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The Second Time Around: Jody Watley ‘Reloads’ Shalamar

Shalamar Reloaded

*Connecting with artists, legends and newbies alike, is always exciting for me. I’m a sucker for talented people and love hearing their stories – especially if I’m a fan. Excitement doesn’t always mean I’m in store for a good experience, though. Sometimes I go in wide-eyed, but end up bitterly disappointed by the experience … the nature of the beast, I suppose.

So, I had the opportunity to interview someone, a legend in her own right, of whom I was a fan: the mysterious and intriguing Jody Watley.

If you’re from my generation, (and I’ll let you figure that out on your own, per the Hollywood code), the mention of her name likely conjures up images of her dueting with Howard Hewitt over drinks and dinner in Shalamar‘s “A Night to Remember” video, or you picture those alluring eyes drawing you in as she dances in reckless abandon in a sexy black get up, wearing big hoop earrings in the “Still a Thrill” video … or you may even go back a little further, with her doing the robot alongside Jeffrey Daniel down the Soul Train line to  some 70s funk.  Whatever the memory, Jody definitely made her mark in  music and, speaking only for me, her offerings in some form or another were interwoven through many of my most impactful years.

But memories aside, I was feeling some kind of way about what to expect from interviewing the “Friends” singer.

Despite her success as a dancer turned singer, finding it as both part of the group Shalamar and as a solo artist, when the bright lights dimmed a little, all her press seemed to largely take a turn for the negative. Turns out that things with Shalamar – which is widely known at this point – didn’t end so amicably.  And without rehashing the whole story, in a nutshell, there was bad blood between the trio and affiliated business entities and the bulk of the attention that Jody got in the media was relative to the very complicated rift. Then, that brand of press was exacerbated by her being a strong and vocal woman who always spoke her mind about how things went down when asked. It was always clear that she wasn’t happy about what went on during that bitter-sweet period.

I would never say it’s a bad thing to speak your mind, but her comments and the Howard vs. Jody vs. Jeffrey, etc stories became the only facet of Ms. Watley that fans were exposed to.  That largely negative narrative led to me kinda taking “negative” as a major part of her personality. It was difficult not to.

Now, fast forward to me finding myself with the opportunity to speak with her because big things are happening in her career (most significantly – and shockingly, in view of all the turmoil – her legally securing sole rights to the name “Shalamar” and “reloading” the group).  I’m thinking, “how am I gonna navigate the minefield of the Shalamar subject without casting a pall over the entire conversation?”

Tricky … but it’s what I do … so, I was in.

On the scheduled day, the phone rang precisely at 11 am PST as was set up:

Uh, Hello?” I said, made a little shaky by my “how do I …?” state of mind.

Gerald??, this is Jody Watley,” she said, but with the most disarming and exuberant voice I’ve heard in a while.


I’m usually the one who disarms in order to set up the smoothest interview possible, but Jody completely stole my thunder. Any preconceived notions I had about her and how things would go were immediately drowned out by the welcoming sound of her voice.

Jody Watley

At total liberty to ask “whatever,” the conversation commenced. To kick it off, she was especially excited about having secured the authority to use the Shalamar name any way she wanted to:

“Well, it’s very exciting … acquiring the rights to Shalamar is probably not what anybody would’ve expected,” she said.  “But if you you know me and know that I am a business-minded person, then you wouldn’t be surprised at all.”

“When they [former group members] were notified, they were notified through my attorney and you know initially [they responded with], ‘Ok, well what is she gonna do with it?; we’ll abide by it.’  And there has been some push back from them in that [they say], ‘she doesn’t really own it,’ but I have the trademark number. It’s a legal process that I went through so they just have to swallow a bitter pill and I’ve moved on.  It’s business.  It’s … never been personal.  I’m handling the business of Jody Watley and now the business of Shalamar as well.”

What led to Jody launching the effort to commandeer the name was activity that former members were involved in that, she felt, had the potential of damaging her image, then ultimately scrubbing her from the group’s history.

She explained:

“Beginning in 2005 or so, former member began doing shows in the UK using old photo’s that included my likeness to market and promote their shows. Fans would post to my Myspace page at the time and then Facebook asking where I was and they assumed I would be there because I was in the ads. The guys apparently would say onstage ‘they were sorry I couldn’t make it, I was welcome back anytime’  – which needless to say was not true and  potentially damaging to me as a working artist,” she revealed.

“This came after an appearance on a show there called ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ where they used a tactic called ‘passing off’ or ‘bait and switch’ – by bringing on an imposter… a woman pretending she was me down to crinoline skirts and jumbo hoop earrings. They would say here we are back together again just like old times, the two Soul Train icons (when in fact Jeffrey and I were the only Soul Train dancers) … while never introducing this woman by her name. Then it went from that to replacing my name under photos that included me from the past in Shalamar as an original and known member – replacing my name with hers … as if they were purposefully attempting to morph this person into Jody Watley.”

That’s when the business savvy singer took action:

“Needless to say this was illegal and unethical. When faced with cease and desists from my attorneys – we would be told well ‘Caroyln owns it and she can do what she wants …’ Carolyn is the woman Howard and Jeffrey have taken with them to the UK. They  attempted to erase me from Shalamar’s history – though I sang on every major hit Shalamar is known for with the exception of ‘Dancing In The Sheets’ …”

Being an original member, she wasn’t having any of that and, long story short, she’s now the proud owner of the group’s name: Shalamar: Reloaded.

