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Steve Harvey ‘Cant Wrap (His) Mind’ Around the Bruce Jenner Situation

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*Diane Sawyer’s 20/20 interview with Bruce Jenner Friday night was definitely a talking point, with many people applauding the sports icon for coming out as transgender.

While Jenner was labeled brave for his revelation, Steve Harvey has a different response regarding the situation.

“Everybody says it’s the bravest things they’ve seen, that’s the politically correct thing to say,” the radio show host told regarding the interview, which was seen by 17 million people. “I can’t wrap my mind around it at all, zero. I have no concept of what that means. Nothing negative, he has every right to live his life the way he wants to, but I can’t come in the house and make that announcement to my wife, to my children nothing.”

Harvey’s comments came as he was on hand for the Daytime Emmy Awards. The funnyman’s self-titled syndicated talk show took home the award for outstanding talk show / informative.

When asked whether he would have Jenner on his show to discuss his transition, Harvey responded saying, “Yeah, but [Diane] covered it all,” said Harvey whose show was nominated for a Daytime Emmy. “My wife told me I couldn’t do the interview. She said your faces are too expressive.”




  1. And most?, can’t “wrap their HATS around” Steve’s big ass head!!! So….WTF!? He ain’t “Dr. Phil”, (sheeeeeit “Dr. PHIL” ain’t “Dr.” Phil!!!!) & just b/c he has a fkn talk show, doesn’t mean he knows WTF he’s “talkin” bout! So again….”W….T…..F”!!?? “Opinions” are as accessible as assholes i. e….”everyone haaaaaas one”. But very few BASE their opinions ‘on …facts or honesty!! And so….just b/c you have an opinion or “desire”, “that” doesn’t make yo ass the “go to guy”, an authority or a GD guru ‘on. GD thang. All you are is?, just another muthafkah, standing in that long ass line, trying to see…..”Santa Claus” & git sum shyt, JUST like…the rest of Us. So “wish upon a fkn STAR”!!!, & just try to “figure out”… YO shyt! “BOOM”! And…”good moanin”.

  2. Not a big Steve Harvey fan nowadays but I definitely feel where he is coming from. There are probably alot of people who feel the same way he does but will not speak on it because they are fear of LGBTQ activists coming after them. Bullying is such a catch word nowadays, that anyone who goes against the tide of whatever is advocated or supported by social media, is a labeled a ‘bully’ or ‘____phobic’. There does not seem to be serious discourse around issues. It’s just a toss up to whatever people are feeling and telling people they have to support it.

    • You are on point. When you’re in Steve Harvey’s kind of business you must walk on eggs when it comes to LGBT subjects, whether the topic is a positive or negative. The reason being is so much of Hollywood is under LGBT influence. So the fact that Harvey can’t wrap his mind around Bruce Jenner is ok by me. So is the fact that Bruce Jenner is going through a midlife crisis. It’s also ok. Bruce has got to do what he has to do for his sake.
      Where I draw my line in the sand is when LGBT’s imply that as of this moment I must now incorporate these crisis’ (like Bruce Jenner’s) into my life for their happiness sake. Uh, NO I don’t. And NO i won’t. Those are Bruce Jenner’s problem, not mine. Those are LGBT’s problems, not mine.
      So I fully understand the push-back that many people have. It is hard to comprehend what Bruce Jenner must feel. So we have to let him be him to manage his situation. But don’t try to make that my cue to come join in, change my life to fit his. Not gonna happen, no matter how (…phobic) it sounds.

    • I share Steve’s point of view on this. Jenner can do whatever he wants and I don’t have to like it or dislike it – it just ain’t got nothing to do with me or my life. I don’t see why folks are celebrating Jenner’s personal decision to take chemicals to alter his body so that he can look more like a woman. Big deal. He’s not special. People have been doing this stuff for years. That is Jenner’s personal thing, not ours.

  3. I can’t either…. And I am tire of hearing it, you turn on your TV and there it is . This should show people how sick this world is , it is way more important thing to talk about. Then a man wanting to be a woman. Sick sick sick

  4. Yeah, I agree that what Steve said was brave because the potential backlash can be harsh, but he didn’t tear Bruce Jenner down. I think we should be clear about that… He simply said he doesn’t understand which is okay. I don’t claim to understand either. However, I don’t think that matters – the bottom line is can you treat that person like a human being and not discriminate against them because they don’t believe, think and live different from you? If you can’t answer YES then the real problem is with you. “Bullying” may be the new buzz word or catch phrase, but’s is REAL. Respect Life!

