Sunday, August 14, 2022

Erick Sermon’s Transphobic Thoughts About Trans People in Hip Hop (Watch)


*Erick Sermon, from group EPMD, is NOT supporting Bruce Jenner and other transgender people. He gave TMZ a quick “no,” there isn’t a place for them in hip hop.

”The way the world is going you never know,” Sermon said. “We have some rappers who are also close to that…who are taking the culture way too far.”

Sermon compared Jenner’s coming out as a trans woman to Michael Sam coming out as a gay black man and being shut out of the NFL.

His views towards LGBT people haven’t changed. He told the Huffington Post three years ago: “When you talk about sports players, too, like we don’t know if that’s ever gonna happen, ’cause that’s like a curse to be in the sports and be gay and be in hip-hop and be gay.”

“You can’t be on a basketball team, football team and be homo, and be rapping … and be homo. N—-s will kill you,” he added.

On one hand Sermon congratulated Jenner for preventing trans people from committing suicide yet said she waited too long to tell the world.

Nevertheless, the rapper feels as though there’s no place for trans people in hip-hop culture, while acknowledging the impact of Jenner’s coming out yet with a transphobic point of view.

He didn’t recognize trans people are fighting to exist in whatever space they choose in the world. Janet Mock wrote in essay in February about the many deaths of trans women in this year alone, and the lack thereof visibility.

Watch the clip below:



  1. the majority of our population will not him on the homosexuality bandwagon … and there’s no such thing as transgender or homophobia; those are made-up words, propaganda, all designed to make homosexuality less offensive, as if that could happen – and no, people will not stop speaking out against it, so they can throw all the tantrums and fake weddings they want, we know the truth …

  2. Just because Hip Hop and the NFL are bastions of brutishness doesn’t mean they can’t change. Just a got little further to go, that’s all.

  3. As the old adage goes, “ignorance is bliss”! I’m afraid rj and Mr. Erick Sermon are guilty of this judgmental act. They are, and people like them, are the reason this country is so messed up. They have the nerve to sit on their high horses and judge somebody. We dare not look into their closet, for these are the types of fools that have the most dirt, I mean dirty dirt, to hide, so they point so you don’t look closely at them.

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