Saturday, June 25, 2022

Diddy Offers to Enter ‘Love Contract’ with Cassie; Avoids Tying the Knot

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*Diddy just can’t tie the knot — even after six children among three different women, he’s not ready for marriage. But he has another commitment idea for girlfriend Cassie, according to Page Six.

“It’s the whole thing of … I think you have to be ready for it,” Diddy said. “There’s somebody else’s heart involved and that’s a lot of responsibility. And I don’t want to be going to courts and having somebody be like interfere in my relationships so I rather just do the Goldie Hawn.”

Diddy referenced Hawn’s relationship with Kurt Russell. In 32 years of commitment, the couple never married, but managed to stay together.

He will offer Cassie financial benefits in a love contract as well. “I will give a contract,” Diddy added. “I will commit to a contract — a love contract.”



  1. That “love contract” is a crock pot of “bull****”. He ain’t doing nothing but renting her and she is too mentally defective to notice. If he will be providing her with “financial aid” (pun intended) is this thirst or prostitution? She is not Kim Kardashian or Bey so I know she buys him gifts with his own money.

    • I applaud diddy and all rich men should do that instead of giving you bitches half, THEIR, hard earned money because that’s the only thing you want from them anyway because women’s only true and real love is for money and I hope more men in diddys position start wising up

      • First of all, who in the hell are you to refer to me or any woman as a bitch. I don’t know who you think your talking to but I am not the one. Secondly, I am a black highly educated married entrepreneur who has struggled and sacrificed with my man who by the way has a PHD to build what we have. WE made something out of nothing so YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODY. I have been independent all my life. Instead of generalizing me along with everybody else, know what your talking about. So don’t you dare take out your bitter, uneducated, hateful, malicious, venomous rants on me.

  2. kb? Who broke YOUR heart and made you so bitter?? You talking about gold diggers, and I bet you ain’t got a damn DIME!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!

  3. @Wizzy thanks. I just don’t let bitter mofos talk to me any ol’ kinda way without me clapping back.

  4. @libratiff I agree that the love contract is bull crap. Cassie is wasting her life away on this guy who could drop her at any moment.

  5. Diddy loves Cassie.

    This is the BEST he is willing to do!

    It is a WIN-WIN.

    She is the highly paid love of his life.

    It is good until someone else enters the pic…

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