Friday, May 20, 2022

Matt Barnes Calls Colin Kaepernick ‘a Hoe’ on Twitter

matt barnes colin kaepernick

*Los Angeles Clippers star Matt Barnes came out Friday as a proud Colin Kaepernick hater.

The small forward took to Twitter to congratulate Sacramento native and Oregon defensive tackle, Arik Armstead on being drafted to the San Francisco 49ers…and used the opportunity to shade the team’s quarterback.

“Congrats to my young boy #ErikArmstead proud of you fam. Ur QB a hoe tho!! #SacTownStandUp,” he wrote.


Word has it that Colin hooked up with Matt’s estranged wife, Gloria Govan a while back.

According to, Armstead and Barnes go way back. Armstrong’s father, Guss is a longtime basketball skills trainer who has worked with Barnes, and Barnes has known Arik since he was 13.



  1. He should direct that comment to his wife because matt married her not kapernick. And why is he tweeting this? Is this what grown men do now? People keep your business off social media.

  2. Well estranged means she’s no longer with him. I don’t see anything wrong dating a woman that’s NOT with anybody. is Colin the only guy she’s dated? Matt has no business with what ever EX Mrs. Barnes wants to do with her life. Its her choice to date CK. She has all the rights to do so.

    • @LetItGoMatt,

      They may be separated, but they are still married. Folks should end one relationship before starting another.

      @Crystal S,

      I agree. Folks need to keep their personal business off of social media. Sometimes what you say or post can come back and bit you in the arse down the road.

  3. That was some MAJor immature inSEcure bytchassness right thurr. Like…duuuude YO WIFEY “gave yo candy away” TO CK, & he ain’t “special” it wasn’t “luuuuuuuv”, it couldda been ANYbawdy!!!! And so, everybawdy except “the ho in YO mirror” is to blame, riiiiiiiiiiight? SMDH! And….those two?, prolly look back ‘on that episode as a DAMN good “show”, so….WTH but YOSHELF do you “think” you’re embarrassing, by bringing the shyt back up??!! The score card reads?…..Footballer & Ex “W”, & Basketballer/YO jelly ass….”L”,….”late, lonely & looooooozerrrrrrrrr”. Wah wah wah waaaah! Bwah?, stop playin wit it, “put that shyt back in the box”, man up, grow a pair, leave the past JUST WTF “it is”!!!!, &….STFU. Chuuuuuch!

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