Friday, May 20, 2022

LA Civil Rights Leaders Speak Out About LAPD’s Recent Shooting of Unarmed Black Man


*With the shooting death of another unarmed African American homeless man in Venice, Ca last night by Los Angeles police department officers, a coalition of Los Angeles civil rights organizations are calling upon Los, Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to request a full scale civil rights investigation into the pattern and practices of the Los Angeles police department, by the U.S. Department of Justice. A probe that would examine excessive force, racial profiling discriminatory harassment unlawful stops, searches and arrests.

“Mayor Garcetti is the CEO of our city and has a responsibility for our safety. In recent weeks we’ve seen a surge of Los Angeles police officers killing unarmed civilians and suspects in custody. Ezell Ford and Omar Alberto who we’re killed by LAPD officer’s last year have investigations into their deaths that are still not completed. We need a justice department investigation to help reform our shoot-and kill-unarmed-civilians-first-we’ll-ask-questions-later police department ,” said Najee Ali, Political director National Action Network Los Angeles in a statement. “Also, Mayor Garcetti has the power and influence to request just a probe from our newly sworn in U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.”

“The National Action Network is outraged by the death of another unarmed African American homeless man by the Los Angeles police department. We need an independent investigation by the Justice Department to help reform our police department, ” stated Rev. K.W. Tulloss President of the National Action Network Los Angeles chapter.

Press conference
Date: Wednesday May 6th

Time : 5:00 pm

Los Angeles Police Department
100 West first street
Los Angeles CA. 90012

Sponsored by
The National Action Network
Project Islamic Hope
Weller street Baptist church.



  1. Killing unarmed citizens is totally unacceptable – period.

    Najee Ali’s past has absolutely NOTHING to do with seeking an end to the shoot first, ask later, proposition by the police (most intelligent adults know that). Deflect all you want people.

    The day black officers begin killing and molesting white men and boys in the same proportion as these klansmen with badges (and that includes Latino and others murdering black people), is the day we’ll hear you butt holes screaming bloody murder. Until then, it’s “oh well” type of thing, because it’s happing to black people.

    Please grow up people. We will make as much noise and take the appropriate action to combat all of the systemic murders and molestation of black people. Some of you idiots seem to forget that we don’t need anyone’s permission to do that. So eff off creeps.

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