Longstanding fans of Shalamar have been salivating for years at the prospect of the most successful version of the trio (Watley, Hewett, and Daniel) reuniting, whether in the studio or just touring as a legacy group. And there have been some “almost” moments:

“The fans should also know that as owner, I did put on the table the possibility for a reunion show for the sake of the fans and with the alleged fake owner out of the way – for a one night only event – I pitched to the Essence Festival last year after I’d appeared there with my own show (they all passed),” she shared.

But, dust being settled, you won’t see the “Make That Move“ singer flanked by Howard Hewett or Jeffrey Daniel under the new “Reloaded” name.  Instead, Watley has added two young’ns, whom she hand-picked as result of an “American Idol-style” audition process. She wanted to bring a fresh and youthful vibe – which she says matches her own – to the show and any forthcoming new music:

Nate Allen Smith
Nate Allen Smith

“The new members are Nate Allen Smith, he’s a young talent out of Ohio, and Rosero McCoy, whose a renowned choreographer whose worked on film and television and with some of music’s top artists, including me … and he sings also. We are going into the studio. We’ll have a single before the summer is here,” she said.

Since the legal victory, Jody has been touring extensively under the new name and with the two new fellas, performing to sold out crowds and delivering what her fans, old and new, expect of her.

She shared more about the new members, the show and explained what the “reloaded” part of the name means in more detail:

Rosero McCoy
Rosero McCoy

“Rosero has really been putting me through the paces and people tell me that they’ve never seen a show like it, she says.  “It’s actually  a superior show in many ways.  We’re dancing a lot harder because Nate is a dancer, too, and he’s singing those leads, but he’s giving you sexy, he’s got an afro like Maxwell, the women love him and he’s in his 20’s … he’s just great.”

“Nate is just delighting the audiences, people love him … he’s not trying to be anyone other than himself.  Same with Rosero, they have their own identities, so it’s not like, ‘she’s trying to get carbon copies …’  No, she’s carving out something new and we’re actually dancing a lot more as a group than I did when it was back in the day with Shalamar.”

“The first half of the show is Shalamar and the second half of the show is Jody Watley, and then I mix in there ‘Nightlife,’ which was a single that came out sometime in 2013 and went through 2014.  I actually had recorded it with Gerald Brown, who recorded with me on ‘Take That to the Bank.’   So, you get my current project ‘Paradise,’ which has the classic disco-soul, funky feel to it … it all feels very new, nothing old and rehashed.  And I really tried to polish the classic songs and keep the essence of them, but make them feel fresh and presented fresh, so it’s very exciting.  And the imaging is … I’m very excited about it and the people who have come out to the shows and have seen us, they’re loving it and that’s what makes us all very happy and encouraged.”

“I’ve always been creative and so … I give the people what they want but also show some growth here and make the songs feel fresh so you get the classic songs and more.  We do a remixed version of full of fire and that’s one of the more powerful songs in the show because it’s very ambient. It ’s one of the songs that I wrote when I was in Shalamar and it isn’t just about relationships and love, but love of life, the passion that we all have to be alive, and I make it …it’s almost a testimonial, so it takes the audience to a totally different and unexpected emotional place … and thats after we’ve gone nonstop dancing and twirling to ‘Right in the Socket’ and ‘Take That to the Bank.’

Shalamar: Reloaded performs “Right in the Socket” in Tokyo:

“We’ve already done probably about ten shows. We’ve sold out shows in Tokyo and Japan and Osaka.  We just did four shows in Oakland, we sold out BB Kings in New York, Harrah’s Atlantic City … so the show is very high energy, dynamic, you know, doing choreography, because I’m a freestyle girl as a solo artist … but it’s actually fun,” she gushed.

Brimming with passion, energy, and hustle, Jody is on a serious mission to make the most of each days she’s given in the business, without depending excessively on the past:

“I’m always gonna be full of energy and full of life.  And no day is the same as we’re living it. It’s like, what can I do, you know I’m proud of what I’ve done but I’ve never gotten stuck on ‘I’ve done this and I’ve done that’ and ‘I can put my stilettos up and I did that.’  Yeah, I did that and I’m proud of that, so what’s next?”

In that vein, she’s solidifies her relevance by personally posting on Facebook and Instgram, Tweeting, and she has a music blog.  She does whatever the hustle requires of her, but with a spirit of gratitude:

“It’s in many ways like having a nine to five job, because you have to be on top of it or delegating it to someone else, but then it’s not authentic,” she said.  “I’m very good about thanking people for supporting me, because that’s who I am … always gratitude and thank you so much. You have to hustle, hustle, hustle, otherwise you’re just another person that sings. you have to eat, breathe, sleep it.”

jody watley - shalamar reloaded

Jody feels like she now has the chance to apply her brand of hustle to Shalamar: Reloaded and make it what she always dreamed it could be, of course not taking anything away from what “was”:

“With Shalamar now it’s about bringing in new fans with my music, whether I’m doing club stuff or remixes, I dabbled in electronic music and ambient and drum and base … my audience is probably one of the more diverse and that’s because I’ve kept broadening and branching out … like a stew, I’m adding things and still always bringing people in, because Shalamar has been dormant since like 1990 and this is and opportunity to reinvigorate that and bring new people into it.”

“Groups pretty much don’t exist anymore and I like the challenge of that, too.  Someone has to be on on the limb. you have to be a risk taker to be a trendsetter and to inspire others to maybe copy.”

And speaking of stilettos and copying, she wouldn’t mention names, but she does feel like there are superstars out there who are “standing on her stilettos, whether they give it up or not.”

