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Wendy Williams Hosts Explosive ‘R&B Divas: LA’ Season 3 Reunion (Watch)

r&b divas la, *Wendy Williams is returning as the host of “R&B Divas: LA” reunion special on Wednesday, April 22 and April 29.

All the divas Lil’ Mo, Chanté Moore, Michel’le, Chrisette Michele, Leela James, Brave and Stacy Francis will be there, and they WILL bring the drama! Trust.

“It is always a blast hosting the reunion show with the ladies and getting them to spill the tea. Viewers are going to be shocked by the shade the divas are throwing this year, you won’t want to miss it,” said Williams.

The season finale airs Wednesday, April 15, where the divas are performing for a cancer benefit concert at the House of Blues Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, the drama is built around Moore. The other divas will have dinner and decide if they will keep her as a diva or not.

In the meantime, check out the clip below to see Wendy’s grilling of  Michel’le regarding child support … or the lack thereof … from Suge Knight:



  1. Lil Mo was so messy, let this go. No more divas…they are reaching who cares about that messy Stacey who walked in starting shit. Hooray for Chrisette for leaving she is a class act. Leela turned messy as hell wow.

    • I agree with everything spoken. This season was embarrassing to al black women. Stacy go back to the projects and take that s/he lil Mo. Both of you are cut from the same cloth og dung. This is my last season watching this show.

  2. Sick of these coerced shows. I am disappointed in Leela James getting dragged into drama. They continue to be the reason why black women are labeled aggresive. If Chante is fake…..let her be fake but just keep your distance. No one can shade Chantes talent though. Her and Michele are the only two left with vocal range. Lil mo ghetto arse is just on the show to support the thousands of babies she keeps popping out and her dozens of failed marriages (common denominator?). Stacy who? Diva whet? She’s a joke. Brave has potential but not as a diva. I do love her personality and warm spirit. Hope Michele is ok mentally but she needs discernment regarding some of the ladies. Chrisette did the right thing by leaving so her talent doesn’t get overshadowed by mess. She doesn’t need the dough because she can make it off her music.

  3. I am out done with the tact of grown women and hope that this is just TV. I had a lot of respect for the show initially but Lil (ghetto) More ruined that, and it seems as if instead of the other women changing her,they have conformed to who she is. I thought Lela was a woman but she too is a GHETTO TACKY BULLY and it is sickening to know that the only thing that sells are shows that dictate women in this manner (don’t know how to be a true friend,don’t know how to disagree with dignity,violent,messy and unhappy ) Don’t know where the last unknown added Diva(Staci) came from but messy x20 so sad.Lela such a disappointment, thought so highly of you,Chante a beautiful non confrontational WOMAN,who chose to avoid conflict from those who thrive from silliness.Michele better run because those other 3 are AWFUL,BRAVE is just stuck…….and that Mo is pregnant… PATHETIC

  4. Go to to sign the petition to have both Lil’ MO and Stacy removed!! I WILL NOT watch this show if it comes on next season with those two. Their ratings will drop, probably have dropped! They hit an all time low with inviting this girl on the show, she’s not a woman she is what she is a GIRL. Doing immature things, worrying about someone else’s business rather than your own. I’m sick of people like that, it is bullsh!t!

    • Sign petition at for lil mo…..bro lol…. Terminate Lil Mo’s contract with R and B Divas La

  5. Stacy Francis has not displayed ANY redeeming qualities. In my opinion she sent the show into a downward spiral. Lil Mo was way more ghetto than was necessary and Stacy just added her 200+ pounds of trash. I will NOT be watching if there is a season 4 with her disgusting behavior. Problem is, she is raising children. I hope their dad(s) have more decorum than she has displayed.

  6. I guess it’s clear to the point that Lil MO is definitely loosing sleep over Chante, Regardless if the show is pre written. Why is Lil Mo so worried about what Chante is wearing, how Chante looks, and when and how Chante perform. I know, its called jelousy. I dont know if i want to get mad at Chante for not standing up for her self and knocking that messy Stacy on her butt, or glad Chante was able to “keep clam & love ” through that messy ordeal, and I have no words for Leela, she just graduated from the house of getto. I also think Leela picked her fight with Chante because they all think she’s weak. Chante did not deserve to get treated like that and yes Chante needs to bail like the better diva she is, get on her grind and save her brand. If she needs to be on the show because she needs money that’s OK too, that women has more talent in her pedicure pinky toe than that getto of a mess Lil MO and her side kick the bigger mess Stacy. I hope Leela is ashamed of her self I thought she would have calmed down and come to her sence. Anyway if Chante leaves the show I will not be watching Trust!

