shared her thoughts on how women can  empower themselves, saying it comes down to a matter of learning to ‘trust yourself.”

“There is no one way to do it! A woman needs to be deeply connected to herself and her family, and has got to trust herself. It’s about staying present and adjusting the formula, which comes in a million forms,” she said. “Trust takes courage — happiness takes courage; it’s not easy! Women need courage to be able to step out of the box and be who they are meant to be.”

Of course, the 43-year-old beauty mentions her A-list family as one of her anchors in life.

“My family is my priority. If my family is stable and everyone has what they need, then I look at a way to fit in a creative endeavor,” she said. “My kids are becoming older and there is less of a need for me to remain stationary. I really look at what is happening [in my family] and stay present — the formula is always shifting.”

Jada also talks about her fashion sense, and how her style choices reflect the “different personalities of Jada.”

“Man — if I had to be honest about hair styles and fashion, I would say I use it differently than everyone else does,” she said. “For me it is an expression of the different personalities of Jada — how I am feeling at the moment. I tend to be that girl — [for instance] I may want to look like a punk rocker and use my hair and clothing to express that.”

Ny MaGee
Ny MaGee is an entertainment reporter with over 15 years of experience working in the film industry in areas including production and post-production, marketing, distribution, and acquisitions. She has worked for legendary film producer Roger Corman, Quentin Tarantino's production team at Miramax, the late Larry Flynt, MTV/ VH1, Hallmark Channel, Paramount, Jim Henson Co., Parade Magazine, and various LA-based companies representing above-the-line talent.



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