To me, it’s simply imitation, and you know what they say about that.  And if that’s not enough earn her the respect she’s due, she recently got a personal call from the Queen of Soul validating her hard work and the fruits of her career:

“I’m fabulous, but always very humble … the thing about me, as long as I’ve been an artist, I’m blessed and fortunate to have the longevity that I do and still be a grounded and sane person and never self-destruct and some of the things that happen to a lot of our great artists unfortunately.  I got a call, I spoke to Aretha Franklin a few weeks ago … the ultimate seal of approval, the Queen of Soul saying she was proud of me in how I’ve maintained.”

Contrary to what I expected, I experienced the softer side of Jody Watley and to my relief, it’s still a … nevermind, too easy.

Learn more about Jody Watley and Shalamar at the Shalamar: Reloaded website.



  1. Great article. Love it….love it, love it! Jody has always been not just an artist, but a person that was about handling her business and taking risk, not one to sit around dreaming of ‘what would’ve happened if i remain in the safety net of Shalamar” but truning her dreams into reality and this is exactly what she did with the JODY WATLEY brand ehen she departed her former trio a nd now that she’s the LEGAL owner of the Trademark you can expect the same for the SHALAMAR brand. This is our Boss lady!

    • She DEPARTED and spoke of never wanting to return. It was all history to her…so why after over 30 years, she all of a sudden had this epiphany to ‘reload’ a brand that she despises??? SMDH

      • when and where have you heard Jody say that she despised Shalamar or its brand just because she left the group because the business was not correct and to branch out on her own? Just because she did so did not mean she despised the group, but everyone its left to their own conclusion, no matter how wrong they may be!

  2. I agree with Gerald Radford about the “Negative Cloud” that hovers when Jody Watley is spoken of. You see in the Youtube Comments and Facebook. I grew up watching her and JD breaking it down on “Soul Train” and was a huge fan from the 1st AND 2nd “Shalamar” before HH was added to form the 3rd version we all fell in love with. Good to see her doing her thing, BUT no matter who she has with her, the name change, the new music, whatever, when people reminisce about “Shalamar, ” they’ll think of Jodi Watley, Jeffrey Daniel, and Howard Hewitt. This will be the 7th version of this group, but only one will ever stand the test of time.

  3. I have the utmost respect for Ms. Watley, A strong woman who has always been about spreading positivity and encouraging others to pursue their dreams. Congratulations to her on the acquisition of the Shalamar name. Possessing a mixture of smarts, business savvy and creativity, the Shalamar Brand is in excellent hands. I’m impressed with what I’m seeing and hearing already. Rosero McCoy’s résumé speaks for itself and Jody has found a gem in Nate Allen Smith. The new Shalamar single and more singles from Jody’s outstanding “Paradise” EP can’t come soon enough.

  4. I find it interesting that for the last 30+ years she never wanted anything to do with Shalamar…the name nor members. If she felt such disdain in regards to her involvement and the label owner, to the point of being readily quick to say she’s ‘over it’ and ‘moved on’… ‘the past is the past’…why is she now trying to pick up the pieces she stomped on ever chance she got? Sounds more like an opportunist in the worst way! Using the name she abhors for her own gain and to get work is purely pathetic. All the accolades and titles she claims to have, you would think she could stand on her own without resorting to outright lies trying to prove to the fans she’s about the ‘legacy’ now and making Shalamar into what she “always dreamed it could be”… She needs to go somewhere with that “Reloaded” mess….

    • What i find interesting is how all these jealous nothing people eith empty lives come to attack a lafy who’s a true business woman. Don’t hate tge playa, hate the game. Just because Jody’s atop her game and her best team player, y’all should’ve advised Howard, Jeffrey and that Griffey-throw away to had got there’s together. #ThereItIs there!

    • What i find interesting is how all you jealous nothing people with empty lives come to attack a lady who’s a true business woman. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. Just because Jody’s atop her game and her best team player, y’all everyone wants to hate. if uoure not happy how things turned out you should’ve advised Howard, Jeffrey and that Griffey-throw away to get your shit together!

  5. Gerald, don’t be taken in by the BS. The women’s career is on a downward spiral and out of jealously and spite she is fraudulently using the Shalamar name. As you yourself have noted she has pointedly refused to be apart of, or even acknowledge, Shalamar in recent year & yet out of nowhere she is Shalamar! Laughable & sad!

    One the one hand she claims shes unique & yet in the same breath there’s an impersonator on stage, you can’t have it both ways! I’ve been to many of the Howard Hewett, Jeffrey Daniel & Carolyn Griffey Shalamar shows and they make it clear who Carolyn is and the crowd love her for that. Furthermore, what we all know is that there really is only one voice of Shalamar & that’s Howard Hewett, the rest is Karaoke!

    If you want to know what people really think check out , you can’t discuss anything on the Shalamar facebook page as Jody will block & delete.

    • I thonk this is great new. I applaud Jody Watley for taking the name Shalamar, a name that’s been hitless over 3 decades, breathing life back jnto a dead mark!

