Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Brandy Set to Star on Broadway as Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’ (Watch)

brandy (chicago on broadway)

*Singer and actress Brandy is taking a shot at playing Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical “Chicago.” The show’s producer said “her time has come.”

The triple threat has been working hard — as the rehearsals are super intense. The show is opening up on Tuesday, April 28.

“I feel awesome! It just felt like all of you were rooting for me, and you really wanted me to do well,” she said. “And when you feel that kind of energy, [you know] I can give more. I made a few mistakes, and y’all didn’t even know.”

“I love Chicago. I saw it when Usher played Billy Flynn. And I just love the show,” she added. “I love the movie, and I think it’s just a great story. It’s fun. And when they asked me to be Roxie, I was like… ‘Hell yeah…’ yes!”

“What’s been fun about it is because I’ve never done it. And so, everything is new,” she said. “Every day is a new thing that I’m doing.”

“Chicago” is the longest-running show. It won six Tony Awards, a grammy and two Olivier Awards. According to Broadway.com, “‘Chicago’ is an electrifying tale of greed, murder and show biz that’s been seen by over 20 million people worldwide.”

“A new step. A new way to do a line. A new, you know, mark on the stage,” she added. “A new ‘something’ to learn, and I love that. I’m adventurous, and life is boring when you do the same stuff all the time. So, this is new. Every day is new, and it’s fresh.”

Watch the interview below:

source: Inquisitr




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