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Singer Johnny Kemp (‘Just Got Paid’) Dies after Fall

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Via RadioFacts, we’ve learned that an inside source on the Tom Joyner/Fantastic Voyage Cruise says Kemp was unable to board the ship during a stop in Montego Bay, Jamaica on Wednesday because he didn’t have his Residency Card.

Other celebrities like Jennifer Hudson and Earth, Wind and Fire boarded in Montego Bay for a performance that night but departed the same night.

Kemp was scheduled to perform on Friday as a surprise guest for a New Jack Swing segment late Friday night along with Christopher Williams, Chubb Rock and Teddy Riley, who was the producer of “Just Got Paid.” Instead, he was found dead floating on a beach in Montego Bay. As of this posting, the cause of death has not been established or released by officials.

Earlier, We Reported:

Bahamian singer Johnny Kemp, best known for his 1988 hit “Just Got Paid,” has died, according to The Bahamas Weekly. He was 55.

Kemp died Thursday (April 16) after falling and hitting his head while on the Tom Joyner Morning Cruise, according to The Root.

However, there are conflicting reports that he died after falling on rocks on the beach in Jamaica. Reportedly he was to join the cruise in Jamaica. Beyond that, details are still sketchy as to what exactly happened.


Reach Media, the company responsible for the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage, has issued the following statement:

“We have received confirmation that Johnny Kemp has passed away. We do not have any other details. We can confirm he was not on the ship for the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage Cruise.”

johnny kemp

Born August 2, 1959, Kemp started singing in Bahamian nightclubs at age 13.  He moved to New York in 1979 with the band “Kinky Fox.”

His self-titled debut album came out in 1986 and he scored a minor hit with “Just Another Lover.”

Kemp is survived by his wife Deidre and his two sons.

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  1. I was sad to read this. My prayers are with his family. May God rest his soul.

    (I just read that he was NOT on the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage Cruise.)

  2. Boogie on Mr. Johnny K 🙂 Continued Blessings to your family at this time. You had an infectious smile 🙂 God Bless 🙂

  3. You will be missed. Many good memories from Just Got Paid. You will not be forgotten by this Texan Lady. Getting dressed to party back in 88 and dancing to your music at Panache , Club Oasis , and Echelon – you are loved and will always be my touch tone to the best time of my life’ Love ya always, Ms. B From Houston 4/17:15

  4. Rest In Peace Johnny loved your music! When me and my boys went out on friday night just got paid was our them song!

  5. oh how sad – ‘Just Got Paid’ has been a regular on my turntable since it was released back in ’87 I think it was – it will always sound as good as day one to me … RIP …

  6. Loved “just got paid “! That was the clubs in the 80’s most popular jam! You couldn’t tell which one you were in! They were all jamming this beat! Have a lot of great memories of that time. Mr. Kemp, you will be missed, and sincere condolences to your family.

  7. MAN!!!, I’m sorry to learn this. So many artist from the nineties canNOT gig nowadays, b/c they have disrespected their gift, & “don’t have it anymore”. But after all these years….”THIS” dude was STILL here!!!, giving Us his “undisturbed”….talent. Thank you Mr. Kemp. My you R.I.P., & your family eventually rest with the memory of your life & your valued contribution to Us all.

  8. Loved all his music he was very talented! And will always bump it! He has a song called anything worth having is worth waiting for, one of my favorites as well. #RIPJK

  9. Rest in peace Mr Kemp. So sad to hear of your passings. Your song Just Got Paid is timeless and will continue to go down in the history books. Blessings to your family.

  10. Just Got Paid will always be one of my favorites from the 80’s. Thanks for the memories to Johnny Kemp, RIP

  11. That song is still the hit.. especially on PAY DAY.. LOL!..

    Mr. Kemp, thanks for the sharing your God given purpose and gIft with us..from one fellow Carib to another Carib..

    ^5 to my free minded caribbean people.. “yea’ mon”..

  12. God bless the family and to be with u during this tragic time rip mr johnny kemp always been a fan of yours just got paidmy favorite song

  13. I’m still rocking just got paid today and its 2015, this song will never die RIP, and to his family we pray for you guys and we will see Johnny on the other side.

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