Monday, August 15, 2022

Tamera Mowry-Housley Opens Up about Motherhood, Baby Shower (Watch)

tamera mowry and adam housley

*Tamera Mowry-Housley is a super busy mother and career woman. She’s one of the hosts of “The Real,” and she’s expecting her second child in a few months.

But some fans might not know how she does it. She spoke with Yahoo Parenting about motherhood and her parenting style.

She said there’s no perfect balance between work and home. Knowing this helps her get through her day a little bit better.

“Some days you’re going to be amazing, but others you’ll fail miserably — and that’s OK,” she said. “Things that help me breathe: Prioritize things that are important to you and your family.”

“Another thing — and this is huge (I was never this person before I became a mom ): organization is key,” she added. “Organize your mind and your house and then when everything around you is chaos, you have something that you have control over.”

According to her, she wanted all the control with little help from her husband Adam Housley with son Aden. She said the moment she accepted help, she found herself happier, and it takes a village.

“I’m mixed, but very traditional. I’m not a helicopter mom. I allow my son to have his space and be independent,” she said about her parenting style.

“I’m an old school mom — he can play in the dirt and the sand. Playtime is huge for my family,” she added. “It’s important for him to get dirty, be curious, creative, and play with other kids. I sit back and watch him. But kids will be kids on the playground, a little aggressive. So the moment I see something, or he gets hurt, that’s when I come in.”

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Watch her talk about her baby shower below:




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