Sunday, September 19, 2021

What?! Kanye West Fans Mad Kris Jenner Didn’t Use the N-Word

Kris Jenner (L) with son-in-law, Kanye West (R)
Kris Jenner (L) with son-in-law, Kanye West (R)

*Seems Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner can’t do anything right.

This, according to fans of Kanye West who appear to be mad at her for not using a racial slur.

While West and wife Kim Kardashian celebrate their one-year anniversary, Jenner, the ever proud mom-slash- mom-in-law, shared personal photos and videos of the couple on Instagram this weekend.

But her loving action was met with angry reactions; and Instagram users who came at Jenner for changing the title of West’s  “N—-–-s In Paris” to “Great People in Paris” in her caption, apparently didn’t appreciate her play on words for the caption she posted under a video that showed a fireworks display West had treated them to at the couples’ pre-wedding bash in Versailles.

Kris Jenner Instagram

It came as quite an ironic surprise when the mean posts by Instagram users appeared under the photo;  criticizing Jenner, who obviously is not black, for not writing the N-word.

One of the scathing criticisms says, “B—- the song is “N—- In Paris”!!! You afraid to say the n-word in 2015?!? What a stupid ugly plastic fake a– b—- you are!!”

But other Instagram users appeared to come to Jenner’s defense, saying, “If she would’ve used the word ya would bash her and call her a racist so she was in a lose lose situation.”

While another post, from a Caucasian stated, “I’m glad you didn’t use the n-word. I don’t [think] any of us white people should ever be using it, EVEN in songs.” 

Jenner, who is dating Corey Gamble, an African American, has yet to comment on the responses to her Instagram post.



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