Tuesday, September 27, 2022

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Caught Sneaking Out of Back Door Trying to Avoid Black Lives Matter Activists

*Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has been dubbed the ‘Back Door LA Mayor’ after being caught by Black Lives Matter Los Angeles activists trying to sneak out of the back door of his Hancock Park residence Monday morning.

BLMLA activists began a 48 hour protest billed as ‘Occupy LA Mayor’ on Sunday vowing to stay camped out in front of the mayor’s residence until Tuesday’s meeting of the Board of the Los Angeles Police Commission.  At the meeting, commissioners were expected to decide on whether the killing of 25-year-old Ezell Ford last summer in South Los Angeles by two Los Angeles police officers was within department policy.

Just 24 hours into their protest, Garcetti was caught trying to avoid the large group of African-Americans who had been providing an around the clock reminder to him of his duty to the Blacks still left in Los Angeles.

At one point in the video the mayor asked the activists when they were going to let his wife and child leave the house.

Also captured on video is a member of the mayor’s security detail physically moving one of the protesters.

BLMLA has called on Mayor Garcetti to fire Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck or else suffer the same fate of former mayor James Hahn who lost his re-election after Black support waned in the wake of his decision to not re-appoint then Chief Bernard Parks.  In addition, the activists are calling on Garcetti craft a policy around providing reparations to the families of victims of police abuse and killings.

Citing what they say has been a dismal record of support for African-Americans in Los Angeles since taking office, BLMLA pointed to numerous issues with Garcetti’s representation of and relationship with Blacks in Los Angeles. Those issues include:

  • Garcetti’s failure in securing any federal aid Promise Zone funds for South L.A. but instead opting for affluent areas like Koreatown, Hollywood and Los Feliz, where the needs aren’t as great. 
  • Garcetti’s silence and often times disappearing act whenever the issue of police brutality and protests pop up in Los Angeles conveniently leaving Council President and African-American Herb Wesson as the acting mayor to deal with the issue.
  • Garcetti’s lack of a real agenda for South L.A.
  • Garcetti’s support for redistricting maps that tore apart South L.A. and took away precious resources.
  •  Garcetti’s firing of Black L.A. fire chief Brian Cummings just three months after he became mayor.
  •  Garcetti’s seemingly non-existent presence in Black Los Angeles after stumping for the African-American vote to get into office.

Follow @BLMLA on Twitter and on Facebook at facebook.com/BLMLA for the latest out of Los Angels regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.  Social hashtags: #OccupyLAMayor, #BackDoorLAMayor



  1. This guy is a complete waste of skin. While his family is living in Hancock Park, the rest of the community is suffering. Why become mayor if you are not going to do the job you got elected for? He’s getting a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing. We need to start being a little more discerning on who we put in office. Either do your job or get recalled.

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