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Did Tia Mowry Call Out Keke Palmer on Twitter?

cory hardrict keke palmer
Actor Cory Hardrict and actress Keke Palmer attend the premiere of ‘Brotherly Love’ at SilverScreen Theater at the Pacific Design Center on April 13, 2015 in West Hollywood, California.

*Tia Mowry may or may not have come for KeKe Palmer on Twitter for saying something she deemed inappropriate about her husband, Cory Hardrict.

The whole thing started when all began when Mowry tweeted (then quickly deleted) the message: “Saying you like married men in interviews [is] not cute…Just saying.”

While the tweet was removed shortly after, but the movement to find out who she was talking about had already begun. The rumors seem to be focusing on Palmer, who stars as Hardrict’s sister in the upcoming film “Brotherly Love.” The cast has been doing press together and apparently, Palmer got a little too comfortable around Hardrict.

Palmer caught Twitter heat on Monday for sharing a photo of her and Hardrict on the red carpet of the movie premiere. Hardrict’s hand was around Palmer’s waist and her hand was on his shoulder.

One follower commented to Palmer, “You posing with him like that’s bae.”

Things appeared friendly between Mowry and Palmer on the night of the premiere, with Mowry and Palmer captured in a photo speaking to each other – Tia’s hand gripping KeKe’s wrist.

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  1. They report stupid ish like this because they know ignorant people are going to eat it up. Those people are professional actors and actresses. None of them are sitting around worrying about all the ppl their spouses work with trying to get with them. report on some real ish and stop trying to make it up. Damn!

  2. Tia, if you are insecure about who your husband is taking a picture with get out the business. It’s just a picture. Does your husband abuse you? Is money missing out of both your banking accounts? Is he at home at nights? Does he believe in God to hold your marriage together? These are the questions you should asked yourself before your statements hurt someone else. You should have asked both your husband and KeKe in person about your accusations.

    • Well she just hash tagged all she wore… Doesn’t seem like Hardrict. factored into her focus at all. But if you feel a little jealous and a little insecure address your husband and stop acting crazy. It’s unbecoming. He didn’t even look interested… dead eyes alert and she’s focused on the pic and showing her leg…. Grow up!

  3. Publicity stunt to get people to go see the movie. Matthew Knowles said it best “Jedi Mind Tricks”. Meanwhile they are sitting back saying they are really falling for it.

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