    • In what manner do you found Miss Watley’s career on a downward spiral that you feel the need in advising the author of this terrific articel not be taken in by this Grammy winner that she’s acting out of jealousy and spitfulness toward former members (Hewett, Daniel and Griffey) as well as to accuse her of duping the United States of America Trademark office in gaining the Shalamar Trademark fraudulently? Many, like you wish to accuse Jody fasley when its folk like YOU reacting from FEAR of what she has accomplished as a solo artist after her departure from Shalamsr (1977-83) And now the owner of Shalamar. Let me ask you a serious of questions. If Jody’s career has been in such direstraight after all her career commercial success from hit single and album sales, major media coverage, fashion layouts all around the world, Grammy win (not just a song that was submitted to a Soundtrack), MTV & VH1 wins and nominations, Jody is the only member from Shslamar that was ever implored by the Whitehouse to sing (perform) for not one, but two United States of America Presidents and a Senator (all by request), World leaders, kibgs and other dignitaries in foreign countries, Broadway, movie appearances, charting highly on her last successful smash hit single (November 2013-14) ‘NIGHTLIFE’ she recorded with another Shalamar alumni, Gerald ‘TAKE THAT TO THE BANK’ Brown charting number 5 and this past summer’s fashion week in Italy, a shoe designer named and debut his new shoe in honor of Jody. So where’s the ‘downward spiral’ of her career? Let me ask…..When was Howard Hewett’s last hit, last MAJOR media coverage, magazine coverage (blog talk radio interviews are not admissible) And hit? When was Jeffrey Daniel’s hit ever? What was the calendar date Carolyn Griffey was ever recognized by the music community for her contribution, or as a recording artist period? When was Shalamar’s ladt hit… this century, ir the last? What (audible) interview have you heard that Jody would never have anything to do with Shalamar?Nothing that youve read but listened? Are you offended that Watley, being a woman, was dexterous enough, along with the recommendations of her advisers to procure the Shalamar Trademark because of it’s years of dormancy (though Carolyn Griffey continued with her Billy goat gruff “I own Shalamar!”) And now that Jody OWNS the name/Trademark you say she’s calling herself Shalamar……well, that she is one thing she’s not calling herself. She’s JODY WATLEY….. all the way to the bank, but here you are again just like on the Soultracks interview again to express your abhorrence, ill will you hold for Jody by continuing your campaign of DISTRACTION from the eventful occurrence that the Grammy singer IS the one true, and only owner of Shalamar.
      When speaking of Carolyn Griffey, “impersonator” is the kindest word I can use for her character because she began her stint with Shalamar pretending she was Jody on the British competition reality show “Hit me baby one more time” all the while she and Daniel was introduces (by voice over narator) as the Soul train dance dueo and when presented on stage the show’s host introduced the trio by saying “Ladies and gentlemen, here they are together again……Shalamar!” Together again? Who were together again? Certainly not the ‘Classic three!’ if this formation we’re so confident of their performance and Howard Hewett (as you claim) is the voice of Shalamar (though he wasnt the group’s saving grace to rescue the trio from a piteous forfeit to Shaken Stevens) why not had the group allowed the show’s host introduce Shalamar to the public “Here’s Shalamar with they’re newest member Carolyn Griffey,” if she was strong enough to hold her own? But an afterthought, If Hewett snd Danile had allowed an introduction that would’ve Been the beginning of the end of their Bait and Switch juggling act. I’ve watched many of the former members YouTube performances in London where Jeffrey is apologizing for Jody being a ‘no show’ but sympathizing with the audience “Baby girl” is her stand in, least we not forget their many British engagements Jody’s likeness was use to help promote shows that the former members made appearances by removing Jody’s name from the picture and replacing Carolyn’s name next to Jody’s image. If that’s not what you consider ‘Impersonation,’ please search your Thesaurus for a kinder and gentler docket of individuality That thieves are using these days for idenity theft!

    • I took your advise to visited the Soultraks comments and what I discovered was a full on gang bang attack on Jody Watley and from others who opposed. Reading the article I found it to be honest, open and pure in shedding light on a situation she’s been dealing with over the past years from ex friends. I would never say that she’s using the Shalamar name fraudulently, but if she owns the name good for her for keeping the name alive.

  6. I get annoyed with her claims about the “new Shalamar” selling out and all that because the people buying those tickets are HER fans, not SHALAMAR fans. HUGE difference. When I saw her live a few years ago and she did a Shalamar medley, the crowd – which was primarily ’90s dance oriented – didn’t even know half of the songs. She had to TELL them that “I Owe You One” was a Shalamar cut. So she can try all she wants to say Shalamar fans are coming out for this but these are folks there to see her. I don’t understand her thinking. As everyone said she has made it clear for decades she wanted no parts of Shalamar and would get mad if you even mentioned it to her on social media. Now it’s all she talks about. She’s using it to get her name back out there. This is the most press she’s had in ages though I’m sure she would argue that’s not the case. This was the last group I wanted to fall into the “three and four versions” graveyard like Klymaxx, the Stylistics and so many others. Disrespectful to the legacy and TRUE fans. smh.

    • Why do you have a problem of Jody sharing the good news of Shalamar’s SELLING OUT shows? Yes, the crowds are coming to see both, her fans, Shalamar’s and the younger generation that’s being introduced to a group that long ago reliced away into a musical graveyard three decades back. If uou attebded a show where she had to remind the audience of a particular Shalamar song that was once a hit that’s more the reason for her rebranding and marketing the group and it’s formation and if you choose to debate the fact people are coming to see her and not Shalamar it’s all to the good too, either way it’s a win-win for them both because she’s being the catalyst for a name that’s been casket ready long beyond its life expectancy, by reintroducing the brand to a young generation. Since you broched the topic of Jody not wanting involvement of Shalamar, i hace a question. Can you show proof where Jody has said for decades she wanted nothing to do with Shalamar….or, did she say she choose not to work with Jeffrey and Howard? There’s a big difference between the two, but people chose what they wish to hear and not LISTEN to what’s being said! I’m sure if she had grown angry at the Shalamar questions that were repetitively ask that’s probably came from the irritation of people not reading daily post tgat probably had nothing to do with the trio itself. Had you, or any others give consideration of that fact?

  7. It’s very interesting that people will bash Watley and not taking in the reasons why she decided to fight back? She has stated them quite clearly. And even if Jody never wanted to sing with two colleagues who disrespected her it’s her right to do so. The fact that she has the trademark is a lesson for all to understand the show with the business. Shalamar was great with Jody Jeffrey and Howard. Bringing Shalamar to a new audience with new members will bring her flak and she owns it no pun intended. Not many pple hounded Howard when he did it without her so it’s time people back off and let her pay attention to her business. All the best Watley!!!

