Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Rachel Dolezal Admits Her ‘Natural’ Hair is … A Weave (WATCH)

Rachel Dolezal's haitsyles
Rachel Dolezal’s hairstyles

*Many questions continue to linger about the grand deceiver Rachel Dolezal, the former White woman-turned Black feminist and anti-racist who this week was forced to resign as NAACP leader after she was accused of lying about her race.

Of course it still amazes us that a White woman sprayed her body orange (fake tan) and added a few bags of kinky Remy to her hair and convinced other Blacks folks that she’s Black.

Humans living in 2015 actually fell for her trickery? LOL + SMH… Glamouring is real, folks, and Rachel has mastered it. Paging Eric Northman

However, Dolezal is on damage control now, working the PR train and answering all those tough questions that she’s been avoiding, like “Harpo, who dis woman?” and “Girl, what’s up with your hair, tho?”

Yup, still, folks are scratching their heads and wondering “If she was white all along, where did the kinky curls and dreadlocks come from?”

In a candid interview with NBC, Dolezal responds to this question by first stating, “You’re just going to out me like that [sic]?” Dolezal continues,”Well, because you are you, and I’m here, I’ll tell you, but like I said, if I were in a grocery store or anywhere else, I would be like [sic] it’s none of your business.” Finally, after a brief pause, Dolezal reveals, “Yes, this is a weave.”


“I identify as black,” Rachel Dolezal, former head of the Spokane NAACP chapter, told NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday when asked if she was an African-American woman.

If you missed it, she said that she began to identify herself as African-American when she was 5 years old. When she drew self-portraits, Dolezal said she used a brown crayon instead of a peach one, and she drew herself with black, curly hair.

On February 17, Dolezal gave a PowerPoint presentation to students at Eastern Washington University about the history of black hair and her own personal experiences with “black hair” – even though she wears a weave.

In the video presentation, a curly-hair Rachel is captured lecturing on the timeline of black hair, ‘nappiness,’ and the brown paper bag test which, historically, was a test performed at “paper bag parties.”

“Paper bag parties” were African-American social events at which individuals with a complexion litter than a brown paper bag were admitted.

Rachel’s lecture was entitled “Black Is Beautiful.” Check out the video below.

Ny MaGee
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  1. Watch, when the movie comes out, three women come to mind to play her and none of which can act for sh!t: beyonce, j-lo, and halle berry. I’m waiting for the people who NEVER believed her to start talking . . . BTW, was it just her parents that dropped the dime on her?

  2. One thing can be said about her, she has determination and follow through. She didn’t let pulled out edges stop her from perpetrating the fraud.


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