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Chris Brown Threatens Tyson Beckford Over Hanging With Karrueche Tran, Tyson Responds

Karrueche-Tran-tyson-beckford-chris-brown*Apparently, if Chris Brown can’t hang out with Karrueche Tran no one can. Including Tyson Beckford.

After seeing a picture Beckford posted of him and Tran, who is Brown’s ex-girlfriend, hanging out in Las Vegas this past weekend, the 26-year-old performer took to Twitter to issue what could come off as threats of physical harm against the 44-year-old model/actor.

tyson-beckford-karrueche-tran“U wanna keep walking them runways. I need ta legs for that. Keep playing like I ain’t wit the bullsh*t,” Brown wrote in one of a few tweets that have since been deleted.

“Be in Vegas soon. Keep playing ima f*ck ya baby momma and then whoop yo child like he mine,” he added in another tweet.

Putting his little two cents in was Brown’s friend Kid Red, who posted the following on Instagram:

“MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND aka the n**gas will be out. We just came to party tho, unless a n**ga wanna try us… And that includes u model n**gas *Cough Cough #TysonBeckford. We see everything LiL n**ga.”

Whether the threats were directly aimed at Beckford have yet to be confirmed, despite chatter generated about it online, Just Jared noted. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Beckford from responding to Brown with a tweet of his own:

“@officialchrisbrown it’s all about fun in vegas. Come thru papa. ,” the 44-year-old model wrote on Twitter.

Bringing his point home, Beckford threw in something extra with posting  an Instagram video of him shooting at a gun range.

“Just in case you forgot! #pewpew #nra #bang #2a #5.56 #ar15 #edc #.762,” Beckford wrote on Instagram (see below).

As for Tran, her friends acknowledge to that she wasn’t impressed by Brown bringing all this drama over her. The source goes on to say that Tran and Beckford are just friends and adds that the pic of the pair was that set Brown off was “innocent and harmless.”

“It’s cute…if you’re in high school,” the source told HollywoodLife. “The only drama Karrueche wants in her life are the scripts she has to read for a role. Other than that, she hates all the drama. She’s actually trying to establish a successful name for herself and launch a serious career in Hollywood and antics like this don’t help. She doesn’t want or need any of this nonsense from Chris and she’s already told him that after this incident.”

Beckford’s Instagram video:

Just in case you forgot! #pewpew #nra #bang #2a #5.56 #ar15 #edc #.762

A video posted by Tyson C. Beckford (@tysoncbeckford) on



  1. So disappointed with you for this Wendy Williams approach of gossip. And most of the people in here are skunks……Black power with a white streak right down the middle. Or minds as closed as a pig ass. But….I keep coming back and hope that one of the toilets I flush will run freely……I’ve been here since the beginning and your approach and development has gone backwards! Now the recent news has been rehashed sometimes word for word from market magazine articles…even 3 or 4 days later!! You got anit gay anti abortion anti anybody that’s rich and famous unless they shop at Walmart give money to the hood…What happened to the progressive Eurweb? I don’t want to cost anyone a job….just rethink this. The people that comment…well….there are morons in our society….Can’t escape that!! But you set the tone with your approach and deliverance….

  2. Nothing but a weak insecure bitter bytch who has beef with “one” man, threatens that one man with… army. Hashtag?…..”BYTch/Punkass lil”

  3. I’m sayin though….It ain’t Tyson’s “crew” wit lil mah, it’s…..juuuuuust?…..”TYSON”! So WTF Breezy ain’t ‘on sum reeeeeal “grown ass man” shyt, & threatening dude with….”himSELF” instead of his whole fkn crew?! Hashtag?….”I know “Tyson’s” a REAL GAM, & I’ll get my lil yella ASS whooped”!! BINgooooooooe!!

  4. Fuck CB… Tyson will whoop his azz.. just because CB has some blood homies… he aint gonna bust a grape~ Simple azzz… he dogs this B out.. then got the nerve to want to fight behind her azz! What a sucka.. just cause he whopped Rhianna’s azz…. don’t mean he can run up on fine azz Tyson! Fuck that punk!


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