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The Pulse of Entertainment: Cheryl ‘Pepsii’ Riley Returns with New Project, ‘Still Believe’

Cheryl ‘Pepsii’ Riley returns with new project, ‘Still Believe’

Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley release new album 'Still Believe.'
Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley release new album ‘Still Believe.’

*“I did a project independently a few years ago. So many people asked about new music. I’ve been through a few things…thought it was time,” Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley said. Cheryl rose to fame with her 1980’s hit “Thanks for my Child” written by Full Force. She recently released independently a new album titled “Still Believe.” About her motivation to record another project, Riley said, “You listen to the radio and don’t hear what you want to hear. Our audience is being over looked. We still want substance, music you can relate to.”

The “Still Believe” project follows her “Let Me Be Me.” Riley has been in the industry working in stage productions for Tyler Perry.

“The success was just getting into the studio,” she pointed out. “Recording gave me a certain amount of peace. During the session…dad was really sick. We were laying live drums and in the midst I was talking to doctors back and forth. In the middle of recording I lost my father. Artists are people too with health issues, finances… So going in the studio was a release.”

“Still Believe” offers 12 passionate selections written by Cheryl and her writing partner Luke Austin.

“Luke is my writing partner. He lives in Los Angeles,” she pointed out. “He is an amazing musician.”

The first single is “Still Believe in Love.” The Brooklyn native who sings R&B and Gospel, also host “Black Velvet Mondays,” a jam session for musicians and singers at Village Underground – a very legendary venue.

“New York has the most incredible musicians,” Cheryl said. “There is a certain hustle and grind here. Clubs here are full with starving musicians. It’s my way of paying it forward…sharing along the way information I learned. I’m a band baby I love live music.”

To learn more about Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley’s “Black Velvet Mondays” log onto “Still Believe” is available on iTunes.

TLC premieres ‘Dare to Wear,’ hosted by Tai Beauchamp, Friday June 12, 2015 10/9c

Fashion and beauty expert Tai Beauchamp host the new TLC reality show 'Dare to Wear.'
Fashion and beauty expert Tai Beauchamp host the new TLC reality show ‘Dare to Wear.’

The TLC Network premieres a new reality show, “Dare to Wear,” hosted by fashion expert Tai Beauchamp on Friday June 12, 2015 at 10/9c. The show will have two people switch clothes so they can get a better understanding of how clothes can transform you.

“I worked in magazine publishing where I honed my skills as a style expert,” Tai said when asked about her back ground. “I work will real women. It feels good to empower them.”

Produced by Shed Media for TLC, “Dare to Wear” follows Tai as she selects the woman, introduce them to her concept to switch clothes, motivate and push them to embrace a difference style. The host gig came like most in entertainment through a talent agent.

“I auditioned for the show,” Beauchamp said about how she became the host. “I told them my philosophy around style and it melded with the show’s concept. I cast the women – they have to sign up for it. They come into my style studio. I really have to connect with the women. They have to believe in me. The point is to have them understand style.”

“Dare to Wear” will air each Friday night 10/9c as Tai makes-over women. Beauchamp’s experience includes working as a beauty and fashion editor for Vibe, Seventeen, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s Bazaar and more. She has hosted at events for Procter & Gamble and InStyle. As a motivational speaker Tai has worked with The Clinton Foundation, Spelman College, and Howard University. She has also been a guest on such shows as “The Wendy Williams Show” and “The View.”

For more information about TLC’s “Dare to Wear” log onto 

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