Sunday, May 22, 2022

Chet Haze Says it’s His Right to Say ‘N*gga’ and He Does it (WATCH)

chet haze (screenshot)

*Tom Hanks‘ son Chet Haze, must’ve convinced himself that he’s black and it’s his God given right to say the N-word with impunity.

As we’ve reported, Haze – a rapper – whose government name is Chester Hanks, is fighting real hard to be able to say the n -word and not just in his music. He posted a video explaining his justification:

“Hip-hop isn’t about race. It’s about the culture you identify with.”

Yep, as you can see, Chet Haze is one serious white boy that wants the freedom to say “nigga” whenever and wherever he pleases ’cause, remember, as far as he’s concerned it ain’t about race, it’s about hip hop.

Oops. Wait, hold up. On second thought, Chet wants you to know he’s not 100 percent certifiable. He says he’d never walk to a random black person and let the words “my nigga” come out of his mouth.

Hmm, Chet Haze, a word to wise. If you insist on putting yourself out there saying the N-word, you might wanna work on your diction. In the clip above where you so boldly say the word, it sounded to us like you said the version that ends with “er” instead of “ga.”



  1. This guy’s an over-entitled idiot. However, I’m curious when white kids decide to rap along to a song, are they supposed to hum, change the lyrics or what when ni**az pops up in the song? My feeling is if you’re so sensitive about the word, then maybe you shouldn’t be using it yourselves. If I get a pass because I’m black, does that apply if I’m biracial or one of my grandparents happened to have been black? What percentage allows me freedom to sling the word around without someone jumping down my throat?

  2. @dessler consider this. If you feel like we should stop saying the N word than other races especially white people to stop calling US that. Do I feel like we should get a pass to use it, NO.At least when we put an A at the end of it it’s not racist as much as it is ignorant. I know you are smart enough to realize that. The N word with an A at the end has been used as an ignorant term of endearment by Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, etc. So h*** no I don’t want some white person using the term or calling me that cause their not my brotha or sistah. Nobody can dictate what someone else does behind closed doors. How many times have white people called each other a “redneck” and no one says anything about that? So does that mean they should stop using their own word?

  3. This shit is so damn stupid I can’t reply to one person. NIGGA NIGGAZ is all the same thing!! Nobody black and proud should be using it anyway!!! You lower your class and the dignity of our people!!! Dumb meets dummer and meets dumb ass motherf****rs!!!! Get out here trying to make some damn excuse. You only patronizing your slave master!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t get us…we can use redneck on the radio (TJShow), all day, but when it comes to the N word, it’s such a problem. I’m sorry, but you’re not my sista or brother so I don’t want you using that word towards me PERIOD just cause we share a similar shade…Sometimes, we can be so hypocritical of the most ignorate stuff…let the man use the word inappropriately, if he wants and get slapped. He’s not bothering me. But if he’s rapping or rapping to a song where our “hip hop-sters” use the word every other sentence, then go back and slap them too.

    • Get slapped for what? He has a right to say whatever he wants, but no one has a right to put their hands on someone else. This is such a non story, I don’t understand why it’s plastered all over the place. And the thought of committing an act of violence because of something someone says is just as idiotic as making this out to be some big, breaking news story. This shit is getting so old. Leave people alone. The can say whatever they want. You know, because of that first amendment thingy.

  5. Kates 1221, I so agree with you! The reason we stop saying nigger is because white people tried to use it, unsuccessfully, and so it was banned. Sure it was a term used during slavery and had negative connections. However, the hip hop culture has come along and changed everything, including the language that was, a decade ago, offensive. Now it is the language of the hip hop culture, universal and it don’t mean what it did then. I what say that white people that choose to use the word, might make sure he/she is in appropriate company. Otherwise it might be detrimental to one’s health! LOL!!!

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