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Cory Hardrict Dishes on ‘Brotherly Love,’ ‘Power of Choice’ & Saving Our Youth

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*EURweb associate H’erica Thompson just spoke with Cory Hardrict, who’s currently starring in the film “Brotherly Love.”  Hardrict, actor, father & husband to Tia Mowery-Hardrict is also taking part in the new social media series called #PowerofChoice.

Specifically, #PowerofChoice is an exclusive interview series of candid conversations that delve into social issues and empower our youth to make a choice to overcome negative issues.

With today’s celebrities seemingly less vocal about civil issues such as Baltimore and Ferguson, Cory Hardrict tells us why he using his celebrity platform to publicly speak on important issues. He informs us about his involvement with #Powerofchoice and how his film “Brotherly Love is a true reflection on some issues many face in their communities. Cory also offers his insight on gun violence, social issues and offers his fans a different perspective to overcome major adversities.

EUR: What advice you would give some of our youth about overcoming social issues like gun violence and racial profiling?

Cory Hardrict: That they shouldn’t have guns. Nothing good can come from having guns. The gun is not going to solve the problem. The gun will make things worse.  A decision like that can alter the rest of your life. For every cause there is an effect. Say no to guns period.

EUR: Do you feel like your character June in “Brotherly Love” is a true reflection of what people have to endure?

CH: Yeah. First and foremost the character was real. June was a family man. He took care of his family. Sometimes in the inner cities and urban communities they don’t have that many options. His option in the movie was being in the streets to take care of his family. June meant well but he was doing wrong.

EUR: Do you personally have any experiences that you were able to pull from for this role?

CH: I wasn’t in the streets but I have friends and relatives that were. I used those experiences to play the role of June. Growing up, I knew the street life was not the kind of life I wanted. The characters in the movie were all created for a reason and hopefully we can save some people’s life which is what is most important to me.

EUR: Many celebrities don’t publicly speak on such issues as these such as Baltimore & Black Lives Matter.  Why are you using your platform to do so?

CH: You can decide that’s your power of choice. Sometimes it can be hard to decide with peer pressure from friends. You can be an example or a leader and not fall for the pressures of doing bad.  I feel it’s important to save our young people. I want to be an example.  That’s why I’m speaking up.

EUR: In light of the recent tragedies in Ferguson and Baltimore, how important do you feel it is to have a strong bond with your son Cree early on?

CH: You have to. I think it’s hard especially for single parents because if you’re working all day. The streets can raise your kids. That’s why I’m very strong in my son’s life. I have to make sure I’m there. We need families to stay together. We need father figures in our lives. Cree will have that strong foundation to succeed and not because of the money but because Tia and I are there.

EUR: What else would you like to add for your fans?

CH: Life is about decisions. Trust your instincts. Its okay to say no because for every action there’s a reaction. Surround yourself with positive people. You can be anything you want to be in this world just continue to strive.

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