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The Pulse of Entertainment: Con Funk Shun Has ‘More Than Love’ to Give with April 28 Album Release

Con Funk Shun has ‘More Than Love’ to give with April 28, 2015 album release on Shanachie Entertainment

Con Funk Shun to release first album since 1986, 'More Than Love.'
Con Funk Shun to release first album since 1986, ‘More Than Love.’

*So fresh was the sound of Con Funk Shun just the name has become a genre. The band whose music has been covered by R&B group Dru Hill (“Love’s Train” produced by Keith Sweat) on their multi-platinum selling debut and their “Honey Wild” was sampled by Hip-Hop’s Lil’ Wayne on his “Kush” single. On April 28, 2015 Con Funk Shun releases a new project, “More Than Love,” on the Shanachie Entertainment imprint.

The Con Funk Shun band includes founders Louis McCall (drums/vocals) and Michael Cooper (guitar/vocals), and Cedric Martin (bass), Danny “Sweet Man” Thomas (keyboards), Karl Fuller (triumph), and Paul “Maceo” Harrell (woodwinds) all joined in 1971. Con Funk Shun signed to Mercury Records in 1976 and released an outstanding 11 albums in 10 years garnering such classic hits as “Electric Lady,” “Chase Me,” and “Baby I’m Hooked.”

“We been writing for this album for three years,” said Michael about the “More Than Love” development process. “We had to narrow it down.”

Cooper said with the suggestion of their wives and family members they decided because of technology and all of them had recording studios in their homes, why not record an album.

“We still love this music…were inspired by our families,” Michael admitted. “We still here…so why not do an album”

The current single off the album is “Your Night,” and one of Michael’s favorites on the album is titled “Big Girl.”

“We wanted to address certain issues of men and women,” Cooper point out about the song selection criteria. He laughed, “All the women around me are big girls, only my youngest is sticking to a size 6.”

Their influences were Earth, Wind and Fire, War, The Commodores, Lakeside, and Kool and the Gang. Con Funk Shun just wants to remind music even though the last album was in 1986 that they are still good at what they do.

“Some songs illustrate us as singers…as instrumentalists, that we still have horns…still do falsetto,” said Michael as he continued on about the song selection. “The hard Con Funk Shun stuff we put aside to save for a Michael Cooper album…some the next Con Funk Shun. We wanted to balance our album…so it represents all our skills.”

The group collaborated on “More Than Love” with Michael Paran at P Music Group the creative force behind the hit-making second career of seven times nominated Charlie Wilson.

Bishop Noel Jones backed Trent Von Lee album ‘I Am a Praiser’ debuts at #13 on Billboard Gospel

Trent Von Lee releases debut 'Bishop Noel Jones Presents Trent Von Lee I Am a Praise.'
Trent Von Lee releases debut ‘Bishop Noel Jones Presents Trent Von Lee I Am a Praise.’ (Photo Credit: Eunice Moseley)

“To celebrate what the Lord has done,” Praise and Worshiper Trent Von Lee pointed out to me at his release party for “Bishop Noel Jones Presents Trent Von Lee I Am a Praiser” (Karew Records). “What God has done and what He is about to do…people are out celebrating that.”

In talking to the attendees during the red carpet arrivals it was clear to see they were there to support Trent as well. To Praise and Worship too, while celebrating the March 24, 2015 release of his debut album “I Am a Praiser.” “I Am a Praiser” debuted on Billboard’s Gospel Charts at #13 and peaked at #9.

The album is produced by Lee, Charles Harris, Jr., Marcus Hodge and Chadwick L. Williams. His listening party was held in late February at Home of Music Entertainment in Beverly Hills, California and hosted by comedian Jonathan Slocumb. Its red carpet arrivals were hosted by stylist Thomasina “Goo Goo” Atkins (Mary Mary).

“Trent is a friend of mine,” said attendee Mandell Fraiser, there with his date Adrian Anderson (formerly of Trin-i-Tee 57). “I met him at church. He is passionate and a Praiser. I am so happy to support him.”

“I am on the label with Karen Clark-Sheard,” said David Johnson said about how he was signed to the label of Karen Clark-Sheard, Karew Records, with Trent Von Lee. “I lead worship…and the Bishop heard me at the national congregation.”

If the release party and Trent Von Lee’s debut at #13 on Billboard Gospel Charts is any indication of his career in Gospel music I can almost guarantee Trent’s is here to stay. You can learn more about Von Lee at

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Dr. Eunice Moseley
Eunice Moseley is a syndicated columnist of The Pulse of Entertainment, which has an estimated syndicated readership of 1/4 million a week. She is also a PR/Media & Promotions consultant at her firm Freelance Associates ( located in Baltimroe and Los Angeles, is the founder and coordiantor of the 'Uplifting Minds II' Entertainment Conference ( held annually in Baltimroe and Los Angeles, as well as, the Promotions Director (at-large) at The Baltimore Times.



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