  8. Much agreed Dotun. The human nature of people habits is very strange. They’d rather bash a success but always applaud one who’s a failure in their stirde attempting to become successful. Out of all Jody’s accomplishments people love to identify her with NEGATIVITY, but when asked to explain ‘why they hate in the quuen’ they avoid the question like the plague, but if the BLAME GAME is going to be played on under this thread we must keep it fair. I’ll throw the first blow. Yes, for that time prtiod of the lste 70s and early 80s Howard’s vocals were cute enough to sustain the group it’s only pop hit “SECOND TIME AROUND” there was more NEGITIVITY that surrounded the trio with his presence, than without. His disrespect of women heightened Jeffrey’s, as well as his disrespect for others who worked around Shalamar (the band), as well as, his first wife that became a snowball effect throughtout all his marriages (Nia Pepples….anyone remembers?) His backstabbing/sideline performances without Shalamar, his personal million dollar sideline advances the group had to repay from their earnings, his mid 80s DRUG ARREST for Cocaine trafficing and least forget the assult against a former singing partner HOLLYWOOD STREET KINGS once reported so the Howard supporters can protest until the return of Jesus that there’s a negative cloud that hovers over the name Jody Watley…..itbis, and it’s called the Howard Hewett contingency! None of these crabs in the barrel will ever stay on point of an article, but are sent to seek out Jody and distract whatever positivity that sheilds her from their evil. To the Howard Hewett/former members of Shalamar Contingencies, this is a public service announcement to you all…. once your god (Howard Hewett) can advance past failure by doing some positive work in his life, maybe you all can return back to your graves and rest!

  9. Sandi you’re a hypocrite of the highest order. You talk about people bad mouthing Jody yet your entire post does exactly that, your fuckwittery knows no bounds! As for Jody’s ‘negative vibe’ the author of the article even refers to it, get real, as much as you like to paint her as such she ain’t no pure white snow queen, people are on to the fact she’s ‘stolen’ the Shalamar name & shit sticks. If you don’t believe me checkout Soultracks where people can openly post their views. The problem with Jody & her persona is that she’s made a career out of playing the victim & has that down to a tee…this ‘interview’ is a perfect demonstration of that. To be frank, her career was going south fast for a number of years, just like her tits!

    Rayen Ralley, I can’t even be bothered to read your ramblings, move on!

    • I see my truth got under your skin, why so angry sweetheart? Hahahahaha! No matter what you think, or feel about JODY WATLEY doesn’t changebtge fact that she’s the proud owner of one, Shalamar Trademark! Have a GREAT day~

    • and that remark about Jody’s tits? She can always lift instantly with a good bra, but Carokyn Griffen can’t change that sagging face. The tricks face got so many lines and wrinkles she looks like a Thomas guide map!

    • DB 10, Why would you take the timd to read, or reply back when my commeng was, and is directed to ‘Buzzboy?’ Unless………

    • You, and others like you are the perfect example of why God created the midfle finger!!! Sweety, I’ve always remained correct in my commenting toward you
      And my feelings of how the former members of Shalamar have handled this situation, so there’s nothing hypocritical about me or my statements. Just pure consistency, but if you wish to talk about theft, let’s do so. Starting back from the TV show “Hit me baby one mire time” never once did JD ir HH introduce Carolyn as the newest member of Shalamar, but wss labeled with Jeffrey as the “Soul train dance dueo” that bitch ain’t never danced with Jeffrey. Let me continue. Next, they used Jody’s image from pictures from album covers like the ‘Look’ ‘Friends’ ‘Three 4 love’ and countless others and it’s apperant they never ASKED Jody’s permission otherwise if they had the group would still have a name. Next topic….the writer of this story preceived a NEGITIVE CLOUD hovered Jody until he got to know her and discovered her to be entirely the oppodite, the only NEGATIVE CLOUD that hovers her are the Shalamite crabs that love to claw at her ankles, so take your own advuse and GET REAL! I’ve never claimed anyone to be white as the driven snow but she’s never presented herself as hell’s hounds like Jeffrey, Howard and Carolyn, either! If Jody STOLE the Trademark do you have proof? If Carokyn “my daddy” Griffey owned the name as she’s so beautifully lied over the years where’s her proof? What people are on to is the charades that bitch and those two other lame bitchmade bastards, HH and JD have been pulling over the past 10 years. The jig is up fellas… holla! Lol. As like Soultracks, this is an open forum and the same handful of fake accounts of Shalamites that trolled that page are on this page too, so save your fakeass invitation you offered me to visit to some page that hired a jouralist that learned his craft of storytelling Online! And no matter what YOU believe of Jody’s career, she’s dominantedbthe musuc chart many times over since Howard, Jeffrey and Shalamar put together. When was there last hit? Yes, i thought not! Youre a very angry little man over Jody’s outcime, but in truth the only thing you should be mad about is why Carolyn’s shoulders are wider than her hips!

      • Did you even go to school? What the hell was all of that? Proofread your own shit-talk why don’t you…spell-check at least! Your panties all in a bunch, you’re angry then the bitter hate left and right to the point of this gibberish. I think they have medication for what ails you…are you Jody’s alter ego or what?? Or one of them I should ask….

