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People of Note: The Prophetesses of ‘Preach’

The Four Prophetess
The Four Prophetess

*The Lifetime Network approached me about their upcoming docu-series “Preach,” produced by Core Media Group and slated to air on the network Friday, June 5th at 10:00 pm, EST/PT. “Preach” features four women prophets called by God to do his work on earth.  These prophetesses are Belinda Scott, Taketa Williams, Linda Rourk and Kelly Crews.

Belinda Scott hails from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Belinda gives council to celebrities and politicians throughout the country and specializes in child birth and blessing the wombs of barren women.  She also has a protégé who grew up Muslim but converted to Christianity.

Linda Rourk is from Trenton, Ohio.  An evangelist, pastor, co-pastor and mother of two, she came into her prophesy ministry 15 years ago.  Rourk works with the homeless and the drug addicted, feeding the communities she works with both spiritually and physically.  She is known for her timid personality yet fiery style of preaching that gets her congregation to their feet.

Belinda Scott at the pulpit
Belinda Scott at the pulpit

From Columbus, Ohio, Taketa Williams is a prophetess, pastor, author, televangelist, wife, international speaker, revivalist, mother of 2, and someone who says she has been delegated and assigned by God to speak on God’s behalf on the earth.  According to Taketa God has given her an ability to gain insight regarding people’s past, present and even future and has commissioned her to help people deal with their problems in life.

And lastly, there is Kelly Crews from Cleveland.  Kelly is Belinda’s former protégé who is now building a ministry of her own.  She is the only single Prophetess in the group.  Being a prophetess requires sacrifice and meeting the kind of strong man who can handle her gift.

I had the opportunity to talk to two of the prophetesses, Taketa Williams and Linda Rourk who shared their calling, their gifts and how it affects their lives and the lives of those to whom they minister.

“I was a Church secretary over 20 years ago at that time my husband prophesied for me.  He said God told him that one day I would be prophesying to many people all over the world, including Hollywood.  At that time I was happy working my corporate job and being a part-time Church secretary.  However, I am now walking in the manifestation of what my husband prophesied for me.  It has not been an easy journey but God has appointed me to do what I have been called to do. And now a fire burns in me to preach,” said Taketa.

Laying on of the hands
Laying on of the hands

“22 years ago I was praying in my prayer closet, asking to understand what my mission in life was, then I heard an evangelist preach. There was such a power coming from her, I decided I wanted to possess that.  I knew I wasn’t living, only existing.  I started to pray and then the Lord spoke to me and validated that I too was called to preach,” explained Linda Rourk.  “Much of my work has been among the homeless and drug addicted.  There are people in my family who are addicted.  I feel privileged to be able to help people and to turn their lives around.   I did not go looking to be a prophet.  God chose me as a vessel to give his word.  I am called the Blue-eyed Soul sister.  Usually I am quiet and timid, but when God uses me the anointing comes on my life.  Jesus uses the prophetesses as a vessel.

Through my ministry, I use all 9 spiritual gifts: faith, knowledge, wisdom, laying-on-of-hands, interpretation, prophesy and healing, etc.  Sometimes when I lay my hands on people, people say they feel fire or heat, some fall out under the power of God.  Sometimes the Lord has me blow on people and I have blown on people.  All that I do, comes through God, I am merely a vessel.  The Bible says we should desire spiritual gifts but I did not desire the office of a prophetess because there is a price that comes with it.  The price may include a lot of loneliness, rejection, hurt and betrayal.  There are many sacrifices you have to make to follow the call.  It is not what I want to do but what I have been called and chosen to do for such a time as this.  My protégé, Angel Pound, had a rough start in life.  She danced the poles and was a former drug addict.  It has been hard for her but she has invited God into her life and I see how God is affecting her life,” explained Prophetess Rourk.

Feeling the Spirit
Feeling the Spirit

Having qualms initially about doing a reality show due to the stigma associated with them Taketa shunned the idea, telling her staff not to return the calls of Core Media Group.  However Lifetime was persistent and eventually Taketa listened to Lifetime’s vision for the show.

“We are not psychics.  Psychics see, but prophets see and resolve,” explained the prophetesses.

“Lifetime has been very respectful of our privacy and film around our schedules. Knowing the stigma associated with Reality shows, it caused me to initially shun the idea of anything of that magnitude but as I heard Lifetime’s vision of helping people find answers and deal with their problems, I recognized that is what I do as a prophetess.  My role as a prophetess is to help people meet life challenges and find a resolution. I thought “Preach” would be a good vehicle to reach out to others.  It is not like I want to be on TV.  I am already on two Christian networks.  My passion is to help others.    I want to be a go-between between the people and God,” said Taketa, who is also mentoring her protégée, Rebecca Hairston, a single mother with three children, who is turning her life around with the help of God and encouragement of Taketa.

There are six taped episodes of “Preach,” however the Lifetime Network hopes the series featuring the 4 prophetesses will entice viewers to want to see more episodes.

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  1. am glad they are airing this.. GOD’S People need to be able to identify the lies as well as the truth…God will shield his believers and cover them, this show is doing exactly what it is designed to do .. EXPOSE!! So please ladies chest bump and spirit fingers and continue to use all of these shenanigans that GOD doesn’t need to get your attention. God does not need to toss you up and down an isle and knock you out all the way in a balcony and chest bump you into and audience of the lost to get to you, it can be a quiet still voice in the middle of your sleep that changes your life forever.. So I prophesy to you foolish women.. You cant humanize GOD.. You look like circus clowns everything from the make up on your faces to your MAKEUP. You will not reach nations of God’s people, you will not change lives, you will not inject your clueless made up ideologies on believers. God won’t send healing through you. How foolish you really are. Be certain of one thing God will use you ladies to identify the falseness and that alone. the money you receive from this will be filthy and used to restore the damage you have done. When Gods reveals his profits they wont come as circus acts and lifetime won’t direct who it reaches. So BOOM!!! Run and TELL THAT

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