    • Mrunapologetic, that’s the point I’m making in my post. Because a person doesn’t ‘understand’ a personal decision that someone makes, doesn’t make them a ‘phobic’, ‘hateful’ or a ‘bully’. It seems to me that people cannot separate hateful language from a lack of understanding. Or people who just don’t accept it. The more someone tries to force a position another person, the harder it is for them to accept it. Dr. King, for instance, always talked about fighting one’s adversaries with love. That doesn’t seem to be the case in general discourse nowadays.

  5. I mean…..WTF is “brave” about “following the popular herd/doing what…”everybody ELSE” is doing? Yall slay me wit dat shyt. But then again, it IS a “herd” justa followin. Again…hilaaaaaarious. SMK! (“Slappin My Knee”) Wink.

  6. Like….yall the kind of muthafkahs who woukd’ve told Harriet, MLK AND Malcolm ….”that’s ok, it ain’t that bad….”never mind”. Sum sad shyt. SSMDH!

  7. And puuuuuuLEEZE don’t twist it up! I ain’t down with the lifestyle?, but “I” just know it ain’t “MY” fkn place to judge anyone IN it. Now…..try THAT shyt ‘on! It’s tight?, but it’s also…GD right! HOLlah!

    • No no no no no no no no and more no People do not get to decide what other people do with their lives that is why these laws banning marriage among members of the same sex are doomed. 14th amendment.

    • I was waiting for the whole “but I’m not” qualifier… it’s not for Steve or anyone to understand but those who are dealing with it. Bottom line is Brucer Jenner has nuts… and a whole of em.

  8. Yeah….the same mofo’s who ALSO thought Monique should’ve just STFU about HUH truth, as well.. Again….sum saaaaaad shyt. BUT!!??….”mooooooo…mooooooooo, MOOooooooooo! (And so on, and so on!)

  9. I commend Steve Harvey for speaking the truth; can’t wrap my head around it either, because we both serve God and observe His laws … and I’m with you maroB; so sick of having to hear or read about this mess – somebody needs to tell these people that homosexuality is not something to brag about, no applause to be expected for it, but the demands being made are ridiculous and is why the heterosexual population, especially true believers in God’s law, are just plain sick of it – be whatever you are and shut the hell up about it, damn …

  10. Freedom of speech is dead, to voice your opinion today is dead, to speakout in what you truly believe in is dead, you have women marrying women men marrying men why is anyone business but there’s, to be forced on America’s society is wrong, don’t get me wrong i don’t have the answer but it’s should be put to a vote by all of America ever person that vote and what ever the out come all of America will have to live with it.

  11. For once I AGREE with Steve. Bruce can just do whatever he/she wants, but why keep throwing it in our faces. We don’t need to know. Seems like he wants validation. Stop pushing all this crap in our faces.

  12. freedom of speech will never die, just like two people of the same sex cannot have a real marriage – it’s a game of let’s pretend, with fake laws thrown on the books just to shut them up … because those of us who know the truth are sick of it …

  13. I’m like Jenner is like 60 something years old. Brave…yeah right. Now Michael Sam was brave. Saying he was gay before he went in the NFL. But Jenner received all the heterosexual benefits most of his life, the Olympics Endorsements, fame, money, even some occasional Kardasian booty and now he wants to be the voice of the homosexual community and everyone is falling for it.

      • Why you getting mad for he did tell the truth. But I for got people can’t take the truth. Straight men are the real men. Gay men are half a man and half women. Lol ……. So sorry that’s not a real man. You can’t have it both way now , it is you are real or fake Lol ,and I don’t care if you call me homophobia , its abomination to God so he must be one to.

  14. Steve Harvey opinion is just that His! Homophobia? Maybe, he did not say, but again is not that his right?

  15. no such thing as homophobia – phobia denotes fear, and not thinking anybody’s afraid of such … sick of hearing about it, yeah, disgusted by it, maybe, definitely not afraid of it – and no, don’t go the bigotry and hate and judging route – do what you do amd stand firm in your convictions if you think what you’re doing is right – all that falling apart in the commentary attempting to defend homosexuality suggests otherwise …

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