Wednesday, December 8, 2021

FOOD Network’s Gina Neely Opens Up About Her Divorce (Watch)

gina & pat neely

*Fans were shocked to hear about Gina and Pat Neely‘s divorce, but Gina put it into perspective when she talked with Wendy Williams.

The celebrity chefs were high school sweethearts, business partners and co-hosts on “Down Home with the Neelys,” and had been together for 23 years!

Gina opened up to Williams about their shocking split after so many years together. But after so much time and life spent together, they are sure to be in each other’s lives somehow.

“Life happens, honey. What are you going to do? Cry in a bowl of milk? At the end of the day, Pat and I are real people. Life happens,” she said. “I had dinner with Pat on Friday. We’re still good friends, but it just happened. You don’t stop living because bad things happen. You keep going.”

But they didn’t just give up on a relationship of 23 years. They put effort into their relationship and working it out. But in the end, it ended.

“We were trying to work on it and do some things differently, but it ended up that way,” she said. “I did family counseling, wanted everyone to be good. We’re all in a good place and at the end of the day, that’s what’s important to me.”

Watch the interview below:



  1. I liked their cooking show. I was surprised they had split! Was it because she found out Pat is gay? I sort of thought that when I watched the show. In any case, as she said..Life happens.

    • And…..why the attack only on the man, when you knoooooow you don’t “know”? And so fkn typical!!, is the IMMEDIATE “insinuation against a man’s manhood”?! (Side eye stare!) And yall can “see what AIN’T thurr”, but then “this” is the ONLY tiiiiiiime, yall “claim to be bliiiiiiiind”!!! Please tell Us….HTF does a female married to someone “FOR YEARS”!!, “suddenly fiiiiiiinds out” the dude is…Gay??!! Hashtag? “Lyin, fakeass “victim”! “Oh….I’m just an innocent, naive, defenseless lil gurrrrrl”. (Said in a lil baby voice, while twistin yo finger around yo fkn hair!) BUT!! otherwise….”strong independent “Black Queens” n shyt, who know & “find out ALL” & NEVer “sleep in “divorce court”, riiiiiiiiiight??!! GTMFOHWTBS!! I mean….yall NEVer wanna take responsibility for your OWN shyt, do yall?!! Yall know GD well, a WHOLE lotta females “sign up” for WTF they have or get! Meaning?….”if so”?, they already fkn knoooooow!!! “BOOM”! (& usually out of “laziness & greed”!! Buuuuut we ain’t g’on EVer get into “that” exposure, conversation or honesty, now wiiiiiiiiill weeeeee? Wah waaaaah!/Sigh!) But again….yall are “all knowing”, until it comes to taking responsibility “forrrrrrr”…WTF yall know OR do, huh “Boo”?! Sum BS is all! SMDH!

      • I can’t believe that nobody ever saw this as someone who really needs help. These are the rantings of an abuser and/or killer. Being in law enforcement for 19yrs, I see numerous emails, lettersnsuch as this when we catch a serial killer or stalker. Just looking at this makes me want to cry. I’m not sure what happened to you in your past but I pray that you get the help that you need. Be blessed.

  2. It NEVer fails…..when a female who has been “overly plump” damn near all the years of her life or relationship, suddenly “fiiiiiiinds the will power” to lose that weight only AFTER she newly….single or engaged. I mean….just LOOK at the before & after pics, of this woman. And would argue the man DOWN!!!!, when asked to lose a little for….”him”/them!!! (And she wonders “what went wrong”/whyyyyy he doesn’t “look at huh the saaaaame”?? GTFOH! Bottom line?, nothing & I mean NUTHiiiiiiiing makes a female lose weight lika….breakup or….wedding dress!!!! Hashtag?….inconsiderate narcisisutic selfish hypocrisy/It’s all about …”ShuuuuunTAY”!

  3. Tried to watch their but, all that: baby, sweetie, kissing, hugging B.S., damn near made me diabetic!!! 10 maybe 15 tops on two occasions was enough for me. Just sooo phony.

  4. @taurusingr- I came to comment about The Neely’s and read your psychotic rantings. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!! Your comments made no sense and you’ve taken bullshit to another level. Stay on topic or check into a mental health facility. Don’t walk… there!!! My comment on The Neely’s: The PDA they displayed during cooking seemed over-the-top and fake. People in love don’t act the way they tried to portray. It’s sad that their marriage didn’t make it and I hope it wasn’t because of fame. I wish them both the best in future endeavors.

  5. We lost respect for the Neely’s and stopped watching them a few years back. It was when the Food Channel turned on Paula Deen because she was honest enough to admit she had used the “N” word years ago. The Neely’s who owed her a lot of their success because she brought them on her program many times and help them to have their own program NEVER came to her rescue but turned the blind-eye doing nothing to help her. The Food Network being “Politically Correct” to appease the liberal left took Paula off the air!


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