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Publicist Yvette Noel-Schure on Beyonce, Mariah and Prince (Listen)

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*Yvette Noel-Schure opened up about what it’s like to be a celebrity publicist working for Prince, Mariah Carey and Beyonce, according to YBF.

Here’s to confidentiality agreements! But Noel-Schure shared some insider details with “The Jake Sasseville Show” about representing these pop icons and working her way up through Sony.

She dished about her first day on the job and which star she found she was going to be representing… on that first day!

“[On my first day at Sony,] I was wearing a beautiful black dress. All the powerful people wore black, so I knew I had to wear black. I was ready to find a stack of things on artists no one cared about. Instead, there was one folder on my chair and it said Mariah Carey.”

Noel-Schure added, “she was the biggest music star in the world. I took the folder and ran to Larry Jenkins office… I told him someone forgot the Mariah Carey folder in my chair. Larry said Yvette, she is your client. And I need you to study up on everything.”

She continued with, “not only was Mariah Carey the biggest star in the world at the time, she was married to the CEO of Sony Music Tommy Mottola. Not only am I now responsible for the biggest star in the world but I have to report to Tommy Mottola, the husband of the biggest music star in the world and the CEO on the first day that I become a publicist having never been a publicist before.”

“It’s as if someone took me out on a lake, threw me out into the crater, and as they were pulling away, then asked Do you even know how to swim.”

yvette noel-schure
Yvette Noel-Schure

She worked with the likes of not only Beyonce, but Queen Bey during her pre-solo days as the lead singer of one of the biggest girl group, Destiny’s Child as well.

“I sat down with them (Destiny’s Child) and did makeup lessons… they were pretty advanced because Miss Tina Knowles was such a central figure in the lives of the girls of Destiny’s Child. Not just Beyonce, but Kelly who was raised in her house. LaTavia (Roberson) and LeToya (Luckett), the original two members, where the friendship blossomed in that house. They understood about hair and how they wanted to look. I knew in that moment that if Columbia Records trusted me with these young women, and if Tina and Matthew Knowles trusted me to be around these young women and knew that if they walked out of a room, they knew I wasn’t going to be shooting up a needle or smoking a blunt… I knew being a publicist was not what I needed to do. I knew I had to be a teacher and I had to be a guide and mentor.”

She added, “one of the things I know that Beyonce probably appreciates about me, especially now that she has a family… is that I always said to the girls, at the end of everything, I’m going home to my babies. It got to the point where the girls of Destiny’s Child used to mouth it to me after the interviews or press day. She’s going home to her babies.”

But not only did she work for Mariah — the biggest pop star of the 90s and Queen Bey, but she worked for the Purple One as well — calling the experience the best time of her life!

“When I did publicity for Prince for one year (the best year of my life!), I was the greatest actress that year. I never let him think I was a fan. It was very easy to talk to him which I didn’t anticipate.”

She added, “what I loved about working with Prince is he expected me to bring something to the table. “Musicology” was reaching a fan base that didn’t grow up with Prince and I thought it was time to go to those newer fans… when I convinced him to do Black Beat Magazine, the magazine I ran for all those years, not only did he say yes, Rudi Meyer (editor of Black Beat) came and spent two hours with Prince sitting and talking to him.”

She continued with, “you can’t record Prince’s voice. It was a lesson in seeing these journalists having to listen, take notes and Prince understood that he had to slow it down if he didn’t want to be misquoted.”

Listen to her interview below:




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