Saturday, July 2, 2022

School District: Elem. School Lunch Worker Lied About Reason She Was Fired

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*A Colorado school district has come forward with a statement after receiving a barrage of complaints from the public addressing the firing of a kitchen manager who said she gave free lunch to children who could not afford it.

In our previous story on Dakota Valley Elementary School employee, Della Curry, who works as a kitchen manager, it was divulged that Curry could not in all consciousness see children go hungry; just because there was no money in their school lunch credit account.

Curry stated that these children often had problems going on at home, which she learned after reaching out to the administration and the parents.

When this was the case, and Curry had no money of her own to pay for their lunch, she would allow them to eat hot meals for free (against the policy of the school district; which was to give these children a cheese sandwich).

Apparently, many on social media got wind of the situation and blasted the school district; forcing them to come out with a statement.

In this statement they make it sound as if Ms. Curry told a bold-face lie.

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  1. It has been decades since a child has been hungry at a school in Colorado. It is a State law. If a child does not have money to pay for his/her lunch, then a free lunch is provided. Although the free meal varies, it is MORE than just milk and a cheese and/or turkey sandwich. If the student is still hungry after eating the free lunch, they can return to the kitchen area and get more of the free lunch; eating until they are full. One of the problems is that some students want what is consider the “regular” lunch and not the “cheap free lunch.”
    Although Cherry Creek School District did not give exact details of Ms. Curry’s termination, they did say it was due to multiple disturbances. I cannot help but believe that she has given students the “regular” lunch on more than one occasion whereas she was directed to give them the “free lunch.”

  2. From the moment I read this story I knew it was a lie. If children come from a low-income family or if they didn’t bring anything for lunch, they are given something to eat. Back in the day, if you didn’t bring money or food for lunch it was just too bad. But it’s not like that now. STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING HOT OFF THE PRESS ON THE INTERNET, PEOPLE!!!! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN THAT BY NOW!!!! REMEMBER THAT STUPID BALLOON BOY STORY?????

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