Sunday, October 24, 2021

Now These Are White Boys a Sista’ Could Easily Fall For (Pics & Videos)

Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell

*Haters, this would be your invitation to turn away ’cause we ’bout to have some fun!

As hook-ups go, just because you can’t realistically be with someone–for reasons out of your control (such as they are married, in a relationship, or sadly, even worse); it doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream.

You notice I didn’t mention something as ridiculous as not being with someone because of their race. That’s a choice that only a woman who is content with the possibility of being alone for life would make.

But let’s take a look at the white men that sista’s might say, “to hell with a color line” over! Not only because these men are fine as hell, but there is something about their personality…their swag…that reaches beyond the color line and just pulls your human spirit in.

*Let’s start with Mr. “Hey girl,” himselfRyan Gosling.

The fun continues at EURThisNthat.



  1. Sista’s keep limiting themselves, while the brothas woke up years ago and broaden their horizons. Love and lust can come in all colors. So, just keep waiting for the chocolate, while black men are tasting all flavors of the rainbow, especially vanilla.

    • Yeah while…..”sistas” are steadily calling for/complain/claim to want & be aBOUT….”Black ‘on Black Love”!? SMH! Like….in WHAT world does “emulating” the one YOU say is committing foul behavior, a “good” thang, & yet not an even MORE offensive hypocritical act!!??? See….once again!!, it’s only a “foul” when “other’s” are doing it, but the very same “referees” want a damn “pass” when it’s “their” ass….”steppin out of bounds”. Hashtag?…”2 wrongs NEVer make a GD “right”! “BOOM”!

    • Btw….I in NO way am attacking you?, just asking questions, ok? And btw?, brothas NEVer stopped luvin/wanting a “sista”!!! And culturally/historically?, they were systemically separated FROM sistas!!, & initially it was a retaliation to get with Becky, b/c brothas www sistas bee jnt taken FROM them by YT! But…WTH have White men been kept from yall? And knowing this country AND “the waaaaay” YT looked at & STILL looks at sistas as merely a fkn “amusement park for sex/rape/oppression etc…., WTH would/SHOULD ANY sistas “want” a GD….WB?? I mean other than the implementation of the good ole….”Stockholm syndrome”, of course. Sigh. Not substantiating the actions of some brothas who get a Becky in ANY way, ok? But at least “they” are “acting out revenge”, for all the atrocities committed by YT, & YT taking THEIR women by force!!! But/so again (& mind you, there ARE “exceptions to every rule!!!) but still….WTH is a sistas excuse/reason for throwing herself ‘on/to a White man, who she “KNOWS”!!!!, he really doesn’t respect OR will ever love her the way she “THINKS” she can convince him to, by being everything she NEVer is, when she’s with a….brotha? See bottom line?, We as a ppl need therapy lika MUTHa!!! But again….the ref?, is the LAST person I expect to commit the same…foul. Juuuust my 2 cents, mah, no hate, only “love & objectivity”.

    • And NOT to imply that Becy’s are ANYmore sincere, in their initial luuuuuv, eeeeeeithah!! Most only do wit the “financially blessed” of Us. But STILL…they DO seem to be a lil more willing to let go of their initial racist traditional conditioning. Whereas the WB’s?….nnnnnnNOT so much. Hell…most of this country’s “turning of the check”/progress/reform came due to White “WOMEN’s” influence ‘on their men! For the WB’s?, were & still ARE content with killing & discriminating against Us. (Just a lil moe “crumbs to go with that ..”cake”. (Wink!)

    • @LorMarie,

      Why? Do you subconsciously think that white men are better? Maybe you need a drop squad dropped on you.


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