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Ex-NBA Hooper Booby Gibson Drops Provocative Music Video (WATCH)

There’s so much hate in this world. All rooted from our differences. Skin tone, gender, bank statements, and all these things make people believe they are more superior than others.  I don’t think I’m better than anyone, nor do I believe anyone is better than me.  We are all human beings, the sooner everyone sees this, the sooner we might succeed in finding peace.”  Lyrical excerpts from Daniel “Booby” Gibson’s music video short.

Daniel Gibson

*Daniel “Booby” Gibson played in the NBA from 2006 – 2013 with the Cleveland Cavaliers and was greatly known for dropping 3-point shots on opponents.   Currently, the former hoopster, is dropping knowledge on the world as a rap/spoken word artist.  He recently released a musical short video entitled, “Suicide.”

The video, which features Gibson and his five-year-old son, Daniel Gibson, Jr., is a stark reminder of the present-day climate in this country, where daily news stories report deadly police force and brutality against minorities, specifically African Americans. The video, through its twisting plot, calls for having a better understanding of all people, and the need to morph understanding into peace.  Gibson’s video takes on a surprising ending that’s punctuated with the eye-opening truth that many blacks are hating their own kind and thus, are killing each other…as in suicide.”

Gibson was candid about why he had to make this musical video, which was produced by Courtney Glaude for Green Eyed Theater.

“Being a parent with a young son and watching everything that’s going on in America, I felt obligated to speak up and speak out,” Gibson said.  “I want to be proactive in creating awareness and positive change, and for people to pay attention to what’s going on and find ways that can stop the violence that we are seeing.”

The former NBA player said that many people have a way of speaking out on injustices when something happens, but after a while the voice goes away, it’s “…back to our regular scheduled program, but nothing has changed,” Gibson said.  “So we keep seeing the same things happen over and over and over again.  Therefore, I have to do something to make a change on today’s generation.”

Gibson would love for as many people possible – black, white, others – to see his video, especially young people.  He points to the turmoil in Ferguson and Baltimore and other cities across the country as it relates to law enforcement officers shooting and killing unarmed citizens, who are mostly black.  He is equally concerned by blacks who are killing other blacks in the inner city sectors of America.

“It’s bad enough when police officers shoot, beat and kill unarmed black people,” explained Gibson.  “But, I know it’s also black people taking our own lives in many cases; we are killing each other every day for the smallest of things.  I personally want to be a voice and an activist for my community to stop the violence, whether it’s between the police and minorities, or if it’s between black people being violent with other black people.  It’s time to make sure that we start talking to our kids so they can know that there’s a better way.”

bobby gibson - choke hold - screenshot

A product of the inner city, Gibson grew up in a tough Houston, Texas neighborhood.  To stay above the constant fray and trappings of the ‘hood, Gibson turned to basketball, where he constantly developed his game.

As a senior at Jones High School, Gibson led its basketball team to a 31-4 record and helped capture the Texas Class 4A State Title, which was the school’s first since 1965.  Following high school, he went to University of Texas at Austin for two years.

Interesting, in high school, Gibson did not only excel at basketball; he also exceled academically.  He was a member of the National Honor Society, and was offered both a basketball and academic scholarship to Texas.

During his two seasons in college, he averaged 13.8 points, 3.6 rebounds and 3.5 assists.  He set a school record for three-point shots made in a season (101).  In the 2006 NBA Draft, Gibson was a second round pick (42nd overall) of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  After an outstanding career on the professional hardwood, in 2013 he retire, due to injuries.

“While the public is now discovering the artistic talents of Gibson, he said that his grandmother, who nicknamed him Booby, was really the only one who knew of his poetry-write abilities.

“I kept that element of my life to myself, because when you are an athlete, you are kind of put into a box,” Gibson said.  “If you do anything outside of basketball, it’s often looked at that you are unfocused and doing something that you should not be doing.  So I focused on basketball.  Now I want to focus on my poetry, spoken word, and music.”

Gibson looks forward to releasing other spoken word/rap and music video projects.  He also will soon release a book of his poetry. Asked about wife’s Keyshia Cole’s impression of his musical project and aspiration.  “We went through a lot together as a couple that is now public knowledge, but one of the things that she said that she loved about me was that I was not afraid to do something that was from my heart,” said Gibson of Cole, the mother of his son, and one of R&B/hip hot soul’s best singers and top recording artists.  The two are currently separated.  “She said that I was extremely talented when it came to music, poetry and writing.  She would said that even when we weren’t getting along.  With this project, she told me that I did a great job; she liked it a lot.”

Gibson concludes, “I definitely want to raise awareness in the community,” he said.  “I want to continue to do what I do to spark change and reach our youth at an early age.  We got to teach our young people that there’s a better way, and killing ourselves is not the way.  I want them to be aware when it comes to society and the justice system.  I want to make sure that my son knows and understands what’s going on as he grows up in this world.”

Watch Booby Gibson’s “Suicide” video:

For more information about other Gibson current and future project, log on to or follow Gibson on twitter (@BoobyGang).


Ex-NBA Hooper Booby Gibson Drops Provocative Music Video (WATCH)




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