    • I agree with you. I am so done with Mo! Stacy shouldn’t even be on the show. Mo is acting like it’s her show and she’ll say who goes. I’m very disappointed in Lela as well. If Stacy comes back next season, I’m out. I’ve seen a side of Mo that is not cute, very disrespectful.

  7. LiL mo bro is super wack!. She is so obsessed with Chante’. It is so obvious. They have group think there. No one is strong enough to tell the others stop the craziness. I was so disgusted about how they treated Chante. I fast forwarded through Lil bro’s proposal. WHO REALLY CARES! Chante need to be on another show with talent and class in her range. I guarantee you if Change leaves the show. I will definitely not watch!

    • I did the same thing. Fast fwd past that ENTIRE scene. She is ghetto as he’ll. A shit starter. Acts as though she’s still in high school. Had the nerve to complain about how change spoke to her. Well your ghetto childish rude self didn’t bother to look up and acknowledge Chante was in the room. Because Chante has manners she spoke to her tacky tail anyway.

  8. Lil No, Leela, and messy Stacy needs to end their contracts. I’m so sick of the petty foolery!!!

  9. I watched the show last night and could not stand to see the way they ganged up & mistreated Chante. Nothing she did deserved that mean spirited treatment. I actually turned my TV off. Chante is class and Lil Moe (ghetto & super jealous), Stacey (untalented & super jealous), Lela (words simply cannot express my disappointment in her – follower). I will no longer watch this show. Trashy just like the other reality shows. Will not waste another moment co-signing on adult bullying. TV One should be ashamed of themselves reducing a good show to pure trash for the sake of ratings. Well, they’ve lost me.

  10. I agree with all of the above comments, I don’t know if the show thought it was a good idea to add Stacy Francis to the cast but in my opinion it wasn’t. She stated to Chante that “she was the real Diva” how many top 20 records has Stacy Francis had in her career? She’s only known for X-factor and her altercation with Whitney. I’m glad Chante’ took the high road, she is too much of a woman to keep arguing with grown women over pettiness. Brave seems to be down to earth and not messy. I’m so glad Chrisette left the show before it tarnished her real talent. I’m very surprised at Leela. I thought the show would show professional career women in a positive light. I’m sad to say that some of them act as if they are still in high school. If there is a season 4 I will not be watching if Stacy Francis is a part of the cast.

  11. Funny how life turns out. Chante was a diva from when she was a teen in San diego. Lam ways dressed to the nines. Determined to be a star and a diva. Looks like she made it. I personally have never watched the show and from what I read I probably never will.

  12. I don’t know why TVONE brought Stacy Francis on as a Diva. She is not and never will be a Diva! She can’t sing and all she did was start ish and try to ruin Chante Moore! I too was very disappointed in Leela James. She was a follower and turned ghetto as hell. Chrisette was right to leave the show and Chante should do the same to protect her brand. I had never heard of Brave or Stacy before this season, so how can they be called divas! I will not be watching if they return next season for sure.

  13. I just don’t think stacy can sing in lil mo don’t u have Ten kids already .Chant’e u is the only houes hold name. Lil Mo u where hot in the early 90S for 1Year then disappeared so stop the madness

  14. I am so disappointed in Leela! What is she talking about ? Where is loyalty ? chante is innocent in this ! What did she do wrong? That fake ass Diva Stacey went to chante’s show being very disrespectful no one stood up for chante as a friend! Everyone should no that chante is not trying to be confrontational this season especially after last season! Everyone had Stacey’s back instead of chante’s when Stacey was disrespectful! Kenny Latimore might be Stacey’s friend but she is out of line talking to Chante like that! She was not in the marriage and does not know what all went on in there home ! Sit down and stay out of married business ( always 2 sides to a story)! Lil Mo is a fake ass friend to she new Michelle was fragil and started acting brand new towards her all because she doesn’t want to get around like her! Girl bye make a cd and stay from justice of the peace for a year please ! Poor chante hope you find some ginuen friends in your circle , you too michelle!

  15. If stacy is on next season, I WILL NOT be watching. She brings nothing but negativity and is very toxic.

  16. I agree with all of the comments made thus far. I recall watching Stacy on X-Factor and internally hoped she would be the finalist and/or one of the finalist. Her spirit on the show was congenial, she smiled often and one could tell she was very appreciative/excited to be there, and thankful to be competing for her dream. Although, one of the oldest contestants, she kept a congenial spirit. Fast forward to now, and this so-called show, I couldn’t believe that was the same female I came to like from her days on the X-Factor. I said to myself, wow, what happened! Total personality shift. I don’t like her face God forgive me for saying this but she looks like a blow fish with big jaws. And her bangs from the jacked up weave she forces onto her unattractive face need to be flat iron out better than that.

