Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Pierre Fulton, Passenger in Walter Scott’s Car: ‘I’ll Never Know Why He Ran’


*As details continue to come out regarding the death of Walter Scott, the passenger in the car with him is speaking out regarding what happened with Scott and officer Michael Slager.

In a statement released through his attorney, Pierre Fulton expressed how he felt about the incident.

“I’ll never know why he ran, but I know he didn’t deserve to die. Please keep Walter and his family in your prayers and respect my privacy moving forward,” said Fulton, who watched as Scott was killed while he was in the car.

Charged with murder for the killing, Slager, was fired from the North Charleston, SC police department, according to reports which note that he could face penalties that stretch into the death penalty.

In addition, the National Bar Association is shining a light on Clarence Habersham, the second officer on the scene. The association, which is noted for being the oldest group of black lawyers, believes Habersham “deliberately left material facts out of his report” on the incident and left it “incomplete.”

As a result, the association stated that it was “outraged” and called for attention to be paid to the seven other officers who later arrived on the scene. TheGrio.com notes that the group is pushing for the officers “to face responsibility for their actions if they, too, left information out of their report.”



  1. From what I saw on the video, the second cop was on the scene when the shooter walked back with the Taser in hand and dropped it by the victims feet. If this doesn’t appear in his report then he should be brought up on charges for aiding and abiding, or lying about the evidence.

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