Thursday, December 2, 2021

Report: ‘The View’ Wants Raven-Symoné As a Regular at the Table

raven-symone*Raven-Symoné’s time on “The View” could see a notable increase as she is reportedly being courted by the show’s producers to join the cast as a regular co-host.

According to the folks at Page Six, “ABC chiefs are desperately trying to sign Raven-Symoné as a host of “The View” before their upfront presentation May 12 in New York. Sources say the former child star of “The Cosby Show,” Disney Channel actress and, more recently, “Empire” cast member was a hit when she guest-hosted the daytime show in March, alongside Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie Perez.”

So the question is could this really happen? In the eyes of a source at ABC, Symoné “was interesting and provocative.”

“Raven would be great as a regular host,” said the source.

Chatter about Symoné being eyed to be a regular co-host with “The View” comes as the show continues to finding its groove with the right group of hosts since the departure of Barbara Walters.

Do you think Symoné could be the shot in the arm that “The View” needs or could the show do better with who they want to fill that regular co-host spot?

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  1. I’m certain they’re trying to round off a social premise panel to pander to all of America?

    Nope, she’s a bad choice and a loss soul(IMPO) .. let the lesbo thing go and get a rotation of heterosexual males in & out …These whacky hens on the show need a ROOSTER to tame them..

  2. no, worst possible choice unless the objective is to lose viewers and get the show canceled.Whoopi Goldberg is insulting enough but to add another lesbian that supports Bill Cosby is a bridge to far and a slap in the face to his never ending victims and women in general.

  3. Raven will not save The View. Respectfully, since Whoopi seems to be in charge of the show now, the guests are not interesting and few are well-known. The context of discussion has changed, though the ‘hot topics’ session is still fun. I thought Rosie O’Donnell was great and very much in control of her sometimes argumentative behavior. Maybe she and Whoopi disagreed, but it wasn’t impolite. Rosie Perez sadly has a voice that grates and she consistently interrupts everyone mid-sentence to give her better opinions. Very annoying. Nicole, whom I did not expect to like is my favorite. She is extremely knowledgeable, respectful, thoughtful, kind and very funny. I love Whoopi but the show seems to be leaning toward the creation of a black forum, which is fine, but it’s not ‘The View.’ ABC is making a big mistake. Adding Raven will make it worse. Other guest hosts (Padma, Cristela) have been far more successful in contributing to an interesting debate. I can barely watch it any longer – I hung in there until Rosie O left, but perhaps B. Walters should take a good look at what’s happening to her creation and make these decisions with ABC.

  4. I was a devoted fan. BUT just couldn’t take it anymore. Whoopi is great! As is Rosie Perez, but when you get to Nicole(so boring). I stopped watching when Rosie O’Donnell left. Especially when when Mario Cantone appearances became less and less. Absolutely love Mario and watched just see him. He made my day every time. Now was Raven WAS great on Cosby but that’s it. Her ATTITUDE and her mouth is a total turn off. SO, I won’t be watching the view even occasionally and I am not the only one who feels this way. I love when Barbara and Joy visit. YEAH!!!

  5. I would LOVE to see Joy Behar come back and stay. I find her to be extremely funny and she also has her serious side.. I also love Whoopi but don’t care too much for the rest of them. As someone else mentioned Nicole is BORING and the show is nowhere appealing as it used to be. I used to enjoy watching it but now I just keep it on for “noise”

    • I don’t enjoy Raven. Love Nicole, Rosie and Whoopie and wish Joy would come back. I liked the one who is with, maybe CNN, and is a sports reporter. Se added an interesting and different aspect to the others. Sorry … . can’t remember her name.

  6. PLEASE, PLEASE do not add Raven to the View. IMHO, all she adds to the show is a BAD ATTITUDE. Enjoy Whoopi, Nichole, & Rosie. Joy is so in your face. Glad she is gone. Enjoy Mario appearances as long as he is not on the show too often. Please make your next cohost someone mature, open minded and brings balance to the show. Now watch The Talk more often than The View.


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