        • The difference between myself and your higher learning of intellect? I attended class, your mother was ticketed for littering when dropping you off at school! If you refused to remain on topic (the Trademark) at least allow your reply to make sense. Just because a thought crossed your mind to attempt to put a sentence together, didnt call for you to react! No one is angry but you. I find this all so ridiculously comical. For years these former members have continued their Bait & Switch practices and now they’re experiencing the sensations of how payback is a bitch, but if you you plan to get at me with your witless intention of breaking the dawn with your prejudices against Jody masquerading behind your many accounts you better come harder than you have. Your feeble, debilitating endeavors to slander Jody’s reputation are as fraudulent as Howard Hewett’s 80s hair plugs. If Griffey had handled HIS business, she (Carolyn), you, her mother and others from that stable of ancient and obsolete Solar roster of ex-employees would not be rallying by her side sharing false testimonials of a company that hasn’t existed since the 90s (can someone out there who’s reading my reply say…. EVICTION?) and i wouldn’t be waisting my time with you, a person who’s mistaking me for someone who gives a damn about you, and are cruelly depriving a village, somewhere of its idiot.
          I’m going to cut this short and say “good night,” but before i do, I’d like to leave you with one thought, but im sure you have nowhere to put it!

          • You amuse me….but honey, if you want someone to understand and see your point of view, try making some sense your damn self! I’m not here taking sides, but your constant rhetoric of blab is highly annoying, and ‘thinking’ you can intimidate anyone with your big, bad words…now that’s COMICAL!! You may have attended a class or two (giving you the benefit) but from where I stand…you failed to gain any sense of class as a person. Go play with your imaginary friends…the other FAKE posers that bow down to Jody

  10. Robin hood and the Merry Band of thieves!! What a lark!! I guess JW is a very good business woman who just waited til Griffey was buried, and plundered! Kudos Jody Watley. You can’t sink lower..after all….its just business!!…Or is it?

    • …one thing is for sure Jody kept it business, not taking her merge owning the Shalanar Brand as personal as most you Shalamites. I hope Dick Griffey is resting peacefully in the land of the dead, but after all the embezzling he’s committed from his artist i wonder if he’s sleeping in the grave with one eye open? Just saying

      • He definitely should (sleep with one eye open that is)….Cause pop princess Jody the entitled, Jody the overlooked, Jody the bitter might just rob the grave..Oh Snap! She already has!!!

        • “Hark…i hear the ring of a telephone….it’s for you, it’s urgent! Your village called they want their idiot to return. …ASAP!”
          Since Griffey will never make a beautiful corps there’s no worry of gave robbers entering his tomb in chance of racking up on his investments ! Oh, my bad, he lost everything, including Solar records/Towers by means of EVICTION before his heart decided to STOP being lazy and attack!
          By Jody taking ownership of the Shalamar Trademark is fare turnabout….but im sure you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘Turnabout,’ but in reading your replies its pure proof you DON’T know the meaning of most words!

  11. @Me D- You’re such the angry, little man, Carolyn, why so? Don’t be mad at me, get mad at those shoulders for not matching your hips! Funny how you complain about my conversation but i must speak a language your ass understand because you continue to reply and i really give less than a phuck if you understand my point of view as long as you understsnd Jody’s the oener of the Trademark, and youre not! That’s the topic & point. You’re such the epic failure and disappointment to nature. Actually, you ARE here taking sides and you’ve proven that action from one of your many fake account comments, but I’ll take the bait of your innocence…..”oh, youre not taking sides? Such the sweet girl!” You’re just online to attack others who opinions differ from your feelings of Jody’s TAKE OVER!” Trick, miss me with your BULLSHIT! And if anything i say you find annoying it’s a very simple puzzle to solve……bypass my comments & replies. It’s not one of life’s commandments that you must get at me. Just give me shade in high Definition and talk amongst your other account personalities that’s conversating under JODY’S INTERVIEW! And one’s knowledge of the king’s language should ever intimidate you, but what will become comical is the day you pronunciate a syllable that send someone to a dictionary! Now ill leave and go play with my imaginary friends, but while I’m in the bowing position you suggest i take and since you have this only ONE advantage over me…..can you kiss my ass, since i can’t?

    • Man?? hahahaha I think you are of the male species to be honest…and it’s Ms D to you! You can’t read, comprehend, type, nor spell…try again little boy! Reminder…this is a PUBLIC website and I’m here reading the articles just like anyone else and stated my opinion. Why would I want the trademark? I’m not, nor ever been involved with the matter personally. So to assume as such you’re making yourself look like an ASS with these attacks and calling people out of their name….mission accomplished, your ass is big enough for you to kiss your own! “Conversating”…..really???? You definitely are how you express yourself! Let me do you a favor with this definition: conversate: A word used by backwards, ignorant, illiterate inner city trash who mean to say ‘converse’. By all means google it in case you think I’m making it up! It fits YOU to a tee, my dear….no further words needed here!! YOU’RE WELCOME!!! 🙂

