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Raven-Symone In Talks to Join ‘The View’ Permanently

THE VIEW -  Raven Symone guest co-hosts on Wednesday, March 4, 2015.
THE VIEW – Raven Symone guest co-hosts on Wednesday, March 4, 2015.

*Raven-Symone is reportedly close to becoming a regular co-host on “The View.”

After a spring co-hosting stint on the ABC morning show, the actress, 29, is in talks for a permanent position at the table with co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez, and Nicolle Wallace, sources confirm in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“They think she’s really smart but also a little kooky and so she’d be a good fit,” says one TV insider.

The former Cosby Kid has reportedly impressed producers by coming to work prepared

“Every night she studies all the current events and topics for the next day,” a second source adds. “Everyone is blown away. Nobody else prepares like she does!”

Bringing on a new voice would be the latest in a string of major changes at the long-running talk show. Shortly after co-hosts Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd departed the panel in August 2014, second-time co-host Rosie O’Donnell returned — only to exit the show months later, in February.



      • She needs to stop rolling her eyes & being a snob when other es are making a comment. I’m ready to quit the View! Barbara get her to stop rolling her eyes!

    • I would MUCH rather have Hitler return from the grave than to have this IDIOT do it. You know, Harriett Tubman actually said that she could have freed more slaves had they known that they were slaves. Please wake up lady. I stop watching the view after Sherry and Barbara left anyway. My prediction is that they will vanish next season anyway, so let her have her “JOB” as you say. SMH

  1. You mean the same pillar of cultural awareness and black history that said Harriet Tubman had not done enough to garner being on the $20 bill…and also calls Africa a country? Sigh….

  2. Well of COURSE! She’ll be the “Black Hasselbeck”, & therefore….eliminate the “racism angel” in her OBvious Rightwing serving BS POV! No!!, we as a people are NOT “monolithic”!! But….her shyt is beYOND a “different POV” (as is S. Dash’s & OTHER’s!!) & clearly is the reflection of serving “massah & the masses”! And in “THIS” current climate????, says a WHOLE lot about her & those others…..Blackness, ignorance & LACK of intelligence! I also believe?, that when she proclaimed NOT to want to be associated or labeled an “African” American”?, was “code”!!!, for….”hey massa, I ain’t wit dem N’s, & am ready & willing to “proooooove it to & serrrrrve….”YOU”!, juuuuuust like you WANT Us ALL to do”!!! And so?, she says all this BS against her own?, & suddenly this “has-been sausage” is ‘on 3 GD shows!!!, & “re-introduced into modern day relevance”. “BOOM”! Hashtag?….”Houseniggah Queen”.

  3. I think she would learn a few things, from just being real , no study needed and with Woopass Woopi and Rosie she’s going to be schooled

  4. i cannot imagine the negative statements being made by people that are not happy for the view to have a new view, what on earth are they so negative about? We should be grateful a person is getting a job that add a different view. Why put people down, She is a wonderful example of achievment and studies her craft be glad for her She will be a good add to the group, A VERy Good choice, she adds knowledge of what is happing an objective look at possibilities and a good kooky ability to act and add flavor..

    • Have you been hiding under a rock, everyone has stated all the ignorant things that this dyke has said about black people. Whoopi never complained about Raven’s stupid remarks because she was trying to get ratings. The only real person on this show is Rosie and I can see her leaving in the near future. The View won’t last another year because it’s boring as hell.

      • As I stated, why so many negative comments ?, No I have not been living under a rock, but under and with God as my rock, it is a lot better to live and walk in love, if you were sitting in his presence would you still be criticizing condemning and complaining, I believe the program is called the VIEW and just like your comment at least she is entitled to her view, name calling and putting her down is only the reflection of who you are not who she is, and she still is a person that has an opinion and achievement, My suggestion to you is turn the channel if you do not like it with the attitude of character assassination you have, no one would want your comments about them anyway. It is a joy to work and accept people as they are rather than on them for no reason. Let’s continue to show growth character and integrity and intelligence, rather than our lack of it. Any more negative statements towards this young lady just ask yourself what would i feel like if i had the chance for the job and i saw negativity and they do not know me.

  5. Another set back for the “view”. She’d never come to the defense of blaq/African americans, but let someone attack the gays and she’s alla sudden calling for a boycott. She’s such a token, and y’all know what they say about tokens….


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