Monday, September 26, 2022

Baltimore Mom Gets Phone Call from Oprah Winfrey (Watch)

baltimore mom and son tmz

*TMZ ran up on the Baltimore Mom and her son in New York during their media rounds and got the scoop on her phone call from Oprah Winfrey, who once worked in Baltimore as a news anchor.

Toya Graham talked about all the people she’s met since being caught on camera beating her son away from the rioters, but said the call from Winfrey topped them all.

“She just wanted to congratulate me and tell me she understood what I had done and why I made the decision I had made,” said Graham.

The so-called “Hero Mom” also revealed what the TV mogul had to say about her parenting skills.

Watch below:



  1. Baltimore Mom did what she had to do to let her son know that she wants him to be around and respect the law. She loves him and keeping him close. I would hope that her son and mom will adjust to an conversation to know right from wrong without violence and be a model citizen.

    • Yep. Now we know what’s needed to keep young blacks out of trouble. Whack em’ upside the head, while letting loose with a string of profanity that would put a drunken sailor to shame.

  2. Her actions were ignorant! Mainly, because she violently smacked her son around to so call save his life. Wouldn’t he had respected, her wishes more without the smack. Particularly because it was at a riot on behave of the outrage of violence against the black youth. Again, she should have sheltered her kid, if she thought he was in danger explaing to him why he shouldn’t protest violently. Now she’s a spectical, for dealung with her kid as bad as the po, po would or worst. The way he reacted at first sight of his mom, tells me he would have done whatever she yelled at him to do. She emasculated him, and showed the police and world that this is what she feels works to check her son. By felicia, educate yourself ignorant one. She should have got in his ass, but not with her fist, dah! Mothers keep talking to your kids, for they all have a sunful nature for sin lives within, its our jobs to raise/educate them. We have evolved a little bit.

    • Really Nedra, you obviously don’t have children. This mom was upset at seeing her child involved in the rioting that occurred in this city where I also reside. She reacted just as I would have reacted given the situation. Bottom line is her son who received the whack with a open hand and not a fist as you have erroneously stated is not upset about it, so who are you to judge. Speaking of education, please in the future check the statements you are sending for grammatical errors- you have several. Kudos to this mom for going out into mayhem and pulling her son out of dangerous situation.

  3. Sometimes talking doesn’t get the point across and you have to show them so she did exactly what she was suppose to do.

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