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The Pulse of Entertainment: Multi Grammy nominated Jazmine Sullivan Releases New Album ‘Reality Show’ on RCA Records

Multi Grammy nominated Jazmine Sullivan releases new album ‘Reality Show’ on RCA Records

Eight-time Grammy Award nominated Jazmine Sullivan releases new project, 'Reality Show.'
Eight-time Grammy Award nominated Jazmine Sullivan releases new project, ‘Reality Show.’

*“I watch a lot of reality shows and my life got drama,” said eight-time Grammy Award nominated Jazmine Sullivan about the titled of her newest studio album release, “Reality Show,” on RCA Records. “It was very therapeutic. I got some stuff off my chest I was not able to talk about, but could write about.”

Jazmine stated that she is not in a reality show herself, it is just that her life had a lot of drama as with the reality shows she watches. The album is her third, but already she has garnered eight amazing Grammy Award nominations. On this album she reunited with Grammy Award winning producer Salaam Remi.

Jazmine said her drama was because, “…Of me not listening to myself and to people around me like my mom and dad. I ignored that voice, I ignored God.”

Also featured on the “Reality Show” project is producers Key Wane, Chuck Harmony, Da Internz, Ant Bell, Joe Logic & Dilemma and DJ Dahi. Sullivan is executive producer on the album that offers 12 selections.

The Philadelphia native debuted in 2008 with “Fearless” which featured the hit singles “Need You Bad” and “Bust Your Windows.” You can log onto for more information about the album release.

Anthony Kelley’s first acting role in The Gambler, now on DVD and Blu-ray, was starring with Mark Wahlberg


A former college basketball player Anthony Kelley was told about an audition by a family member and he went. The result was his first acting role alongside Academy Award nominated Mark Wahlberg (Lone Survivor) in the Paramount presentation of The Gambler now on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD (Paramount Home Entertainment).

Kelley plays Lamar Allen a basketball star asked to throw a game for money. The thriller has Mark Wahlberg as Jim Bennett caught in a high-stakes gambling net, and as he tries to untie himself from the net of debt the result is drama and intrigue. Jim is also a brilliant college professor who seemed more interested in gambling than in reaching his students, of which Lamar (Kelly) is one, along with Jim’s love interest played by Brie Larson (21 Jump Street).

“I have three meetings with four major film companies that I can’t say too much about,” Anthony stated when asked about the results from his outstanding acting in his first role. “I really do what to talk about the caliber of the iconic names.”

Also starring in The Gamble is Golden Globe winner John Goodman (Argo) as a gangster looking for his money back, Michael Kenneth Williams (“Broadwalk Empire”) plays another looking to get paid back, and Academy Award winner Jessica Lange as Mark’s characters’ mother who is at the end of her rope supplying funds for his gambling addiction. Jim places his loved ones in danger because of the debt size so he begins a deadly plan to risk it all to keep from losing it all.

“The film is very compelling with topics viewers can relate to,” Kelley said as to why the film’s release on DVD should be purchased. “Jessica Lange plays a loving mother with a son she is saying, ‘It’s the last time’ to and he is at a cross-road in his life.”

For more information about The Gambler DVD that is directed by Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and co-produced by Mark Wahlberg log onto

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