Sunday, September 19, 2021

And James Harden is Wearing Whaaaat?! (Look/Watch)

james harden (skirt)

*OK, we just have to ask. What in tha .. is James Harden wearing?

Please tell us the Houston Rockets star guard isn’t wearing a cute little mini-dress or short, short skirt over leggings or .. skinny jeans?

Hmm, this could explain why the Rockets didn’t close out the Dallas Mavericks Sunday and sweep them away 4-0 in their NBA playoff battle. Dallas won that game 121-109, but Houston is still up 3 games to in the best of seven series.

In any event to say it was a bold choice as a fashion statement would be an understatement.

As Bruce Jenner would say, do you, James. Do you.




  1. What’s going on with the black race. The men Adee wearing dresses and the women see constantly fighting and killing their kids. There’s a website on YouTube called, TNN RAW 2, and it shows black women killing their kids in America everyday and constantly fighting. Sad

  2. sad to watch – it’s the emasculation of our Black men … and yes, they’re gonna use anyone that they expect our youth to look up to – that doctor in Boston , a big homosexual proponent whose name I cannot recall says if they reach children at a young age they have more success in fostering gender confusion … works of the devil … and say nothing about women wearing pants; plenty of sick men going under skirts uninvited – we don’t need this; our young men need positive role models who have at least some sense of moral integrity, not some idiot in leggings under a micro-mini …

  3. So we’re really judging people on what they wear? Especially when people do it just for shock value…..

    There are wall street guys wearing the best suits money can buy and they are the most vile and corrupt people on this Earth…screwing over thousands or millions….whomever they can for the almighty dollar.

  4. no, we don’t judge, we make observations and comment because no matter how sick and twisted people get, we will keep our freedom of speech – it’s just sad to watch so many people ‘drinking the kool-aid, ‘jumping on the nandwagon’, you know, all those cliches, about how so many people are falling for the ‘homosexuality equals privilege’ okey-doke – that’s the good thing about America; you get to do stupid stuff, send your soul to hell if you want, and we get to say whatever we want, including leave our youth alone, be as sick and confused and lost in denial as you choose, but leave our youth alone … God is not mocked …

  5. He is grown and paid for that skirt with his own money. Don’t judge. He obviously bought the wrong size. …FYI. I have that same skirt and it is made for men AND women.


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