Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Snoop Dogg Reveals New Attitude Towards Women


*Snoop Dogg is in a different frame of mind when it comes to the opposite sex.

In a recent Sky News interview, the rapper attributed his new attitude to Pharrell Williams, who produced Snoop’s latest album “Bush.” The admission came as Snoop defended himself against claims that he promotes misogyny in his music.

According to the entertainer, his attitude towards women has “changed” since his early days.

“What’s changed for me is that I have a family, I have a different perspective and view on life, I have more concern with life,” Snoop Dogg explained to Sky News. “Twenty years ago I didn’t have no responsibilities, I was an ex-gang member who was still affiliated with gangs. I was hard headed and didn’t listen. I had nothing to live for but me.”

As for what specifically has changed, Snoop emphasized, “Definitely my attitude has changed towards women.

“I am more sensitive and more vulnerable writing-wise and accepting a woman for being a beautiful person, as opposed to me saying she is a bitch or whore because that was how I was trained when I first started,” he said. “As I grew I fell in love with my wife and started to love my mother, my grandmother and my daughter. I understood what a woman was and I started to write about and express that.”

Despite his new mind state, Snoop admitted he had no regrets over anything he mentioned about women in his previous material.

“I have no regrets because I didn’t have that in my life [at the start of career], but when I got that in my life, as I bettered myself, I began to write that and started to live a better life…,” he stated. “I’m not disappointed [in former self] because he who doesn’t know it’s his job to learn, to better himself. Once I figured out there was room to grow and learn and to be a better person then I incorporated that in everything I was doing. “I don’t feel like you can be ashamed or mad about not knowing – if you didn’t know, then you didn’t know.”

Evidence of Snoop’s change of heart can be found in the song “So Many Pros,” which he admitted to changing the name from its original title, ‘So Many Hoes’.

As for Pharrell’s influence, Snoop praised the producer for being real enough to point out how things said when was young would not carry over into his current status as an older human being with daughter of his own.

“That’s what I love about [Pharrell] as a friend – he ain’t afraid to challenge me,” Snoop told Pigeons and Planes. “[He] was like, ‘You ain’t 25 no more. You’re 43, you’ve got a daughter’.”

For Snoop’s entire Sky News interview, click here.



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