Saturday, December 4, 2021

Dylann Roof’s Bond Set at $1M; Victims’ Families Express Forgiveness (Video)

dylann roof bond hearing courtroom

*Bond was set at $1 million for Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old white man charged with nine counts of murder in the shooting spree of historically black Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston.

Roof appeared in court Friday afternoon via video conference. Some of the family members representing the nine victims were permitted to speak directly to Roof from the courtroom – and all expressed levels of forgiveness for the alleged shooter.

A daughter of victim Ethel Lance told Roof, “I will never talk to her ever again, never be able to hold her again. I forgive you and have mercy on your soul. You hurt me, you hurt a lot of people, but I forgive you.”

Felicia Sanders, the mother of victim Tywanza Sanders, told Roof, “Every fiber in my body hurts, and I will never be the same . May God have mercy on you.”

Facing nine counts of murder and a weapons charge, Roof showed no emotion on the video screen, which was to the right of Magistrate James Gosnell Jr.

The judge asked Roof whether he understood the charges against him, noting that his next two hearings would take place on Oct. 23 and Feb. 5.

Roof, dressed in striped inmates’ garb and flanked by two officers, looked into the camera and said, “Yes, thank you, sir.”

Roof’s bond was set at $1 million for the weapons charge, though he wasn’t allowed bond on the other charges.

Prior to the hearing, a spokesman with the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office told The Huffington Post that Roof is on suicide watch and that his family won’t be able to visit him for his first 72 hours in jail. But he said that as far as he knew, Roof’s family hasn’t yet tried to contact the suspect.

Watch the bond hearing and statements from family members of the victims below:



  1. 1st of all….FK his “recall & sensitivity”!!!! And 2nd?, this is just MORE reflection of how this evil muthafka was FULLY aware of his actions &…IN CONPLETE CONTROL “OF” them!!! And STILL “DECIDED”!!!!, to kill those people HE WORSHIPPED WITH FOR AN HOUR”!!!! Again!!….this ain’t “crazy” “this” is…EVIL!! AND??!!, let Us NOT sleep ‘on dis heeah eeeeeeeitha!!….”HE ASK FOR THAT REV. “BY NAME”!!!! This was NOT a “random thang!!! He sought OUT that church AND Rev!!! And I believe?, it was a retaliation ‘on that Rev being the spiritual advisor for the family of Walter Scott!!! That pastor had been very vocal against the policeman who shot WS!! So….whaaaaaat if they find out that?, “he’s a GD “RELATIVE OF”, that policeman??!!! Seeeeee?, not so fkn “random”, huh??!!! TJBT!

  2. They are better people than me. I could not forgive somebody for murdering my relative for no reason other than for the color of their skin. Maybe years down the line, but for now, hell to the nah!

  3. There should be no bail. I agree with Trausingr, this is looking more like set up to me. That man did research, on that church and Pastor. It’s about more than him. It’s time to Wake Up people. See the big picture for what it is. Praying is one thing, action of your common sense, is another. Singing “We shall over come is good”, but we should be singing” Wake Up Everybody, and Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud. By the late greats, Teddy P. And James Brown. If we’re not careful, we will be right back where we started Fourty or more years ago. It’s time to turn things around, silently and outwardly, we are being slander like sheep. It’s time to really pay attention, instead of talking about it, its time for action in full course. We have been warned of these comings from the pulpit to the door. Distraction, have been put in the way, to take your sights, off of what is really going on. The Panthers, warned us in the 60s, no one truly listened, Martin Luther King, late President John Kenndy, warned us. Anyone that has tried to make a difference in the life’s of betterment for the people, they where removed. Do the history, need I say more? Be watchful

    • And?,….if we consider the fact that DR had a damn “RECORD”!!, & therefore couldn’t have purchased a gun!!??, but….”his father”!!!, bought him that gun for his so called…”b-day present”??!! Sheeeeit! Maybe?, but “I” tend to think it was the retaliation I mentioned earlier AND this lil trailerpunk’s KKK….”INITIATION”!!! And….if we’re suppose to believe that DR had mental issues?, WTH knew “that” better than….”his daddy/parents”??!!! Therefore…his daddy needs to be charged TOO!!! But watch & as always!!!, when the purp is “White”?, any & everything becomes relevant & a possibility except….. “the facts”! TJBT!/SSMDHATBS!

    • And btw?….”1 milly” ain’t shyt!!! They could get the necessary 10% of that, in a fkn heartbeat!!! I wonder why ppl aren’t equally offended by “that” low bail amount, as well?? Oh yeah, I forgot the…”gatekeepers”. Sigh!


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