      • Blah…blah…blah! That speech would’ve worked better with the opening, “four scores and seven years ago” Your verbosity is exceeded only by your total stupidity with a mind that is as twisted as a sprained ankle! Ms D??? A woman to be you’re claiming? Mmm, lucky for you, and Bruce Jenner the Doctor has informed you both “you’re three surgeries away!” Again i say, whatever language you THINK I’m speaking from your LACK of comprehensive deftness, you continue to reply. You’re right, this is a public forum and you’re free to state your views, but your agenda is pure PERSECUTION and torment of Jody’s powermerge, forgetting it’s business, and nothing personal.
        You’re not involved with the Trademark matter “PERSONALLY?” Well sug’a lump, after reading THAT confessed line I dont want you to think I’m calling you a fool, but what’s my take against others, but please keep talking and one day THAT LIE will make sense…..TO YOU! And to clear the matter of ‘ATTACK’ you speak on? I addressed the issue of “Negative cloud” to DB10, as well as, FREEFALL and you replied back by attacking me so from your executed feat, i didn’t have a problem smacking your bitchass in return! I’m far from making myself look the ASS you and others are by posting negative views against Jody, clearly dismissing the actions that these former members, nearly a decade back, have commited illegal acts by misusing Jody’s images to promote their shows just because the weaken strength of their failed musical resumes as ‘Shalamar’ was not potent enough for ticket sales with the harsh revolting new face of the new female (i use THAT word loosely) replacement which is the issue of this article, but you hellhounds are portraying yourselves to be innocence with your distractive comments as if they’re to change and challenge the minds and thoughts of others who knows the truth. Trick plz!!! As i told you before under the UNFILTERED thread, I’ve come across rotting bodies less offensive as you and several people in the world i find unbearably obnoxious, and you’re all of them… and what name you claim I’ve called you that didn’t identify you properly, sweety? Any name I’ve labeled you must be factual…..You’ve barked back to each and every one of them! Lol. Sug’a, since youre making use of Google why not investigate which founding member of Shalamar OWNS the Shalamar Trademark serial number….also, while you’re being such the Super Sluth, can you be a dear and Google why Carolyn Baldwin, or Dick Griffey could never provide proof of ownership, as well? You, and the other Shalamites commenting under this thread are as jumpy as a Catholic virgin at a prison rodeo about the new owner and NEW, younger and fresher members of Shalamar……and dear, there’s NO FAVORS you can posdibly accommodate for me except keep proving that evelution can go in reverse. You angry, angry little man… whatever is eating at you must be suffering horribly over Jody, and this article, causing your mental compacity a slow death, but when thay day arrive, I want you to know I’ll worship the ground that awaits your corpse!

        • CHILD….you are too funny!!! You don’t make or break my day in the least with your rants. I never said ANYTHING negative about Jody, I responded to all the trash you were stating in your response, so you’re throwing a temper tantrum at the wrong person here!! You talk about people being negative, yet you are ten times worse! So I understand the other person calling you a hypocrite! I don’t know you, never encountered you but here, you are so far off the radar it’s ridiculously hilarious! I don’t know her personally, but I’m a fan of her music. I saw the unfiltered series but never commented on it so you told ME NOTHING! All the name calling and accusations you throw just shows your ignorance. Keep going and hang yourself in this. I’m sure Jody appreciates your passion, but it sure as hell doesn’t make anyone’s character look good with you on their team. People who talk shit the longest & loudest really have insignificant lives.The very thing you lash out about over and over and over again…is a reflection of you and your own phony world. Honey, you’re nothing new…and you’re not the bad bitch you think you are…this is eating YOU alive bit by bit as you defend your queen to the death!!! Like a near 60 year old woman really needs YOU to come to her rescue?!?!? HA!!!! What a joke…you’ve been bamboozled!!! Carry on my dear…I’m sure you will return with another LONG ASS ESSAY…lmao

          • Sug’a, I never tried breaking your day, only a steak and silver bullet can accomplish that feat. Now you decide to confess- after all the repetitive dialouge you’ve requoted on this thread, as well as Facebook & Unfiltered you wish to confess “Ive never said ANYTHING about Jody, ” but all you’ve ever done was to speak NEGATIVE about this woman and her success through your many troll accounts atop adding insults to your ignorance by spewing poisonous words from your forked tongue “Im a fan of her music” that avowing was as authentic as OJ Simpson’s “I’m innocent.” One thing Ive learned from this experience under this thread that the Shalamites/Howard Hewett contingency, army of one with the IQ less than a garden Slug has the imediated galls to put words together and call me “The worse kind?” Chil’ if you were a blind lesbian in a fish market you wouldn’t know who to lick, that’s how confused you are. If im the worst kind you are truly giving me stiff competition. But since you complained of me flying off the radar let’s get back on course, JODY’S TRADEMARK OVER, since you’re hover the page (under many accounts), what is your take on her business move (which I’ve asked you previously, but continually avoid to answer). You think it was a smart move on her part and she did what a sista had to do to protect a brand (HER’S) with a Shalamar takeover by ownership? Now, allow me to get you back on course about me, Dear, I’ve never claimed to be a bad bitch, but i dont have a problem popping a bitch who thinks she’s bad either…..and you’re free to take that anyway you please! But i must say you are, if anything, entertaining. So what if i spend my DOWN time with someone i have pity just because she (Ms d….sorry, thats ‘Ms D to me!’) is sick from a disease called “Drama” and worships a hasbeen trio who’s male lead singer’s career was even predicted by Nostradamus to be a failure, you just seem like someone (at the moment) worth investing time and attention, but so did many others with Enron at the time-and we see how that turned out! My world is very fulfilled. Wonderful husband, great children, fantastic career. A GREAT LIFE…so, allow me this good deed of the day, take this dime, go out and get one! You’re probably a beautiful person (from some odd angle in a cracked mirror) but if your beauty is skin deep, is there any chance of you turning yourself INSIDE OUT?