    These women all should be ashamed of their selves. Lil Mo, I like her voice and enjoyed her collaborations on other artist songs, however I resent her character. She is a false worshipper, that always have to utter “God this and God that” in between takes, or get this, my spirit just doesn’t feel right she utters also. I guess your spirit wouldn’t as it knows you’re a fake. She inflicts her resentment or hate, and phoniness onto others, but claim to be a worshipper of Christ. One minute she is your friend, then the next she is talking about you. Yeah that is real Christian. People who claim to belong to a denomination but behaves like her are phony at best.

    I am glad Claudette and Chrisette called it quits, you ladies did the best thing. Fight for your craft from afar, because you guys do not need to be in that fake illiterate environment. What I liked about Claudette and Chrisette was that they were astute young women. They expressed themselves in an eloquent way with grace, and vocally disclosed what they felt was right and/or morally wrong.

    As for Chante and Michel’le I grow up listening to their music and very much enjoyed it and still enjoy it, I just wish they would also depart from that show, as it is probably tarnishing their image and well being.

    Watching grown women and Leela apologies, you are not 31, you are more like 41, but I too liked you and wished you remained neutral and let the hoods be hoods. What irked me is when ol’ girl Stacy told Brave she is from the BK, like what does that supposed to mean?? I am from Jersey City AND..

    I loved the first season, and am not sure where the resentment onto Chante developed from Lil Mo, as I assumed they were cordial, perhaps she is truly jealous of her, who knows really… Second season was good as well, but this season was an huge disappoint. All you saw was blacks against blacks…. Why can’t we all succeed and not be envious of each other or why must we insert our single opinions onto one another??

    Apologies long winded comment (novel), but that Stacy and Lil Mo irks me. That is why they are in the same place they were perhaps five years ago… no where. Please change your attitudes..

  17. Embarrassing to say the least. I applaude Chrissette for leaving what ever the reason, Leela James turned out to be a major disappointment. I thought she had it together. Who would want to go on a trip with people who clearly don’t like you, whether it’s your fault or not. I don’t blame Chabte. Stacy Francis is a nut case. Lil Moo is messy and basically unrefined. She is intelligent with an extra jerking off ” good” Brave seems to be the most decent thus FAR, Mi Chelle has her problems but I like her most of all.. I won’t be watching anymore..

  18. Fuck lil mo and dat whack ass Stacy old as fuck ass whoever her x factor name is.. Michel’l Chante Christte are Legends.. Lil mo one hit wonder ass leela got skills but no one really knows her!! Brave is a Sweetheart tho.. Talented.. Won’t waych if lil mo or Stacy whatever is on Trust Tht!!!!

  19. Get rid of Lil Mess, Leela the man, and Stacy who is she and why does she think she’s the best Diva Really?
    Let’s find some new Divas to join Chante

    Keke, Shaniece, Pebbles, Karen White etc.

  20. These little tacky tricks are SO JEALOUS of Chante’ that they can’t even see straight! Her, Chrisette and Jade are the only ones that have even an ounce of class. Michele’ has some serious issues that she needs to deal with PRIVATELY and I think her being on this forum is hindering her progress. The remaining BATS deserve everything that they have gotten thus far…. and that’s a career that has gone NOWHERE! This show has gone from a TREASURE to TRASH! My opinion may only be a pea in a pot but if the next season has ghetto azz Mo and loud mouthed, overbearing Stacy on it, I WILL NOT be in attendance on weds. nights!!!

  21. Oh….Wendy, you are mad wrong for disrespecting Michele”s private medical issues like that! I don’t care if that is your line of work or not, you used terrible judgement on that one Boo Boo and lost some respect points, from me anyway…!

  22. MY DREAM LINE UP: for R&B Divas LA Season 4

    Chante’ Moore, Lisa Lisa, Karen White, Sade and Jody Watley

  23. I’m a straight black man that watches these r&b divas and let me say even though their all beautiful women when some of them open their mouths their just ugly, speaking of Lil MO Stacie and 1 surprising was leelah. To me these women take everything chante moore do and say and put a negative spin on it. I think Lil MO she/he is jealous of ms. Moore, plain and simple everything and I mean everything chant does or says she has a problem being loud and just hood, Stacie came on the show to try and be the center of attention, NOT!!! And most surprizing is leelah james who to me just seems to jump on the bandwagon, why would chante go to palm Springs when they don’t like her. So Chante Moore I say tell them all kiss your pretty singing sexy beautiful ASS!!!!

  24. Wendy williams just as bad she loves stacie take stacie off the show she is nothing but a show off she came on the show the wrong way

  25. I am tired of watching this show for the same reasons some mentioned above. I am so tired of them bullying Chante. I wish that she would just leave the show like Chrisette and they can get there own show. Michel’e is good and Brave, but the others are Bullys.

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