Saturday, September 18, 2021

Did Louis C.K.’s ‘Mildly Racist’ & Pedophile ‘SNL’ Finale Monologue Go to Far? (WATCH)

louis_c.k.*The season finale of “Saturday Night Live” was an eyebrow raiser in regards to host Louis C.K.’s monologue.

According to the folks at Deadline, the comedian started out just fine as he took no prisoners with his line of jokes. But as he continued controversy reared its head with C.K. comparing the two sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict to his bickering children.

From there, the entertainer went into his “mildly racist” attitudes regarding his thoughts on a white male wearing a hoodie versus a black male wearing a hoodie. By the time he finished, C.K. went in with a lengthy bit about the neighborhood pedophile that could strike a nerve among those who were OK with his earlier jokes. Deadline referenced one point in the monologue in which C.K. compared the joy of eating his favorite candy (Mounds bars) to what sex must be like for a child molester.

Leading up to Saturday’s finale, a promo featuring C.K. and Kate McKinnon had her saying that the season closer would be C.K.’s final SNL appearance. From the looks of it, C.K. seemed surprise by McKinnon’s revelation.

So what say you? Did C.K. go too far with his monologue or was it another case of the genuine satire that SNL has become known for over its 40 years on the air?

To see C.K.’s monologue, check out the video below and weigh in with your thoughts:



  1. Over the years, I have watched CK Louis’ standup and often times it is a bit risqué. His racist jokes were funny; it reminded me of his routine on “White Privilege.”
    He has done SNL before so I was expecting more of the same of his going-too-far routine but this time it was just too much for me.
    When he first started joking about the neighborhood pedophile, I laughed but as usual, he took it too far. As he kept joking AND joking about pedophilia, I began to get a tad disappointed while thinking of victims of sexual abuse.
    I was not offended but uncomfortable.

  2. Can’t help but notice that…..every jokey joke about “Blacks”?, was negative, but the other groups?…..aaaaaaall “positive”. And also?, I remember the way he spoke over/discounted C.Rock on a show called….”Inside Comedy”, where 3-4 comics sat around & discussed each other’s styles etc… There was an under current of “condescension” & elitist nature from CK, whenever CR tried to be part of the conversation, & “CR” is KING OF THEM “ALL”!!!! (Seinfeld, Louis CK, & two others.) And so “I” say/feel?, dude IS a racist, just smiles/plays along with being “PC” & “skates over the thin ice” of his deep well of….ice cold veins of …..racism.


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