Monday, September 26, 2022

Cops Seize Guns, Drugs at Video Shoot with Busta Rhymes & French Montana

busta rhymes & french montana

*A rap video shoot attended by Busta Rhymes and French Montana became a hot spot where plainclothes New York police officers seized a trove of loaded guns and drugs.

Police sources told the New York Post that authorities arrived on the scene after receiving a call from concerned area residents after seeing an impromptu crowd of about 200 performers, extras, and gawkers who were around the parking lot of the Bravo Supermarket at the corner of Fulton and Linwood streets in Cypress Hills.

Police ultimately spotted what appeared to be a gun in the pants pocket of 35-year-old shoot security guard Frank Bartlett, sources said while noting that the 6-foot-11, 350 pound Bartlett admitted carrying a 9mm Daewoo, and surrendered after the officers identified themselves.

Upon learning about the bust, folks in the crowd began ditching their own contraband. Along with Bartlett, authorities revealed that cops arrested 32-year-old Ronald James and Ebonee Eastmond, 27, after James allegedly tried to pass her his loaded .22 Davis Industries derringer. Others arrested included Edward Elkins, 36, who had a loaded .40 caliber Para Ordinance pistol wrapped in a black, plastic bag between his legs, and 30-year-old Wendy Miranda, who allegedly dropped a .32 caliber H&R revolver near a row of parked luxury cars including Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, and BMWs, sources stated.

In addition to Montana and Rhymes, police mentioned that rappers Ja Rule and Noreaga also attended the video shoot, which was arranged by Montana’s Coke Boys Records. As for the featured artist in the video, sources told the Post that it wasn’t immediately clear who that person was.

Sources go on to say that none of the rappers at the video shoot were arrested or charged with any wrongdoing. To go along with the four loaded guns, police recovered a Ziploc bag of coke, some marijuana, and several tablets of Molly.




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