        • It’s a damn shame how so wrapped up in your delusion that you can’t seem to comprehend the fact that I DON’T KNOW YOU…never had ANY exchange with you ANYWHERE but here! Do you get that yet?? So whoever you think I am…you need to find them to ease your simple mind, because I’m NOT THE ONE you’re pissed at for whatever reason. What’s wrong with saying I’m a fan of her music? How is that a confession? of what? I don’t know the woman to speak of her personally…the music is all I care to know. You however must know her on a personal level to go to this length of badmouthing everyone on here who has a different opinion! Not everyone thinks like you…so what…keep it moving and accept it…it’s LIFE after all….go get one! I’m quite happy and fulfilled in mine! Furthermore you had never asked ME anything…must be that other person you’re so bent on…so go ask them. Regarding how I feel about this topic? I will have that dialogue with a civil, logical, sane, person…you’re disqualified

          • Girl (and i use that term loosely), you back again? Hell, there should be a date on the calendar somewhere that ‘X’ marks the spot for you to take a break from showing your ass….even slaves had Sundays off! Guess that dime i tossed you was WAY to much of an investment to splurge on your stalking ass in creating a life, because you’ve returned, yet again, hunting this page. The Real estate market must be up because no house have fallen on you! Well, if nothing more, you certainly are entertainment for this site…..Barnum and Bailey must be on hiatus! Sug’a, what’s really THE DAMN SHAME is, the condom breaking during time of your conception and the better part of you slid down your mother’s leg If we’re to have a decent discussion of life’s pitiful moments! Sug’a, i may not get the concept of your presence under this thread especially if you’re NOT a Jody Watley fan (like some are who supports her in our retaliation against enemies like yourself) and I would like to feel a hint of sympathy, or shed a Broadway-curtain- call tear for this catastrophic fantasy of your delusional hallucination of our ‘NEVER NEVER ENCOUNTER,’ but I know for fact you and I have shared many SOCIAL MEDIA exchanges, Facebook, Youtube particularly UNFILTERED pt 8 thru 10 of you waving your campaign/protection flag for Howard Hewett/Hollywood street king rape charges accusations, plus, its not hard to retain your rehashed, practiced, cynical dialogue that you’ve shot off multiple times. You’re like a 1980s sitcom where i know your beginning, middle and your piteous ending….nothing changes about you, even your artificial high moral judgments of my comments are quicksand when in fact, your critques against me is like the movie ‘Men in black,’ somewhere in the middle you stop making sense. Our past threaded history have proven many times over there’s no case of mistaken identity when its comes to you where I need to gather up the town’s people to create a lynch mob and began a search and siege for some phantom writer when its your ass that’s kept a Low-jack on lockdown on all my replies with your daily return visits as if you’re recreating Custard’s last stand, and if you stayed awake during any history course you’d know they brought that bitch down, too! You stated “i (Sandy Langely) must know Jody!” if only to be so Lucky, but I am proud to say I am a TRUE FAN beyond her music, so since her music is your only territory of familiarity your review of anyone’s opinion is more suited for the likes of the Sunday funnies and not someone whos talent is listening to the ocean from inside your head. That disqualifies any thought (God forbids) you may entertain of pop media chronicles. In closing, you choose to discuss the topic of Jody’s TRADEMARK take over (though you claimed in your aforesaid reply “I had never asked you ANYTHING”) with others who are Qualified and I offer you that platform in doing so, but inbetween your playtime of putting M&M’s in alphabetical order just make sure it’s not a conversation with yourself cause your account personalities are divided in so many different directions, there may not be enough therapy sessions to accommodate them all!
            End scene….fade to black!

        • Your fingers must be just as tired as your brain is! Again…YOU need to sort out your issues regarding my identity. If I had been in contact with you before…rest assured I would have NO problem whatsoever letting you know that today. Why would I hide it if we have that much history as you claim?? Hell…you must be missing whoever that is to come on here and try to make me that person! You need a hug or something? It’s obvious you LOVE attention! Throughout this thread, I got you pegged sweetheart…your style (or lack thereof) of writing is impeccably transparent…my line of work comes in handy with this sort of thing. Yea…I know exactly who you are…or should I say who you’re hiding behind by your pretense here. You’ve given soooo many clues and told on yourself in so many ways I find that HILARIOUS that you’re THAT dumb to think no one can see thru least someone in my profession can in a heartbeat! Piece of cake! Truly sad and pathetic to go thru all this…but hey…it’s what you do, right? But get this…ain’t nobody checkin’ for you boo…so enough of the antics and temper tantrums already. Please take your meds so you can calm the hell down. All of your personalities are showing at once. Instead of your alias “Sandi” your name should be Sybil! This lil act here….BRA-VO…take a bow why don’t you?!?! The one man/woman show (whoever you are at any moment) you got going on…you need an agent! Email me darling so I can connect you with one so you can get PAID!!

          • Sandy Langely it’s very interesting that people will bash Watley and not taking in the reasons why she decided to fight back? She has stated them quite clearly. And even if Jody never wanted to sing with two colleagues who disrespected her it’s her right to do so. The fact that she has the trademark is a lesson for all to understand the show with the business.
            please don’t waste time talking to brick walls because there’s no open doors. These people you’re replying back to have bigger legal woes to attend. Take care, may God bless!

  12. Im so happy for Miss Watley taking charge of this battle within her career not only as a business woman, but as a strong woman. Period. Congrats on behalf of all women!

  13. Jody, I’ve been a long time fan and I’m waiting on pins and needles for you and Shalamar to get here for the Happy Days Festival in London. I’ve got my ticket and I hope you don’t mind I have my camera waiting. Yes it’s Shalamar all the way!!!!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆


  15. Congratulations Jody Watley!! Your accomplishments are amazing. You are such a positive, strong woman. So happy for you! This article was wonderful!!!!!

  16. The details are there why Shalamar (back in the day) had a Falling Out and broke up years ago.

    And apparently folks can’t apologize and make amends for past mistakes; and I’m certain: pride, ego, drugs(?), posse, and even LAWYERs can keep you from doing that, even if you (really) wanted to..

    But trying to front someone off as her (Watley) after all these years,…I say is another level of low, regardless of whom you support in all this.

    I wish them all well, for they provided us some great music, style, dance.

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