Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard Talks & Shows ‘Botched’ Boob Job (Watch)


*As one of the stars of VH1’s “Flavor of Love,” Tiffany Pollard was regarded as one the one who stood out above the other ladies competing for the love of Flavor Flav.

Nowadays, the woman known as “New York” is standing out more physically as she opened up about her plastic surgery procedure gone wrong last night (April 14) on the season 2 premiere of E!’s “Botched.”

In a clip from the show released before the premiere aired, Pollard, laments over her “saggy and disgusting” breast implants. (See the clip below. WARNING: it contains nudity.)

“When I got my own show, I went to Beverly Hills and I consulted with one of the finest doctors and he told me I could go as big as I wanted to go,” Pollard shared. “I let him go super huge on my cones. When I woke up, I was in so much pain and discomfort. I feel cheated.”

In the episode, Pollard is seen meeting with cosmetic surgeons Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif regarding her “very significant breast deformity.” In her eyes, the “deformity” feels like a “bowling ball.”

tiffany pollard - botched boobsIn addition to the breast implants, the doctors recommend that Pollard should fix a deviated septum. During the “Botched” premiere, early photos of Pollard are featured. The reality TV star’s popularity from “Flavor of Love ultimately resulted in her own spinoff, “I Love New York,” which also aired on VH1.

Regarding the inspiration behind her boob job, Pollard referenced seeing Dolly Parton on Geraldo Rivera‘s TV show.

“When I saw that white chick come on the screen, with her blonde hair, her tiny waist and her big t–s, I said ‘that’s going to be me one day,'” she said.

To see the clip featuring Pollard, check out the video below. Warning: The following video contains nudity and some explicit language:



  1. Honey just keep the ones you are blessed with. When you go messing with your normal body in the end you end up with a disaster that you have to fix all the time to keep the up and running.

  2. She got work done before. She just couldn’t afford to keep them up. Well, she went back to what she knew, Reality TV to get herself together. She betta start saving her money to stay looking fly.

  3. a good example of how it’s best to accept and love how God made you, and to tell those who don’t like it to go to west hell …

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