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Raven-Symoné Doesn’t Want Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill (Watch)

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*Raven-Symoné is in favor of a woman being on the $20 bill…just not the people’s choice of Harriet Tubman.

“No offense to everyone that’s going to be mad at me for saying this, I don’t like that idea,” she said as a guest co-host on “The View” Wednesday. “I think we need to move a little bit forward. Let me just preface that I understand the history, I get it, trust me, I was taught, I’m in that culture…”

As previously reported, Tubman topped an unofficial online poll asking what woman should replace President Andrew Jackson. Symone ran through some of the other options suggested by the “Women on 20s” survey, including Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Patsy Mink and Rosa Parks.

“Me personally, I would have chosen Rosa Parks,” said Raven. “I would have chosen someone that is closer to the progression that we’re doing now. And I know you have to understand history so that you don’t repeat it, but that doesn’t really happen in our world, because we still repeat history of hating other cultures over and over again. So I would choose a different one, no offense.”

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  1. How dumb and ignorant people can be!!? Not say he did not want to black woman she said Rosa Parks!! If people could read and understand the world would be a better place. Or is it because she doesn’t want to identify with labels like being a lesbian and being an African-American?

  2. What a fuckin idiot! As long as there is an African American on the bill period..we all should be thankful with whoever has been chosen! Where the hell are her parents? I sooo sick of this stupid azzz… non African.. non female retard commenting on race issues! Everything she says is BS!!!

  3. “I would have chosen someone that is closer to the progression that we’re doing now.”

    I would have chosen someone that is less “ethnic” looking, someone with less African blood, like me or Rosa Parks.

    • Well that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! Considering Rosa Parks in the black woman!! You have to have a plate in your lips to be considered a candidate? WTF?

  4. Ps….& for someone who doesn’t know how to “identify” Black?, she shole hits one every time she take a shyt/aims AT….one.

  5. Why is it when black people don’t go along with the views of the black majority, they have to be criticized and called names.You colored people, specifically, colored women are worse than children and most of you who typically go along hate each other anyway

  6. (Partially) – Amen kbaction. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion, although we, or others, may not agree with everything she said, it’s not absurd. And many of you are making assumptions and reading too much into it, not to mention bringing up her sexuality, which has nothing to do with her opinions. Why can’t we just agree to disagree without making ignorant and hateful comments? At least she has the guts to speak HER mind, knowing people would disagree and get ignorant about it. However, kbaction, you are also being judgmental and ignorant by using the term “colored people” and by putting all Black women in a category, like ALL Black women act, speak and think the same.

    • America was built on opinions and disagreements, that’s the reason for a democracy , which in turn, made the country or any organization stronger, but whenever a black person like raven, Stacey dash, Clarence Thomas or any republican disagree with blacks, it brings out the ignorance and adolescence in grown black people who resort to calling names such as uncle Tom or making personal attacks about one’s appearance or status. It’s sickening and sad. I respect and agree with raven to a point, why not listen to what she as well as others have to say and further investigate. Can you imagine if American politicians were like blacks and publicly and routinely personally criticized each other by calling the opposition gay, nasty or niqqer lovers. Ridiculous, and to think that most of these grown black folks are supposed to be Christians and college educated.

      • “…If American politicians were like blacks and…” And you’re better than those you’re referring to? Because you’re suggesting that ALL “blacks” have the same opinions and perceptions, you’re insinuating that ALL “blacks” “publicly and routinely personally criticize each other…” That’s ridiculous. You really need to be careful about putting all people of a particular group into one category and making generalizations as you are, you’re making yourself less credible than what you MIGHT POSSIBLY be.

  7. raven is consistent in declaring her state of total confusion; it’s best to ignore her … not even getting why people keep asking her opinion on things in the first place …

  8. rj, I regularly disagree with your comments, and mostly deem them irrelevant. However, by the comments made on this thread about Raven, and her opinion are some of the stupidest I’ve ever read! She is a grown woman, and has made her way in life as she see’s fit, and the nerve of some of these judgmental, hypercritics to come down on her for her opinion is down right disgusting. And Taurusingr, I’m totally shocked at your comment. I happened to not agree with her findings, and feel that Harriett Tubman is as suitable as anyone. And for the few who injected race into the equation are really just wanting to read there own stupid comment in print. LOL!!!

  9. These are the same Black folk that hated on Bill Cosby , Oprah ,Pres Obama, Anthony Mackey, and anyone else that says anything remotely critical of a black person or black in fairness the headline to this story was a little inciting because it set the tone like she didn’t want Harriet Tubman because she didn’t like her..fact is she just wanted a different black woman..people on here making it more than that are that “group” that’s all ready to call somebody coon, traitor, Uncle Tom, etc like we in some kinda contest to see who’s “blacker” than who..need to stop the madness…smh

  10. What seems to be misunderstood is that the issue is history when it comes to the Black/Colored / Negro women at the center of this debate. America continues to down play slavery and dumb down the harsh realities of that ugly time generation by generation, and thus you have Simple Raven. This is one of the first times that an opportunity is being presented that will serve as a constant reminder of that era of brutality that we came from and our ability to survive. There are no broader shoulders to stand on than Harriet Tubman’s, she is the beacon that defied injustice and human bondage against all odds. Harriet put her life on the line unlike Rosa and the newer entries into the struggle. Let our history resonate via Harriet every time a 20 dollar bill changes hands and just maybe Americans will again sense the need to do better by this generation
    because of HISTORY.

  11. I hope everybody gets a reminder or an update and reads this. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU IDIOTS? DID SHE SAY PUT A WHITE WOMAN ON THE $20 BILL? HER OPINION WAS ROSA PARKS GET OVER IT!

    • try to be a little more clear-thinking … instead of regurgitating waste, pun intended … raven is trying to navigate through life in a state of confusion like I said, so it’s unclear as to why someone would want to hear from her on mattrrs of importance – most of us understand the significance of Rosa Parks and Sojourner Truth and their contributions to our struggle, and there are other Black women who would be just as befitting. such as Mary McLeod Bethune, so we’ll just ignore little raven …

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