Thursday, October 6, 2022

Lifetime’s ‘Preach’ Reality Show Catching Hate Before Debut (WATCH)


*It hasn’t even aired yet,  but Lifetime’s upcoming reality show “Preach” is receiving negative feedback on social media.

According to, the series centers around the lives of female apparent prophetesses – Belinda Scott (Cleveland Heights, Ohio); Taketa Williams (Columbus, Ohio); Linda Roark (Trenton, Ohio); and Kelly Crews (Cleveland, Ohio) – while highlighting their work as women who supposedly interpret the will of God.

In addition, the site mentioned that the women would mentor protégés as they “attempt to teach them how to carry on the gift.”

“Preach” is the latest in a string of reality shows that showcase a particular aspect of Christianity. Among those are TLC’s “The Sisterhood,” which was cancelled in 2013 after one season) and Oxygen’s “Preachers of LA,” was on the receiving end of criticism from Bishop T.D. Jakes  and Kirk Franklin. While the “Preachers of LA spin-off, “Preachers of Detroit” has garnered lackluster ratings, Lifetime’s “Preachers’ Daughters” has managed to stick around for three seasons.

As it stands now, reaction to “Preach” isn’t anything to be proud of. Users on Twitter and Facebook have issued predominantly negative thoughts on the show. Adding to that are Christian leaders, Gospel artists and regular churchgoers who have voiced frustration, disappointment and outrage on “Preach.”

“Preach” is set to premiere June 5 on Lifetime. To see the trailer for the show, check out the video trailer/promo below and weigh in with your thoughts on whether “Preach” will be a hit or a miss:



  1. Please tell me this is a prank? How exactly is are any of these shows glorifying the Lord? Jesus Is soon to come and Judgement will begin at the house of the Lord.

  2. After, the kardashians,honeybooboo, and all the other ridiculous reality shows, who knows? Preach might be OK. Myself though has a biblical view from a verse few people pratice.
    It is “Be Still and Know that I am GOD” I wonder if silence wouldn’t be good also.

  3. This show is going to be a disaster. I know for a fact that one of the ladies is a false prophet! There is going to be a lot of leaders in the body of christ roasting in hell

    • Lost count of how many times the black so called Prophetess with the blond hair, Belinda and the rest highly esteemed and exalted themselves. Belinda wanted that silly girl who works at the hair salon to bow down to her, even had her doing her feet. She told her to be obedient to her in order for her to be a prophetess under her training, yet can’t keep her own daughter from (having babies) and acting like the world.
      Find and observe any self titled religious church leader whose addicted to fame, titles and praise you will discover most of them are usually the ones whose kids are a train wreck and mess. Can’t believe these women are on a secular reality show bragging and showing off. Just like Preachers of LA and Preachers of Detroit they will be arguing, and acting like they are filled with the flesh and carnal in each episode. Just disgusting!

  4. As a Pentecostal and a strong believer in experiencing a move of God, I believe we as the church should be careful how we portray ourselves and the Gifts, God has given us. In all things we should glorify the Lord, this display causes speculation, ridicule and confusion! The bible says God is not the author of confusion! Maybe these Ladies should seek the Lord concerning thier true motives! Are they seeking to glorify the Lord or themselves!

    • You really have to ask what their motives are? Seriously? In the promo, the big, black, uncomfortably built, tie tongued “prophetess” with the fake, blond hair and Ru Paul-esque makeup actually blew a woman back into the arms of “catchers” and chest bumped another parishioner into the arms of another group of performers. If this sewage garners enough viewers to last even a week, it’s going to scare me.

  5. This is why there is an increase in non-believers. The devil is pleased. Both the lord and satan need soliders. Im on the Lord side and this show should be banned.

  6. This has been my response to this show — an open letter to Lifetime (below):

    After seeing the preview of “Preach,” I was deeply saddened, and literally, began to cry.

    You’ve taken a sacred gift meant to edify and presented a prostituted version for the sake of profit. Certainly, you must be enemies of God.

    Yes, the prophetic exists; yes, businesses should make a profit. However, the two don’t go together — especially in entertainment form. (Pimping and pandering should never be listed as a product or service in your sales forecast.)

    Lifetime, you present entertainment to an audience primarily made up of women.

    I am a woman, a woman of faith, and I am NOT entertained. I would rather Lifetime go off the air than to watch “Preach.”

    Latifah Abdullah

  7. Belinda Scott is coming off as being on a big ego trip. Count how many times she and all but the white preacher brags that they are Prophetess and uses the words I and exalt themselves. Hey so called Prophetess and esp. Belinda God used a donkey to speak in Numbers 22 and can use anybody! You may have a spiritual gift but how does that give you the right to expect others in the church to bow down to you? The Rebecca woman said her mentor is her everything but did mention one time that Jesus was her everything! Stop lifting up men and women folks and start lifting up Jesus! This show is such a turn off.

    • Correction Rebecca did not mention one time in this episode how Jesus was her everything while praising this Prophetess. Rebecca God used a donkey in Numbers 22 and can use anybody. Quit making humans your idol. Glorify God alone!

  8. Just glad it got cancelled. I personally Know many of these ladies and it is all fake. The one with the blond hair she took over 50 families to Jacksonville, FL and left them down there and went back to Ohio like nothing ever happened. These people sold their homes, left their jobs and family. And herself and her husband the Pastor just walked away from the church and never returned. Do the research. All of her so called armorbearers have in mostly still are in the homosexual lifestyle. They need prayer and the people that follow them need deliverance.

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